WinTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver Review + GIVEAWAY!


Look at what arrived at The Barat Queen’s home! It’s a WinTV Digibox for review.

The WinTV Digibox is a locally manufactured High Definition Digital Receiver. As far as I know, it’s the only one that’s locally manufactured. Support local businesses! 


It enables your TV to receive the clear, digital broadcasts of FREE-TO-AIR stations. Yes, even your old CRT TVs will work with this! Say goodbye to fuzzy TV.


If you still have an old TV around that’s just wasting away (nakatambak lang), give it new life by connecting it to a digibox. Also, if you don’t want to pay for the additional cable subscription for the extra TV, a digibox is a good alternative, especially if the people who will be watching said TV will be satisfied with local channels.

It can also play various media files – movies, music, pictures, etc… just plug in a USB with your files.


I’ve tried playing 1080p files on it, and it plays with no hiccups! The 1080p files are also very, very clear. I’m spoiled now. From now on, it’s 1080p for me!


With a USB plugged in, you can also do TIMESHIFT, where you can pause real-time, LIVE TV! Need to go to the washroom for a minute, or need to go get some food from the kitchen? No problem. Just pause what you’re watching and play it when you return.


The Philippines is moving to digital broadcast TV. The government has set a deadline for the end of 2015 to have this implemented, but the target was eventually moved to 2020. Local TV stations have already started airing digital broadcasts. You need a digital receiver to be able to get these broadcasts. You can read more about this here.

Many TVs sold nowadays still don’t have ISDB-T receivers built-in.


It’s clearer!  No more watching fuzzy TV…


In the package, you get the digibox, a remote with batteries included, and RCA cables. Mine came with an antenna with an 8-meter cable. Notice how the antenna cable is very thick compared to other brands’. Mukhang matibay talaga. We have another digibox and the WinTV Digibox antenna cable is really much better quality compared to the thin antenna cable of the other brand.


We have an HDMI cable and an HDMI-capable TV, so I plugged it in with the HDMI cable instead of the RCA. HDMI is digital, while RCA is analog. Unless you’re very picky, there’s very little difference in video quality between using an HDMI vs RCA. I suggest buying an HDMI cable to use if you have an HDMI-capable TV, and using RCA if you don’t have an HDMI-capable TV. But if you don’t want to buy an HDMI cable, using the included RCA ones are just fine.


How to connect the RCA cables? Just plug them in using the colors as a guide.

Connect the antenna to the Aux-In port at the back of the digibox, and place the antenna near a window, or somewhere it can get the best signal. The bottom of the antenna is magnetic, so you can stick it on the metal frames of windows, etc… I was told that the antenna is also weatherproof!

I stuck ours on a metal rod upstairs, and put taped and sealed plastic on it as an extra precaution even though it’s waterproof:


Once everything is connected and plugged in, turn on the digibox and your TV. If using HDMI, check that the TV’s video is set to the correct HDMI input channel. You will need to cycle through the TV Input button on your TV remote to find the correct input channel.


Click MENU on the WinTV remote, and do an AutoScan. This will scan for channels. It takes a few minutes. If there are channels you know are available, but are not showing up, you can do a manual scan for them. Find out the frequency of the channel you want, and on the manual scan screen, click the Right or Left arrows to move to the frequency of the channel you want, for example, 503.1 for CNN Philippines. I also had to manually add the GMA channels (frequency 551.143), but once they were added, everything was good. There are indicators showing you how strong the signal strength is. Just move your antenna around until you get the best signal strength.

Here’s the list of digital frequencies currently available (from DTV Pilipinas):

DTV Update 8/18/2016

Online Channels
Metro Manila (Mega Manila)

Frequency: 647.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
ABS-CBN Sports+Action
CINEMO! ——————- (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
YEY! ————————– (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
Knowledge Channels — (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
DZMM Teleradyo ——- (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
KBO (PPV) —————— (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
ABS-CBN Oneseg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 641.143MHz (Low Signal)
PTV 1seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 695.143MHz (Good Signal)
CATSUP (Test Broadcast)
TV5 1SEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 551.143MHz (Good Signal)
GMA 1SEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 503.143MHz (Poor Signal)
CNN Philippines
CNN Phils 1-seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 521.143MHz (Low Signal)

