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The past few weeks, I have been hearing about and seeing from the posts of people I follow. I was curious and even signed up for an account last month, but did not use it because it seemed confusing to use, with so many signs bombarding me as soon as I got to the site. Besides, it sounded too good to be true! Getting around 5% or more back from my shopping? IN CASH? It seemed unbelievable!

Shopback Process

But one of my friends who tried using it told me that it works, and she got actual cashback from Shopback! So here I am, learning how to use it.


First, you have to create an account at and sign in. They have new user promos where you get some free credits. Here my account has already earned P200.00 after signing up! You can also use referral links from your friends, and both you and your friend will earn bonuses from your sign up.
Shopback Main Page Signed In


Basically, when you shop, all you have to do is to go to first.

For example, if you want to shop at Zalora, there’s a link to Zalora on Shopback’s website.

Shopback Zalora 1

When you click on Shopback’s link to Zalora, it opens up a new tab that opens up Zalora. Do your shopping on that tab. Since it was Shopback who “referred” you to Zalora’s site, Shopback gets a commission from your purchase, and a part of that commission is shared with you via cashback.

You get a note telling you details about how to earn your cashback from Zalora. Click Shop Now.

Shopback Zalora Note

A Zalora page opens in a new tab. Shop as normal, but stay on that tab, especially when checking out!

I browsed Zalora throughout the day on my laptop and on my tablet, picking out items I wanted to my Cart and then eventually selecting the ones I really, really wanted or needed. But when checking out, I made sure to do it on my laptop — I went to, clicked their Zalora link to open a new tab, and finished my order from there.

Shopback Zalora Checkout

Your cashback is credited to your Shopback account usually within 2 days (it varies per merchant), but cannot be redeemed yet. You have to wait for a certain amount of time before the amount can be redeemed. This is to make sure that the purchase is not cancelled, returned, etc… if you cancel an order, the cashback for that order will be reversed.

Here’s my order confirmation email from Zalora. The Maybelline lipsticks were 50% OFF for National Lipstick Month, the Pond’s was also discounted from P130.00 down to P119.00. Only the Sleek MakeUP eyeshadow palette was regular price.

Zalora Order Confirmation

Two hours later, I received an email from Shopback, informing me of the cashback I earned:

Zalora Shopback Transaction Email

I am an existing Zalora customer, so I expected 4% cashback. P42.12 sounds about right, accounting for small deductions for taxes and such, I assume. If my theory is correct, this means even the items I bought at 50% OFF also earned 4% cashback! Double score!

Checking my account, I see that my P42.12 cashback has also been saved there:

Shopback Cashback Earned Click History

Although it takes a while before the cashback can be redeemed, it’s fine with me. I’m getting 4% of what I spent back, so what if it takes a couple of months? It’s FREE MONEY! If you did not use Shopback, you’d still spend that much anyway on your purchase. With Shopback, at least you’ll get a small portion back without much effort.

In case you’d want to see your click history, it’s also available. You can see when you clicked a shopping site from Shopback and which clicks earned you cashback:

Shopback Click History

Almost all your purchases are eligible for cashback except taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or store credits. There are also some minor restrictions placed by some stores that are usually indicated on the Shopback website.

The cashback you get from Shopback is on top of existing vouchers and deals on your favorite online shopping sites (unless otherwise indicated). This means you get more discounts! There are also no limits to the cashback you can earn. The more you shop, the more you earn back!

After 2 days, I received my order from Zalora:

Zalora Order Delivered, Color Sensational Lasting 645 Red Revival, Rosy Matte Lipstick MAT3 Rosy Peach, Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream 60ML

You can redeem your cashback as soon as you reach Php 300! Three hundred pesos! That’s a really small minimum and you can easily reach that when you book a hotel stay from Agoda or Expedia. There are no other limits on redemption – you can redeem as often as you want, and there’s no fee! You can have your cashback “cashed out” to your Paypal account, or to your bank account (BPI (no BPI Family), BDO, China Bank, East West Bank, GCash, Metrobank, PNB, RCBC, Security Bank, UCPB, Union Bank) within 7 – 14 working days.

Shopback Cash Out Banks Philippines

You also earn bonuses from referrals, so tell all your friends about Shopback and share the love! has promos with BPI, too, so you can be sure that Shopback.PH is a legit service. A big bank like BPI will not be collaborating with shady outfits.


I know how annoying it is when friends bug you and send you referral links. We always think that we need to buy something to get anything. BUT THIS IS FREE! You even get free P100.00! When you sign up using a referral link, you earn P100.00 and your friend can also earn P100.00, too. There is no need to concern yourself with anything else. Everything is automatic. You can go about your online shopping as normal without having to worry about meeting any other requirement or purchase minimum.

