Flatiron 1771 – Buttery Chicken Piccata!

Flatiron 1771 Exterior

The other day, I was invited to lunch at Flatiron 1771 at Uptown Mall in BGC. Flatiron 1771 is located at a corner of the ground floor of Uptown Mall, facing the fountain.

The restaurant was named after the iconic Flatiron building in New York, and aims to bring the New York experience to the table. The selection marries the melting pot history and culture of New York with the 1771 Group of Restaurant’s “no borders cuisine”. I like what they did with the door! It’s more “Flatiron” than the previous design.

Flatiron 1771 also recently revamped its looks, and now sports a more casual, brunchy vibe.

Flatiron 1771 Interiors


The House Specialty is Prime Rib Steak with Toasted Fat (P525.45 per 100g). The price is not bad, and the steak was delicious – flavorful and well-seasoned. This is worth going back for.

Flatiron 1771 House Specialty Steak

However, everybody loved the Chicken Piccata (P485.95). It was just a simple breaded fried chicken fillet but it was delicious. It smelled so good when it was served – creamy with the fragrant tartness of lemon. It was obviously fried in butter, with more lemon butter added! Best when drizzled with more lemon (a slice of lemon is included). Make sure to eat it while it’s still hot / warm.

Flatiron 1771 Chicken Piccata

The Seafood Jambalaya (P715.95) was also a crowd favorite. Jambalaya is a Creole dish. It’s similar to a tomato sauce paella, but is a bit spicier and has a stronger, seafood briny flavor from all the clams and mussels.

Flatiron 1771 Seafood Jambalaya

Other dishes we had were:

Truffle Carbonara with Chicken Skin Crackling (P395.95) – creamy and cheesy truffle pasta, with the added decadence of crispy chicken skin chicharon

Flatiron 1771 Truffle Carbonara

Four Cheese Pizza in Bechamel Sauce (P525.45 for the 12″) – you can choose between a base of béchamel or tomato sauce. The pizza is topped with mozzarella, cheddar cheese, Parmesan, plus blue cheese to take it up a notch!

Flatiron 1771 Four Cheese Pizza

Chicken Keto Agliatta (P399.95) – this is for those on a keto diet – boneless chicken leg spread with garlic paste under the skin, grilled until the skin is browned; romaine lettuce, roasted tomato, creamed zucchini

Flatiron 1771 Chicken Keto

For dessert, I liked the Coffee Pie (P250), which was very creamy, and the coffee flavor was not too strong.

Flatiron 1771 Coffee Pie

We also tried the Peanut Butter Delice (P250), which many of my dining companions also liked.

Flatiron 1771 Peanut Butter Delice

Pomelo Orange Cooler (P260 per carafe) – refreshing and sweet, citrusy but not sour. Loved this.

Flatiron 1771 Pomelo Orange Carafe


The bar is outside.

Flatiron 1771 Cocktails

I had a sip of the Big Apple (P240), which was quite enjoyable. It tasted very much like Autumn, with apple juice, Scotch, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Flatiron 1771 Cocktails

I ordered the Christopher Street (P320) because I love Earl Grey tea and I was curious how they were going to make this into a cocktail. This was strong! While drinking it, it just felt like drinking iced tea with some soda water, but after I finished a glass, I got tipsy. Ay, traidor. 😀


While the House Specialty, their steak, was delicious, I thought the Chicken Piccata was more worthy of highlighting. A restaurant serving a really good Chicken Piccata is rare, and this one was cooked well (the breading was not burnt), and smelled sooooo buttery! It’s just a simple breaded fried chicken fillet but it’s done well. It is served hot and I could smell the butter. Yup, it was definitely fried in butter 😀

The USDA Choice Prime Rib Steak with Toasted Fat was also pretty good and competitively priced at P525.45/100g. It’s done in a similar style to Mamou’s, topped with toasted beef fat. But the dish I ate the most of was the Seafood Jambalaya, which had a very strong, but pleasant briny seafood flavor throughout.

Pricing is on the high side, and there’s something unique about their pricing scheme. If you look at the menu, you’ll see prices like P415.45 or P235.45. It’s their thing, and it’s definitely memorable 🙂

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