Frequency: 581.143MHz (Good Signal)
Shop TV on BEAM
OShopping on BEAM
TV Shop on BEAM
Shop Japan on BEAM
Pilipinas HD on BEAM (New)
Inquirer 990 on BEAM
Island Living one BEAM
BEAM 1Seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 617.143MHz (Good Signal)
UNTV 1seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 653.143 (Good Signal)
Hope Phil HD
Hope Inter SD

Frequency: 683.143MHz (Poor Signal) “Test Broadcast 12:00AM to 4:00AM Only”
INCTV-1Seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)
NET25-1Seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 629.143MHz (Poor Signal)

The signal of CNN Philippines is pretty weak. I am able to get channels like GMA, ABS-CBN, TV5, PTV, all the BEAM channels, etc even with the antenna indoors. All very clear. I can only get CNN Philippines if I place my antenna outdoors, almost on the roof.

As for the remote control, it works okay, but when I changed the included batteries to new Eveready AAA batteries, the performance improved a lot. It still needs to be pointed at the digibox to work, though. Also, it takes a few seconds after pressing Power on the remote before the digibox turns on. But once it’s turned on, it’s very responsive.


I wrap my remotes in plastic because it’s just easier to keep clean that way. Dust and lord-knows-what tends to accumulate on the nooks, crannies and buttons of a remote if I don’t wrap it in plastic.

Here’s a quick video I did showing the menus and the channels:

The TV broadcast is very clear. It’s not so visible on the video how clear it is because I’m not really good at making videos, and the camera kept refocusing. When I was taking the video, CNN Philippines was kind of choppy, but that’s a problem with CNN Philippine’s broadcast, and not because of the Win TV Digibox.


Digital channels are VERY CLEAR. The antenna of the WinTV seems to be stronger. I never got the PTV channels before, but now I have them. As for ETC, Jack, 2nd Ave, HSN, I actually have not had them for a while. I was wondering about that, until the WinTV rep told me that those channels have actually stopped broadcasting.

I also like the better quality and longer antenna cable. It is 2x or 3x as thick as my other brand’s. I placed the antenna near our roof without worrying about it because the cable is long enough. It is thick and feels very durable.

AND THE BEST REASON WHY I AM USING THIS NOW INSTEAD OF MY OLD DIGIBOX: I can change channels quickly! My other digibox hangs every time I change channels quickly. I have to press one channel at a time, and wait for each channel to load before pressing for the next channel. Or else the digibox hangs and needs to be restarted. With the WinTV, I can press even 5 channels ahead, like next, next, next, next and the WinTV catches up on the last channel chosen.

I also like the interface of the WinTV Digibox better. It just seems clearer and better looking.

We don’t get the ABS-CBN exclusive channels on the WinTV Digibox because ABS-CBN scrambles the signal, but that’s not an issue for me. There is also no clock on the WinTV Digibox, just in case that matters to you.

The only slightly negative thing for me was the slow boot up time. It’s about the same time as my old digibox, but since I don’t see anything happening, it feels like it’s slow. My old digibox shows a welcome screen while booting. The WinTV takes a few seconds for the digibox light to turn green, and sometimes I don’t even know if I already turned it on, so I keep pressing the Power button a few more times. But that’s not a big deal. The more important thing for me is the better quality hardware.

Overall, it’s a good quality product that’s made locally, with the electrical components sourced from Taiwan. I have no problems recommending it to people who are looking for a better quality viewing experience on their TV, and also to those who might want to re-use or re-purpose their old TVs.

Why choose the WinTV Digibox?

  • Better quality antenna!
  • Better quality hardware – I can change channels very fast without the unit “hanging”
  • Free delivery


The WinTV Digibox sells for only P1,799! That already includes free delivery!

To order:

Globe: (63)917-896-8968
Sun: (63)922-887-1771
Globelines: (632) 622-9574
TELEFAX # (632) 293-6816

SKYPE: royalantcraft
Viber: +639178968968
Viber: +639228871771
WeChat: +639178968968
WeChat: +639228871771
LINE Free Calls & Msgs: +639178968968
LINE Free Calls & Msgs: +639228871771
Facebook page:
Facebook Messenger:
Yahoo Messenger: royalantcraft

You can also buy it from Lazada, make sure to follow the link to get to the correct one.


