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Zomato Gold Sign Up

I saw Zomato Gold on the Zomato website a couple of months ago. Aside from the website saying that you can get 1 + 1 on Food and Drinks, there really wasn’t much info about it. It was just “about to launch” with not much info at all.

There was no other info there so I had no idea about the price, about which restaurants were included – nada. But I signed up for the WAITLIST anyway, out of curiosity. Nothing to lose by being on the waitlist. I can still decide not to get it when the time comes.

Then about two weeks ago, I got a text telling me that Zomato Gold was now open. Still with not a lot of info about which restaurants were included, so I thought I would think about it a bit more. It was P500 for a whole year’s membership, so that was actually much cheaper than I expected. A few hours later when I had the time, I checked on the Zomato Gold website and was surprised that they were sold out!


Last week, I got a text from Zomato telling me that they were opening slots again. I was still a bit hesitant. Sure, P500 for one year is cheap, but what if the restaurants included sucked? With no other info, I decided to take the risk and paid P500 via credit card. I didn’t have any discount code to use 🙁 I googled for a discount code, but what came up were discount codes for Zomato Gold India, so I sucked it up and paid the P500.

After I got Zomato Gold, I was given a referral code that would give my friends who used it 20% OFF (making it only P400), and give me 1 month extra membership for every referral. 🙂 Here’s my discount code if you want to pay only P400 instead of P500!


They really do give you the extra month from referrals. My membership right now is valid up to 2021!

Zomato Gold


After I got Zomato Gold, I was able to browse the restaurants that were included, and they were good restaurants! Hindi olats. They had Mama Lou’s, Banapple, Nikkei, Barcino, Santiago’s Cafe, RUB, Figaro, Gumbo, The Old Swiss Inn, Patisserie Bebe Rouge, Chaplin, XO 46 Heritage Bistro, Royal Indian Curry House, Faburrito, Alba, The Red Crab, Tajimaya, Nomiya Izakaya, Tra Vinh, Illustrado, Chelsea Kitchen, Limbaga 77, Flatiron 1771, Cafe 1771, Bluesmith Coffee, Chuck’s Deli, etc… Browsing through the list of restaurants where I could avail of the 1+1 on Food, I was happy to see that these were restaurants that I had either dined at before, or wanted to try.

I got so many people to sign up but I had not yet had the chance to use Zomato Gold myself, I felt compelled to use Zomato Gold for integrity’s sake. So on the one day this week when I was free, since everybody else was at work or had other plans, I treated my dad to Chuck’s Deli so that I can finally use Zomato Gold and see how it works for myself.


We had dinner with some food blogger friends at Chuck’s Deli when we stayed at the budget-priced but impressive U Hotel (their room rate promos are until December only, check them out!). Out of the dishes that I was able to try, the one that really stuck with me was the Reuben Slabwich (P395), which was filled with a thick heap of their homemade Angus corned beef. I also really liked Chuck’s Deli’s milkshake.

Chucks Deli Exterior

Chuck’s Deli is the Home of the Slabwich, which had a good following a few years ago until they closed. They recently reopened in Makati, just somewhere behind Barrio Fiesta and the A. Venue area near Makati Ave. It’s a 2-minute walk from the Makati Ave Barrio Fiesta area. It is beside Kermit Manila. They don’t have parking, but you may park across the street if the space is available. There is a lady who looks after the car, just give her a tip when you leave. Fortunately, they don’t tow in this back part of Makati.

Upon arriving, I told our server that I would be using Zomato Gold. He was aware of Zomato Gold and the Buy 1 + 1 privilege. On the app, I need to go to Chuck’s Deli and then click the “UNLOCK GOLD” button. Our waiter copied the code and that was it.

Zomato Gold Unlocked

Perks / Conditions for Using Zomato Gold

We could choose any two food items on the menu, and only pay for the more expensive one, the less expensive dish is free. Minimum of 2 diners. Also, if you happen to be a big group, and several in the group are Zomato Gold members, they can all use their Zomato Gold! All Gold members on the table can use their memberships for the same order. It’s all in the Zomato Gold FAQ on your Zomato Gold Membership page on the Zomato app. You can also see the Zomato Gold Terms & Conditions when you scroll down. You can only use Zomato Gold once per day per restaurant – you can use it at Resto A for lunch, and Resto B for dinner, but not Resto A (lunch) and Resto A again (dinner).

Chuck’s Deli is on soft opening. They are open Mon-Sat 11AM – 11PM, Sundays 11AM-9:30PM.

Chucks Deli Soft Opening

Chucks Deli Prep

On this current visit, I had a whole Reuben to myself. My dad also chose to get the Reuben. I wanted to get a milkshake as well, but opted not to because a whole Reuben and their rich milkshake would be too much, even for me! I just got a Coke, which was honestly a healthier choice compared to the milkshake 🙂 But the milkshake is sooooo creamy and sweet, I had to get my dad to try a milkshake!

Chucks Deli Meal

I was asked if I wanted my Reuben to be Spicy or Not Spicy. I asked for slightly spicy 😀 Eating this, I felt like I was on Man vs. Food. It’s really good, but you know you’re contributing to clogged arteries… 😀 When the Reuben first arrived, it looked small. I mean, I’ve seen bigger sandwiches. But while I was eating it, I realized it was a heavy and hefty slabwich!

Chucks Deli Reuben Slabwich 2

Chucks Deli Reuben Slabwich

They make their own bread – the bread is soft inside to soak up all the juices, but the crust is firm enough to not fall apart. Even so, things have a tendency to get messy. It’s a good thing that they have tissue and wet wipes already on the table!

Chucks Deli Reuben 3

Chucks Deli Table

Eating a whole Reuben was a bit too rich for me. But the last time, I just had half a Reuben because I also had half of another sandwich and it felt bitin! Hahaha. I wanted to eat more Reuben, and that’s why I’m back. I liked the sauerkraut that they used here – it’s not actually sour but had a mild horseradish-y / wasabi-like flavor. The chips were also very thin and crispy, but I couldn’t finish it anymore after finishing the whole Reuben slabwich 🙂 The staff kindly packed the chips for us to take home.

Their milkshakes are really good. The secret? They use Arce Dairy ice cream! Then they add this toasted marshmallow topping that eventually melts into the milkshake. I’d go back for the milkshakes – they are worth the P195. They also use paper straws – eco-friendly!

Chucks Deli Milkshake

And our bill, proof that Zomato Gold really gives you 1 + 1:

Zomato Gold Bill Free Dish

As you can see, they only charged us for one Reuben and the drinks 🙂

Service here, both times, were great! The staff were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Using Zomato Gold was easy – no hassle at all.

Chuck’s Deli
4636 Molina Street, Poblacion, Makati City

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