Baseus Opens Flagship Store in Trinoma + Products

Baseus Trinoma Ribbon Cutting Opening

Lately, I have been seeing Chinese brands going for the “quality” market that used to be dominated by brands from the US, Japan and Europe. It’s nice to see Chinese companies getting their quality level up.

Baseus is a tech accessory brand from Shenzhen, China. This is actually the first time that I have heard of the brand, and I really wish that I had done more research prior to attending the opening of their flagship store in Trinoma! There were cool stuff that I’m only realizing are awesome right now as I’m writing this. During the launch the other day, I wish they had more information about the products explaining why they are awesome.


The Baseus flagship store in the Philippines opened to the public last Wednesday (Nov. 29). It is located in Trinoma, at the 3F, near the escalators leading to the Garden Restaurants. It is beside Gap / Gap Kids. The products are tech accessories – a lot of cables, chargers, cases, etc…

Baseus Trinoma Store

Baseus Trinoma Store

I got myself one of these 5-in-1 cables, which I thought was the most useful thing! It is a bit pricey, at P890, but I think it’s going to be worth it because it doesn’t tangle, it seems durable, and more importantly, it’s the only cable I need to take anywhere.



It has USB Type-C, Type-C to USB OTG, USB, another USB Type-C, Lightning and Micro-USB (2-in one connector, it’s both a Lightning connector and a Micro-USB!). I mean, for me, it’s like the one cable to charge them all! 😀

Baseus Trinoma 5-in-1 multi cable connector lightning micro

I can charge my Type-C Huawei P9, I can charge my iPad, I can charge my Micro-USB devices, and I can even use it as an OTG for my phone. All using just one cable. This is so useful when I am out and need to charge my devices from my powerbank. Instead of bringing 3 different cables, now all I bring is one!

I think this 5-in-1 cable would also be so useful in the car. Remember those old car chargers that had 6 flimsy adapter tips – to be honest, those things just don’t last very long because they either get lost or break. This one from Baseus seems like good quality, it uses a nylon cord, there’s no need to fiddle with various tips, and the connectors have a good fit. Less cable mess in the car.

Now this is what had me wondering why it was so prominently displayed. Sure, there was a drawing, but without any context, I couldn’t visualize why it was so useful. It’s the Magnetic USB-C Cable for MacBook Pro. I don’t have a MacBook Pro so I didn’t pay too much attention, but now I wish I had known more about it. I just found this video online right now while I was looking up more info on Baseus while writing this, and apparently, I could have used this for my Type-C phone, too!

Baseus Trinoma Type C Magnet Cable

Baseus Trinoma Type C Magnet Cable

The store also has different kinds of adapters, cables and cords. Here are some I saw (click photos to open larger versions):


They also have an opening promo – the first 100 customers to purchase the Backpack Power Bank Case (7300 mAh) can get it at P990 instead of the regular price of P1,790. This is the world’s biggest powerbank case, giving the iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus up to 4 charges.

The brand positions itself as providing good quality with a reasonable price. The name Baseus (pronounced base-US according to their official video, but I’ve heard Baseus staff pronounce it as bay-seus), comes from the phrase “based on user”. Baseus aims to focus on optimum user experience. They observe a consumer’s daily life to see what problems can be improved upon. Baseus’ product design has been awarded multiple times in the last years, boasting awards like the IF Design Award, etc…

Baseus was brought to the Philippines by Digits CEO Charles Paw, who is also behind Digital Walker. They aim to open 10 stores per year in the country.

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