GET A FREE SHOPBACK.PH ACCOUNT and earn a P100.00 bonus right away! Please use my referral link: (just click on it! It will open to Shopback.PH, and just sign up. That’s it!)

Shopback Referral

They often have promos for referrals, so definitely check it out! For more information, please refer to Shopback PH’s FAQ.


Now that we know how to use and now that we know that it works, it’s time to look for some great deals!

This Agoda promo caught my eye. It’s P550 cashback for a minimum booking of P2,400! So, let’s say you found a nice hotel for P3,000, you book and stay, and you’ll eventually get P550 back! That’s like getting the hotel for only 2,450!

Shopback Agoda

Shopback Zalora Note

So, checking the hotel rates for Boracay, we see traveler favorite The Tides is almost 40% OFF, PLUS, you’ll also get P550 back! Oh, travel plans must be made! And diets must be done, too, hahaha. 

Shopback Agoda Boracay

And look here, there’s even this thing called Agoda Secret Deals! Hmmm… look at this highly-rated 5-star hotel in Alabang at 50% OFF! It’s only P2,669 + 10% service charge + 15% taxes = P3,336.25. BUT, using Shopback, you’ll get P550 back! And who doesn’t want to get P550 back?

Shopback Agoda Secret Deals

When you get your P550 back, it will be as if you only spent P2,786.25! HELLO, STAYCATION!!!


And take a look at Expedia, which does not distinguish between new and and existing customers – get a big 8% back on hotels! Get P850 back on packages!

Shopback Expedia

Check out Expedia’s Hotel Deals:

Shopback Expedia Hotels

There are taxes to be charged on top of the hotel price, but at least you’ll get 8% back!  The prices are quite good, too.


For those who like to shop on their phones and tablets, Shopback also has a mobile app! I also just installed the Shopback Button Chrome Extension to make life easier. I’m still testing it out, but I also cover my bases by going to’s page first and doing it the old-fashioned way.


So, what do you think of Shopback? I think it’s awesome. At first, I really thought it was too good to be true, but it works – I got my cashback quickly, everything is tracked so you can always see what you’ve earned – I still have to wait until I can redeem my cashback, but that’s alright. My friend was already able to redeem hers, so no worries there.

Sign up for and use it when you shop online! You are shopping anyway, why not get a piece of the commission, too? 

Are you a blogger? has a Win a Wish Blogging Contest! Win one of the items on your wishlist worth up to P10,000!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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5 thoughts on “Shopback.PH is REAL! Get Money Back!

  1. bojo

    Pwede ko ba matanong kung papaano gamitin ang GCash as mode of redeeming the money? Alin dun yung bank number? Hehe thanks in advance!

  2. J

    Purchased a pair of shoes with 12% cashback a year ago. Everything went fine. After waiting for more than 2 months, I tried redeeming the cashback. I was informed I needed a minimum amount for cashback. Fine.

    A year after, I got an email with an offer for 100% cashback. I purchased 2 items, received the items, then checked my shopback account. No information about the purchases. I called their customer service, was asked for the order numbers, was told to wait a further 2 months so they can track it. First agent asked me for the order numbers.

    I called a few minutes ago, and talked to someone else. Was informed outright that ‘since your orders were not tracked, you will not get your money back’. I told her i did the same exact thing when I first used their service, and asked her why were my orders not tracked the second time. She told me I did not click the link on their email. I told her I wouldn’t even have been able to go to the offer page of the item if I did not click their email. Second agent did not even ask me for the order number or anything. Told me she was ‘sorry’ I was given WRONG INFORMATION by the first agent. WOW.

    I wasted money. I wasted time. I wasted effort. I even bought items I DID NOT NEED just because they were on “100%” cashback. They were indeed 100%. They are 100% scam.

    I had all the proof. Screenshots. Receipts. Order numbers. Dates. All for nothing.


  3. Winston Lachica

    Nawala ang mga bonuses ko sa referral bali 850 lahat yun malapit na yun mg turn into redeemable dahil I have 329 cashback na na redeemable na? Nawala din sa summary yung mga bonuses ko. na ako sa kanila but until now no action. Scam yata itong

  4. luy

    Boring ang shopback…need nila baguhin strategy nila..,kakaexcite lang sa simula dahil sa signup bonus.,even sa referral di mo rin makukuha..,Need ng redeemable amount?.,o yeah.,pumapasok ang small amount of purchace pero yung malaki.,hindi or need mo pa makipagconvo.,report missing cashback bago maayos.,at buwan buwan pa ang hihintayin para dun..


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