Christmas Shopping on Honestbee – Cakes, Lechon, Toys, Etc!


Selfie with Honestbee. Everybody wanted to get a picture with Honestbee, so of course, I got one too, hahaha 😀

Honestbee launched their Christmas offerings last Friday and I was able to check out what’s available for our Christmas shopping convenience!

We all know Christmas is a time for happiness and celebration, but we can’t escape the reality that it’s also the most stressful time of the year! Everyone’s rushing to make their annual goals at work; planning get-togethers, family gatherings, celebrations, parties; and trying to find the time to go shopping for gift items to show the people in their lives how much they are appreciated. Traffic is the worst, the malls are packed, finding parking is a hassle. How can you make this time of the year easier on yourself?


I really do not like the long lines, the hellish traffic, and all the problems that come with shopping during the Christmas season. So it’s with much anticipation that I went to see what Honestbee had in store for their Christmas offerings launch, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Honestbee Christmas Offerings 2018

Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Best Desserts

You can order the pies, cakes, cookies, crepes and chocolates that have been recognized as the best by the Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle. *I am using a desktop for the screenshots because it’s just easier to see everything on desktop vs the app, but all this is also available on the Honestbee app.

Honestbee Christmas Offerings 2018 PDI Best Desserts

I’m really happy about the selection of desserts! You won’t be embarrassed to bring any of these to your next potluck. Potluck talaga ang naisip, haha. It’s because when we have get together with friends, it’s usually potluck, and having to make a stop to pick up the food that we will be bringing to the party is an extra hassle especially with the current traffic situation. With Honestbee, there is an option to have the food delivered to our house ready to take with us to the party, or have it delivered directly to the party venue, usually a friend’s house. That’s one thing off the to-do list, quick and easy. For bigger celebrations and potlucks, you can order party platters from the other shops.

I got to meet some of the people behind the delicious food:

Honestbee Christmas Marie Bakery Pistachio Cheesecake

Marie Bakery and Cafe – You have to try this Pistachio Cheesecake! It’s so creamy 🙂 I will probably order this for a party or something soon!

Honestbee Christmas Cuerva Bakeshop

Cuerva Bakeshop

Honestbee Christmas Gigi Gaerlan Custaroon

Gigi Gaerlan Homemade Desserts

Honestbee Christmas Whats Cookin Kitchenette

What’s Cookin’ Kitchenette

Honestbee Christmas Bibingka Stop

Bibingka and hard-to-find Puto Bumbong available for delivery!!! You don’t need to wake up for Simbang Gabi to have your Puto Bumbong fix 🙂

Honestbee Christmas Cuerva Bakeshop

Honestbee Christmas Benjongs Bagnet

Yes, you can really order whole lechon from Honestbee!

Honestbee Christmas Generals Lechon

You can also order ready-made gift baskets from S&R, Robinson’s and Marketplace by Rustan’s.

Honestbee Christmas SnR Gift Baskets

S&R Gift Baskets

Honestbee Christmas Robinsons Gift Baskets

Honestbee Christmas 2018 Human Nature

Moms and Dads, Ninongs and Ninangs, Titos and Titas can also order toys from Hobbes and Landes, Plush & Play, Hamley’s and Shop Central.

Honestbee Christmas Plush and Play

Honestbee Christmas Hamleys

Honestbee Christmas Hobbes and Landes

If your are short on time and patience for the long lines and the traffic, have a look at what Honestbee has available for your Christmas needs, and make this Christmas season a little easier on yourself 🙂


You can order via the app or by desktop. These are located under “GROCERY“.

Then click on “All Stores”, it should bring you to the “Christmas Offerings” tab.

Honestbee Christmas Offerings 2018 App All Stores

Honestbee Christmas Offerings 2018 App

Karabella has a Salted Egg Caramel ice cream flavor! 🙂

I already have a step-by-step guide on how to order groceries on Honestbee. This is basically the same process.

You may also want to read on how you can have Honestbee buy palengke stuff for you: Shop the Palengke on Honestbee + Farmer’s Market Tour

What I’m actually looking for right now from Honestbee is a search function! If there’s one, I can’t seem to find it. For example, if I want to order a chocolate cake, I want to type “chocolate cake” on the app-wide search and I’ll be shown a list of chocolate cakes available on Honestbee. Right now, what I do is I manually scroll through each of the shops that look like they might have it and look for chocolate cake manually. It was fine when there were only a few merchants, but now that the list has grown (which of course I’m very happy about) it’s becoming too time-consuming. I hope they’ll have something for this soon! 🙂


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