Top 5 Occasions to Call For Food Delivery


We all have our own reasons for calling for food delivery.

Food delivery is something we take for granted and always assume will be available, but it’s quite possible that modern civilization will cease to function when it’s gone!

Being raised by a frugal family, we always told that having food delivered was a luxury and a waste of money. Fortunately, as years go by, more and more people realize that the convenience of having food delivered actually saves time AND their sanity, so people are now more open to the idea.


Have you checked FoodPanda lately? There are more choices available now – from affordable fast food, to mid-range fare, to gourmet-level dishes.

My only problem is that most of the time, when my cravings strike, it’s past 10PM, when most restaurants are already closed! I wish there was a button that I could click that would show me all the restaurants nearby that were open 24 hours! 


I am sure that majority of the time, people throw in the towel and give in to ordering food because they are just too tired, too frazzled, too lazy and have generally given up on life (or their diet) that day. But hey, there’s no need to feel like a failure! You don’t have to be perfect all the time and sometimes you just have to give yourself a break 

Having food delivered can be a life-saving, sanity-saving, time-saving convenience that you should definitely learn to take advantage of!

Here are my top 5 occasions when you should give in and call for food delivery:


When you only have 48 hours to finish several seasons of a TV show, you know how important time is! Who wants to waste some of those precious 48 hours cooking? You still have episodes to finish, dammit! After seemingly endless days of slavery, err, hard work, you have earned this precious “me” time, which you fully intend to savor by being dead to the world, vegetating in front of the TV.


Remember that potluck party with your friends? Where everyone was supposed to bring a dish? But you didn’t have time to prepare for? Or most likely forgot about? Well, you are in luck, potluck! If you are not really into cultivating a reputation for being a gourmet cook, just bring something you had delivered. You can also transfer the delivered food to a nice serving dish before taking it to your potluck party, and no one would be the wiser! Sssshhhh.. it’s our secret! 


Room service is expensive, and you can’t cook inside the hotel room. Hotel restaurants are also pricey. Why waste a few of those hours of the hotel stay that you paid for walking outside, looking for affordable food? Food delivery will save you, every time  This way, you also get to enjoy your entire staycation, all X hours of them, in non-stop aircon bliss, watching TV, and with the freedom to walk around your room in your most comfortable clothing (or lack thereof).


Impromptu meeting at your house? Friends over to work on a project / group study? Family crisis? Work crisis? Whatever the case may be, don’t sweat the small stuff. Concentrate on what you need to concentrate on, and just order in some food!


When you’ve reached the end of your rope and just want to give up today. Give in to ordering that pizza because you’ve been on a hunger strike, err, diet for the past few weeks. Give in to ordering something because you’re just too tired to cook. Give in to your heartbreak and just cry if you want to. Give yourself something nice today, order your favorite food. Come back stronger tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

Note: This is my entry to the Foodpanda & Blogapalooza contest.

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