Updated w/ RESULTS: Blushing Beauty Facial Cleaning + Diamond Peel Review

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Exterior SM North

Last February 2017, I saw a promo from Blushing Beauty by SkinStation for Buy 1 Take 1 of their diamond peel 🙂

I have never tried Blushing Beauty nor SkinStation before, but hey, P1,050 for 2 sessions each of facial cleaning and diamond peel! That’s only P525! I bought the promo from their SM MoA branch but they said I could use it at their SM North branch.

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Receipt Review

The facial cleaning and diamond peel go together. You need a clean face before doing the diamond peel. The branch looks nice, bright and clean, girly, and trustworthy naman. Although I actually wondered why the facial cleaning is charged separately from the diamond peel. In my experience, the facial cleaning is usually already included in the diamond peel (free). But the lady from BB insisted that the diamond peel did not include a facial cleaning, and that I needed to buy a separate facial cleaning service.

It’s October 2017 now, and I was worried that if I don’t use the services that I bought, I might forfeit them. When I bought them, they told me that there’s no expiration, but I just wanted to be sure. Besides, my last diamond peel and facial cleaning was last August 2016 pa, so I was due for another one. I also noticed that I started getting some whiteheads already.


Blushing Beauty is located at the 5th floor of SM North, The Block, very near Healthway Medical. It is clean, brightly lit, girly and Instagrammable.

You should preferably book an appointment, but if they have slots available, they accommodate walk-ins. 🙂 Try to go with no makeup on so that you won’t have to worry about taking all your makeup off.

I thought I was going to have to show my Official Receipt, but it turns out that they have a database where they just checked my name and they were able to see what kind of services I purchased.

I used one set of facial cleaning + diamond peel, so I still have another set left for next year! Yay!

Facial Cleaning Review

My attendant led me to a private room, and she asked me to change into a wrap towel. She said my shirt might get wet from the facial. This is the first time that I have been asked to change for this kind of service. 😀

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Room

She had me lie down on the bed, wrapped a headband on my head to keep my hair away, and she started with the facial.

She cleaned my face with a sponge, then she started the steamer and asked if the heat was okay.

Next, she cleaned my face with a toner, and then a facial scrub, and then moisturizer, and then she massaged my face. The facial massage was the most thorough I’ve had. Instead of the usual 1-2 minute facial massages from other places, this one lasted for what felt like 10-20 minutes. 🙂 Okay, I get why I had to change my shirt – the massage includes the upper neck.

After that, she wiped off the moisturizer and then started the pricking process. The pricking wasn’t painful at all. The level of pain was minimal, like a mosquito bite, or like if I was scratching my own skin.

I could tell that her hands were still slippery from the moisturizer used for the massage, so I said it’s okay if she wanted to wash her hands first, and she did. For me, that’s better than having her pricking tool slip and poke my eye out! 🙂

She asked me what products I used. Is this a common question? 😀 Seems like most attendants who do facial things to me always ask me this. Not sure if it’s part of their small talk spiel or if they are all really amazed by my skin, hahaha 😀 Anyway, she said that I had very small pores. She actually did not get that many whiteheads, she said because I had such small pores. And of course, that made me happy, because just a few years ago, I had really large pores and so many whiteheads!

There was a time when I was at Let’s Face It every week because my skin would just break out all the time. My pores were also ginormous and visible. And after I quit my job at the time, my skin suddenly cleared up within 2 weeks! I have a theory that the 24/7 aircon exposure + forever night shift + stress was causing my skin problems. Anyway, after my skin cleared up, I still had large pores.

After my first diamond peel at Dermclinic, I was amazed at how smooth and fine my skin was. Kutis artista suddenly became a realistic, achievable goal! I didn’t make it as a real goal, but still. If I really wanted to, I could now achieve it 🙂

Ever since my first diamond peel, all I did was just try to maintain it. I’d get a diamond peel when I start to feel that my skin wasn’t as smooth anymore. So apparently, the diamond peel effect now lasts about a year for me. And ever since then, my pores were small! 😀

She also tried to upsell me on some of BB’s products and services, but she wasn’t pushy about it 🙂

This was how much she got from my face. That’s one year since my last facial cleaning! That’s really very few whiteheads considering it’s been a year.

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Facial Cleaning

After that, she vacuumed my face 😀

Diamond Peel Review

The diamond peel was done on the same bed, I didn’t have to move somewhere else for the procedure.

After vacuuming, she just changed machines. The first diamond peel tip she used was a smaller one, for the eyes and nose areas. The diamond peel tip sorts of polishes the skin like very, very find sandpaper, and then it sucks up the debris with a vacuum. It sounds scary when they say that it will take away a layer of skin, but in reality, it just feels like when you’re lightly scratching your skin when it’s itchy.

I got nervous when the attendant was getting the diamond tip very close to my eyes and using them on my eyelids. I don’t remember this being done in my previous diamond peels. I was afraid that she might accidentally poke my eye and scrape it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when it was done. She changed to a bigger tip and started work on the rest of my face. She also did my neck! That’s nice 🙂 I don’t remember the other diamond peels doing that, either.

When it was finished, she just applied an anti-inflammatory cream on my face, and we’re done. She asked if I wanted some tea, and I just asked for water. 🙂

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Machine

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Machine Tip

After Care

For after care, the attendant told me:

  • After the diamond peel, do not get your face wet for at least 6-8 hours.
  • Also, do not use any other products on your face for 3 days – no moisturizer, no astringent, no creams, no serums, nothing. Only clean your face with mild soap.

