Affordable Diamond Peel at Contours Review


A few weeks ago, I got a Diamond Peel at Contours Megamall for only P850!

Based on my previous inquiries, I thought that diamond peels would cost at least a few thousand pesos, so when I saw that Contours offered a Diamond Peel for only P850, I jumped on the chance to try it!

I think I am getting addicted to diamond peels! I just had one earlier this year. 


Contours is more known for its weight-loss and Vaser services, but when I perused their list of services, I was surprised to see that they also offered diamond peels at an affordable P850.

When I dropped by Contours Megamall to get a diamond peel, they were busy. They recommend scheduling an appointment, but fortunately they were able to fit me in within the day.

Contours Megamall is located at the 5th Floor of SM Megamall A, near the entrance to Parking Building C. They have a nice waiting area where you can sit while waiting for your turn.


One of the attendants led me to a small room. There’s a small bed where I lied down.


Here’s a tray of their prepared items:


The attendant cleaned my face with some cream, I’m guessing it’s some sort of cleanser, and then she set up the steamer. She steamed my face for about 5-10 minutes, after which she cleaned it up and then started the pricking process.

The good thing about the attendants at Contours is that they come back on time. If they tell you that this procedure will take 10 minutes (for example, the steaming), they come back at 10 minutes. Unlike that other place where the staff find tsismis more important and forget all about their customers.

When she started pricking, medyo mabigat ang kamay  But after I gently told her that it was painful and not to press so hard, she did make an effort to use a lighter hand.

She actually did not get too many whiteheads or blackheads from my face. She even said that halos wala siyang nakuha. And no, it’s not her fault. After my first diamond peel, I am really amazed at how my face has remained so smooth! It’s been 4 months since my first diamond peel and I get very, very few whiteheads or blackheads. Almost none. Not even on my nose!

I do get occasional pimples but I use Eskinol + Dalacin C on them, hold the wet cotton on the pimple for a few minutes, and the pimples vanish in a few days.

Anyway, back to the diamond peel. After the pricking process, she prepared the diamond peel machine. There’s a metal wand where diamond tips can be attached. First, she used the rough one, then changed to the finer diamond tip.


She just ran the diamond tip all over my face. It’s not painful. I used to be worried about getting diamond peels because my facial skin is thin, but having done it twice now, I feel like it doesn’t really hurt my thin facial skin. It just feels like very fine sandpaper on your face, with a little bit of suction (like a small vacuum).

I did not experience any redness or any bad reaction, except for the part when the diamond tip is gliding on my skin, which was only mildly unpleasant.


I noticed that it takes at least a week before I finally appreciate the results of the diamond peel. After my diamond peel at Contours, parang wala lang when I left the clinic. I actually felt underwhelmed. Parang wala namang nangyari sa mukha ko. But after a few days, whenever I wash my face, I can’t help but notice how smooth my face is! Also, my pores are smaller and almost unnoticeable.

It’s been 3 weeks since my diamond peel and I’m still loving how smooth my face feels! This is coming from someone who used to have problems with pimples that I had to go for a basic facial cleaning every two weeks at one point.

I love touching my face and I love doing make-up now because my face is so freakin’ smooth. Make-up glides on like a dream. Nakaka-narcissistic! 

Despite all the skin smoothing I do on my body, like using scrubs and particularly, a milk salt scrub, there’s still a big, noticeable difference between the skin on my body and on my face. A diamond peel really makes a big impact. I don’t think other people will notice that you did a diamond peel, the result is not that visible to other people. For me, it’s more how my skin feels. It is amazingly smooth, almost polished. Just make it a habit to moisturize every time after you wash your face.

Kung puwede lang, I want to do a diamond peel on my entire body! 


The diamond peel at Contours is one of the more affordable ones I’ve seen, at P850. Of course, you won’t be getting the high-end treatment like in more expensive places. Just don’t expect 5-star service, but their service is decent and adequate, even if the attendants do seem a bit harried.

The attendants are nice and easy to talk to, they don’t hurry you up, and even if I can tell that they are also working on other customers doing other kinds of treatments in the other rooms, they never made me feel like their mind was elsewhere during my treatment, and they never forgot about me.

The number of their staff is rather small, so they can only accommodate a limited number of customers, so try visiting them during off-peak, like weekday mornings and afternoons. They recommend scheduling an appointment so that you’re sure to get a slot. You can call or text them to book a slot.

If you are looking for an affordable place to get a diamond peel, check out Contours. 

Contours SM Megamall
5th floor of SM Megamall, near the entrance to Parking Bldg. C.
Contact # 635-4984 ; 0927-6308685

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3 thoughts on “Affordable Diamond Peel at Contours Review

  1. j


    thank you for this honest review. 👍👍

    i plan on getting one soon.

    may i ask a few questions (since you have already experienced it already)? when is it advisable to have a diamond peel after the first one? aside from whiteheads and blackheads, does it diminish or entirely eliminate brown spots ( with continued use of course)? is it okay to include the neck (to at least have a uniformity of color in the face and neck, maybe they will charge for the neck part too…)?

    thank you!

    p.s. i do read your blogs. i was engrossed with your pocket wifi thing because i wanted to know more about how to use it. e-mail response will be great! thank you miss bq!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi j, thank you for continuing to read BaratAko 🙂

      I was told that for a diamond peel, it is best to give your skin time to rejuvenate before doing the next one. Safe is about 2 weeks, accdg to dermatologists.

      Personally, I would probably say about one month. This is because I actually only feel the full benefits of the diamond peel after 2-3 weeks, and the effect lasts for 1-2 months. Sayang naman if I do diamond peel agad, di ko pa na enjoy ng sulit! 🙂 But I don’t have any target achievements when I get a diamond peel. I only do it to make my skin smoother and glowing when I feel like my skin is dull. It’s best to follow what your doctor says and your own common sense and judgement 🙂

      If the spots are on the surface lang, like pimple scars, yes matatanggal 🙂 For deeper brown spots like freckles or sun spots on the body, I find that taking gluta helps, and also using whitening soap – pinaka effective for me is the Godiva licorice soap. I need to buy one again kasi I got sunburned swimming last weekend. Will try to do a review on it 😀

      I have not asked them about doing the neck part. You can ask them if they can accommodate you. 🙂


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