Looking for Lucky Noodles for Chinese New Year? Check out Wok with Mom

Wok with Mom Cha Misua Close Up

Noodles are always a part of every Chinese celebration, and it is considered one of the lucky foods, especially for Chinese New Year!

You know I love Wok with Mom’s Stuffed Chicken, so this time, we tried two more dishes from Wok with Mom:

  • Cha Misua (P880)
  • Summer Vegetable Lettuce Wrap (P780)

Wok with Mom delivers via Lalamove, and for them to deliver to our house, the delivery fee is only around P50.


Wok with Mom is a new but fast-growing popular home-made Chinese food business. The recipes are made with an 80-year old grandmother’s recipes and are authentic! You may read more background on Wok with Mom in my previous post.

The food was packed very well:

Wok with Mom Cha Misua Summer Vegetables Wrap Delivery

The lettuce stayed cold and crisp!

Wok With Mom Cha Misua Summer Vegetable Wrap Unwrapped

Time to mix the Cha Misua!

Wok with Mom Cha Misua

Summer Vegetables Lettuce Wrap filling:

Wok with Mom Summer Vegetable Wrap

Wok with Mom Summer Vegetable Lettuce Wrap

Wok with Mom Summer Vegetable Lettuce Wrap Bite

My verdict:

Great orders for Chinese New Year or any occasion!

Cha Misua is for long life & abundance, and Summer Vegetable Lettuce Wrap (杏仁林春滿) is to symbolise new harvest.

The CHA MISUA had a lot of “laman” – big strips of chicken, pork, mushrooms, peanuts, chives, fried shallots, egg, carrots, etc… It was packaged well and beautifully presented.

I really liked the LETTUCE WRAP – I don’t know how they did it but the lettuce stayed ice cold even after delivery and throughout our meal! The filling was made of sweet and fresh finely minced turnips, carrots, green onions and other vegetables, with a generous amount of finely chopped grilled pork and shrimp!

I’m told there was no sugar added to the lettuce wrap filling – just the natural sweetness from the vegetables and shrimp! To be honest, I did not even notice the porky or shrimpy taste – it was so fresh that all I tasted was the sweet meat. This tastes like the old-style Cantonese restaurant specialties of decades ago. They don’t make them like they used to anymore, while Wok with Mom still follows the old recipe. 

After several orders with them, I know that the food is made fresh on the day you order. This is why you need to order in advance (around 2 days before) so they can buy fresh vegetables, meat, etc… They don’t keep stock and they really do go to the market (palengke) daily to buy the ingredients they need, and if you’re a sensitive eater, you’ll be able to tell the difference in the freshness of the ingredients used – even the vegetables are sweet and fresh!

To order, please visit Wok with Mom’s Facebook page or call 0917 866 3562. All the food is made with love!

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