When I left, my face had a few tiny swellings, but I met up with J about 30 minutes later and his first comment was maaliwalas daw my face. 😀 He didn’t know I got a diamond peel, so I guess any swelling had already subsided.

As I’m writing this, it’s Day 1 since the diamond peel and I’m starting to feel the effects. My face is smoother now, although still a tiny, tiny bit sensitive. It doesn’t feel really mahapdi like it’s painful, it feels like new skin has been exposed and you need to wait for it to toughen up. My skin is also way lighter, because it’s back to its original color.

Plan ahead when getting this done. I forgot that I had a party to attend the next night and I had to go to the party with zero makeup! Not even kilay! Lip tint lang 😀 Thank goodness that it was just a casual party and not a formal event.

I know from experience that it will take around 2 weeks before I see the great results of a diamond peel, but so far, it’s looking good 🙂

The entire session took about 1.5 hours, but it would have been faster if I didn’t stop to take photos all the time 🙂


So here are results. Immediately after the diamond peel, my skin was a little sensitive and was still not smooth. At least for me, diamond peel results are not that immediate. Excuse the lighting, I took the pic inside the diamond peel room. The low light makes me look darker but that’s just the lighting. The diamond peel did not make me look dramatically lighter. It just revealed newer, lighter skin, but it’s not a whitening procedure. 🙂

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Facial RESULTS

However, after giving my skin a few days to heal, you can see the difference:

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Review Facial RESULTS AFTER

I had the diamond peel on a Wednesday evening, then took this pic on Sunday morning. THERE IS NO BEAUTY FILTER on this photo! I’m not wearing any makeup in any of the photos, not even moisturizer, so you can see the real results. My skin looks smooth, fine and luminous. I still have a few pimples that need to heal, but overall, I think my skin is healing nicely. My phone’s camera app updated and I can now choose to save the correct image instead of the flipped one, that’s why the photo is flipped. 🙂


If you avail of a similar promo, then this is one of the more affordable diamond peels that I have seen so far. Service is okay, the place looks nice and clean, the staff seems competent and accommodating. The attendant was able to answer all my questions about the procedure.

I think they have limited branches at the moment – the only ones I have seen are SM North and SM MoA, and both require me to make an extra effort to go there since they are far from Manila.

With all that said, I would recommend this for those who have done diamond peels before, the ones who are familiar with how it is done (yung sanay na). It’s an affordable way to maintain your diamond peel effect. I wouldn’t recommend this for first-timers though, because only an attendant did the diamond peel on me. For a first-timer, I would definitely suggest having a real derma do your first diamond peel, so the doctor can take a look at your skin first and give advice as to what to do in case you have other skin issues. A real dermatologist would be better at determining if your skin has problems that make it a bad candidate for a diamond peel.

Blushing Beauty by Skinstation North Edsa Branch Contact Information:

Blushing Beauty Diamond Peel Promo Review Contact Info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blushingbeautyBB/

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6 thoughts on “Updated w/ RESULTS: Blushing Beauty Facial Cleaning + Diamond Peel Review

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Di naman. Syempre advise nila sayo na imaintain mo. Pero di naman required. Nasa yo naman kung gusto mo 🙂 Ako I get a diamond peel pag feel ko di na makinis yung skin ko, usually 1-2x a year lang. Takot din ako baka masyadong numipis yung skin.

      In the meantime, in between diamond peels I keep my skin smooth with facial scrubs and cotton wipes (with cleansing oils or toners).

  1. Whut

    Huh? Isn’t this the same pic (the 3rd pic) you used to describe the results after you used a whitening soap? That would be the Snow Crystal White Tomato soap and you used it with the pills too according to you, if I’m not mistaken :/

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Took the pic at the same location because the lighting is better there. I also like this pose, hahaha. Just so happened I also wore the same t-shirt. But it’s a different pic. Check my pimple marks 🙂

  2. David

    Hi again. 😅

    It’s supposed to be my first time to have a diamond peel. Pero, as mentioned, hindi recommended ito for first-timers.

    1. Kung ganun po, saan po yung recommended beauty clinic/s niyo to have one’s face checked before doing a diamond peel?

    2. Saan po yung beauty clinic/s na may competent dermatologist/s na pwedeng mag-check kung ano talagang klase ng treatment yung dapat gawin sa face?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂


    1. Karen MNL Post author

      I have tried Dermclinic before and check siya sa lahat ng hinahanap mo 🙂 Kayalang mahal. Megamall branch.

      They have a derma talaga. All attendants there, even the receptionist, are graduates of related course 🙂 Just call them and check lang yung schedule ng derma before you go kasi ang alam ko may certain hours lang siya (until 6pm or 7pm lang as I recall from last visit).

      When I went to Dermclinic, I was supposed to get a fruit acid peel something… kayalang after she checked my skin and we talked about my upcoming activities, we decided mas bagay sa skin ko mag diamond peel nalang. At first, I was so scared kala ko paglabas ko na-strip off one layer of skin, like duguan, lalo na manipis na balat ko sa face. Hindi naman pala. She put me at ease. Normal lang hitsura paglabas ko, just brighter skin lang 🙂



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