Cooking and Storage Ideas Using Glad #GladGetTogethers

Glad Get Together Dimples Romana Pampano

Most of us will be attending get-togethers left and right this holiday season! Being Pinoys, we always want to have an over abundance of food. There are always leftovers! And the most common thing we do to keep leftovers is to wrap them in Glad Wrap!

Last week, I attended a cooking demo by actress Dimples Romana at the Mercato Centrale in BGC. I learned that Glad had other cooking and storage products aside from the Glad Wrap that we all know.

Dimples used Glad Aluminum Foil to make Steamed Pampano with oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper, and ginger. It’s been so long since I even thought about cooking anything wrapped in foil that I am grateful to Dimples for reminding me! Her recipe is simple and easy. I should make this soon! I wish they’d share the recipe online. Glad even has a Non-Stick Aluminum Foil so that sticky food doesn’t stick at all!

Glad Get Togethers Sandwich Bags Aluminum Foil

Glad Non-stick Aluminum Foil

She also baked some Shrimp and Sausage Boil using Glad Ovenware. I was shocked. These containers are plastic, right? But they told me that the Glad Ovenware is safe to use in the oven, up to 400F! I saw Dimples Romana actually use them in the oven. They are also BPA-free. This would be so convenient to use, especially when you’re bringing food to a potluck party. All you need is one container from prep to baking to serving.

Glad Ovenware

Dimples Romana Shrimp Sausage Boil

One of my favorite products is the Glad Press N Seal – this is like leveled-up cling wrap. You can press this on top of a glass of water, it seals, and you can turn the glass upside down and it won’t spill 🙂 Other applications include tightly wrapping extra banana bread, pound cake and other cakes for storing in the freezer. Wrap the pound cake properly in Press N Seal, and then double wrap in Glad Aluminum Foil for added protection – the cakes will continue to be moist and tender after thawing – no freezer burn!

Glad Get Togethers Press N Seal

Speaking of freezer burn – this is when things dry out in the freezer – Glad also has Freezer Bags and Sandwich Bags. I use freezer bags for storing extra fruit in the freezer – they make for great smoothies and shakes! I also freeze extra waffles. When I make waffles, I make double or triple batches so I just bring the waffle maker out one time. I freeze the extra waffles. My waffle maker makes the same size waffles as sandwich bread, so they fit nicely in a sandwich bag-sized freezer bag. The freezer bags are thicker than regular sandwich bags, this helps protect the food from freezer burn. I just reheat the frozen waffles in a bread toaster, just like toasting bread!

This holiday season, let the happy memories of your get-togethers live on with Glad.

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