Silk by Lay Bare – Least Painful Brazilian Wax I’ve Ever Tried

Silk by Lay Bare Logo

So the people behind Lay Bare read my Brazilian Wax review and they invited me to try their latest – Silk by Lay Bare.

Of course, I opted to try their Brazilian wax service since that is what I usually get anyway. I kid you not, it’s the least painful Brazilian wax I have ever had. There’s almost no pain compared to the usual.

If you’re new to Brazilian Waxing, you can read my previous review where I talked about the waxing process in more detail.


Silk by Lay Bare is Lay Bare’s premium / luxury waxing boutique. It is a higher-end version of regular Lay Bare.

The branch is located at Uptown Mall / Uptown Parade in BGC, outside the mall, second floor, near the walkway bridge.

Silk by Lay Bare Exteriors

Silk has a lighter, calming color scheme. When you arrive, you “check-in” via a computer kiosk.

Silk by Lay Bare Reception

Silk by Lay Bare Kiosk

Silk by Lay Bare Kiosk 2

Silk by Lay Bare Kiosk 3

Silk by Lay Bare Kiosk 4

They have a waiting area behind the reception, so it’s not visible from the outside. This is so clients can have their privacy while waiting, because there are those who may be worried about people gossiping about them.

What’s Different?

Aside from the upgraded digs, Silk by Lay Bare uses better cold wax infused with natural extracts. They currently have 3 kinds:

  • Cocoa-Coffee Wax – anti-cellulite
  • Watermelon-Strawberry Wax – whitening; for use on sensitive areas
  • Cucumber-Pandan Wax – hydrating; help eliminate skin impurities, chicken skin, ingrown hair


The room is noticeably bigger. There’s a sink and a cabinet that can be locked for guest’s use.

Silk by Lay Bare Rooms

Silk by Lay Bare Rooms 2

I had the Cucumber-Pandan Wax. Following protocol, the lady who did my waxing wore gloves.

Silk by Lay Bare Cucumber Pandan Wax

Silk by Lay Bare Cucumber Pandan Wax 2

During the waxing, I was surprised how it was so not painful at all. It just felt like she was pressing some strong tape on my skin and pulling it. I hardly felt the hair being yanked out. Normally, there are areas that are more painful when the hair is pulled out and sometimes the pain makes me tear up, but not here. Of course there is still some pain, but it’s so much less than a regular Brazilian waxing’s. If I had to put a number on it, if regular Brazilian waxing pain is 100%, for Silk I would say maybe 10-30% nalang yung pain.

The lady was telling me that as Lay Bare staff, they also get free waxing as part of their perks, and they tried the Silk one themselves and were able to compare. She says it’s the wax that is used at Silk that makes the difference in pain level.

After the waxing, the lady used tweezers to pull out any hair that remained, and that was more painful than the actual waxing! 😀

Then she applied some Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin, and we’re done!

You can read about my regular Lay Bare Brazilian Waxing experience here.


The Brazilian Wax was P800 compared to regular Lay Bare’s P500. If you are willing to pay for less pain, this is totally worth the extra P300. There’s also better facilities.

Silk by Lay Bare Price List

If you don’t get waxes that often and the location is convenient for you, I recommend just going to Silk instead of regular Lay Bare. Minsan lang naman, so pay a little extra for a better experience.

I would recommend regular Lay Bare if you’re on a budget and if Lay Bare locations are more accessible. So far, there’s only one Silk by Lay Bare branch palang so it’s not that easy to get to if you don’t live or work nearby.


They have an ongoing promo where you get P500 OFF for this package. The total for these 3 services is around P1,750, but you can avail of all 3 services for only P1,250 or something like that. They were not very clear about the details when I asked, so just inquire nalang. So far, the promo is still ongoing.

Silk by Lay Bare Promo

If you have a Lay Bare Premier Loyalty Card, you still get a discount at Silk, but it’s only 5% discount instead of the usual 10%.

Silk by Lay Bare
9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, Taguig
Contact: 0943 283 0824 ; 541-4307
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 10 AM – 10 PM; Friday – Saturday 10 AM – 11 PM

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