S&R Members’ Treat Sept 2017 SALE FINDS!

S&R Members' Treat Sale 2017 Sept

Everyone’s getting on video, so I thought I’d make a short, vlog-ish video about my shopping today, the first day of S&R Members’ Treat!

There were honestly so many things on Buy 1 Take 1, I had to edit so much out to keep the video short 🙂

S&R Members’ Treat Sept 2017

I went to S&R twice! First was on Tuesday, the day before the sale, to do an Early Bird/ Sneak Peek of what’s on sale. We already bought most of our houseware items during this first visit and I shared a lot of the sale finds on my Facebook Page. I also did a collab with RileyTube, which I’ll be sharing once it’s up.

And then today, I went back again during the first day of the actual Members’ Treat sale — so many food items were added to the sale from yesterday! So today, I mostly just went back for the food items that were on sale, and for the things that I missed getting yesterday.

I went to S&R Shaw in the afternoon and the long lines and the crowd really weren’t as bad as I expected. The line to get in didn’t even reach more than 100 people, and the line was moving quickly.

The line to the cashier was also moving quickly. It is not the long, snaking, wrap-around the whole S&R line that we saw in years past. I think because S&R has more branches, the customers are more spread out to the different branches so it’s less crowded.

Well, what happened to me was I lost my cart twice! 😀 Make sure to always keep your cart with you, because some people will try to get it if it looks like it’s been abandoned. I was too busy taking photos and videos that someone would always get my cart. This was because I just went to S&R alone today. We’d already done most of our shopping yesterday, and no one was free to go with me today. Haha, so my advice is to never let go of your shopping cart!

I was able to fit more sale finds into the video than I normally would on a blog post, hope you enjoy watching!

I also shared sale finds on my Facebook page, please have a look there and please Like it so you’ll get as real-time as possible updates on my sale finds!

You can also see the items we bought during the sale preview, I did a collab with RileyTube to see what deals we could find! This way, you also see the sale from a younger perspective 🙂 Check out his vlog, he also has some sale videos.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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7 thoughts on “S&R Members’ Treat Sept 2017 SALE FINDS!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Sorry, I wasn’t able to check those brands specifically, but the S&R brand kitchen paper towels were discounted. I saw some people buying them so they were probably on sale too 🙂

  1. Juan Tekwan

    Pictures Please!

    Revert to the Pictures Format instead of this video.

    To spare us from hearing “Buy One Take One” 100 times!

    Never thought there would come a time where I’ll hate to hear the word.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still highly appreciate your
    S&R trips. You are still the undisputed S&R Queen.

    But for the love of the shopping gods, no more Buy1take1 mantra chanting in that saccharine voice!

    Or is this the plan? To lull us into the spell of economic consumsumption?

    Tricky much.

    More power Barat Queen.
    But bring back the pictures please!

    Thank you.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Juan, thank you for your comment 🙂

      I’m sorry that you find my voice so saccharine 😀 I’m trying to learn how to do video and this is just one of my first few videos, hopefully my video skills will improve. I don’t have any camera crew, so it’s just me and my phone, Windows Movie Maker, and I just did the voice over with a headset. 😀

      I’ll still do blog posts with pictures, but for content like this where there’s so much to show, I find that the video format lets me share more. Whereas with a blog post, I’d be able to share maybe max 15-20 sale finds, with the video, I was able to share maybe twice that. I am also able to churn out this finished video faster than I could with a blog post, by the next morning, while with a blog post, it would have taken 2 days with all the photos that needed to be edited 🙂


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