The people at WinTV were kind enough to provide a unit of the WinTV Digibox to giveaway to one of my awesome readers!

Here’s how to join the giveaway:

  1. Follow Royal Antcraft on Facebook:
  2. Follow Barat Ako on Facebook:
  3. Follow Barat Ako on Instagram:
  4. Leave a comment below answering the question: What are you excited to watch on a clear digital signal using the WinTV Digibox?
  5. Fill-up this Google form so that I’ll know how to contact you if you win!

That’s it! It’s so easy!

  • Giveaway starts today and ends on Oct. 15, 2016.
  • Winner will be chosen based on the best answer, so career-in na yan
  • Make sure to do all the steps above, those who miss doing the requirements will be disqualified.

*Before joining, please make sure that you will be able to claim the WinTV Digibox from their office in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Their office is on Mayhaligue St. near Masangkay / Bambang area. You will also be asked to present ID to claim the prize. 




Harmony Maquilan


I will be emailing you instructions on how to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway! Will be having more giveways soon!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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32 thoughts on “WinTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. John Rogel I Aquino

    What I am excited about this TV Box to watch is the local news channel like GMA News TV and CNN (if signal will allow me to do so) because of the information they want the Filipino to know and to be aware of. Furthermore, since WINTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver will be used, it will be more crystal clear and smooth watching this informative channels. Its really a WIN-WIN situation! (No pun intended :p 🙂 )

  2. Mhai Intiola

    Im excited to watch the latest news, movies and tv series on a clear digital signal using the WinTV Digibox. If I will win in this promo, my patients will be thrilled to watch HD movies every weekend.

  3. Marites Rojas

    it’s a exciting times right now for the philippines and our leaders. i wish to keep up with the latest updates on senate and congress hearing and new rulings.

    i hope i win this! watching news na hindi nilalamok makes viewing less stressful. 🙂

  4. Mark Jerro Cos

    It’s always exciting for me to watch PBA games, specially my favorite BGSM team. Unlucky am I that I have to watch it in our old CRT TV that it seems that it’s raining inside the arena. Hopefully I’ll be lucky to win and be more excited to watch these games on a clear digital signal using the WinTV Digibox.

  5. Joyce

    I’d freaking love to catch CNN in our old school CRT Tv! Without digibox, we can’t get its signal. I want to watch news shows without bias reporting from local giant tv networks! It’s also a great plus that I can watch movies through its usb port.

  6. Hannah Pilar

    I’m excited to watch together with my one year old son the various animated shows and educational programs such as Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet and National Geographic. I want my son to be exposed at his tender age to his surroundings and be observant at the same time. With Win TV HD Digibox, we will surely have fun and enjoy a high class entertainment that it has to offer.

  7. Jason

    Im excited to watch jacktv and 2ndave on superclear digital signal of WinTV Digibox. Those channels are two of my favorites that other digital black box doesn’t offer.

  8. Ymman Jake Biaco

    I’m excited to watch with my family our favorite TV program, it is our bonding time despite busy schedules. But somehow, this bonding time has been interrupted because of the grainy sound and picture on our TV. With Win TV Digibox, I believe that it will not just help to make our televiewing better and clearer, but also strengthen our bonding time together.

  9. Harmony Maquilan

    Growing up with a very busy single mom, the only time we get to bond is when we watch the news and the teleseryes while exchanging stories of how our day went after dinner time. However, our sweet moment tend to get “rainy” when the antenna signal of our TV gets interrupted especially when it’s raining 🙁 as if though somehow our TV is also being soaked in water 🙁 But with WinTV Digibox HD we need not to worry about that anymore because I’m certain that our TV would be indeed very clear and our bonding be sweeter than ever. Watching the news and teleseryes has never been this exciting! Also the addition of new channels that our old antenna could not receive makes me even more ecstatic!

  10. dar

    I am excited to watch the following channels: Pilipinas HD on BEAM (New), Inquirer 990 on BEAM, Island Living one BEAM, CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN, GMA and GMANewsTV. I really like watching the shows of GMANewsTV when it comes to documentary like Reel Time etc. It serves as an eye opener for the government.

  11. Fujiko

    Because we have a lot of expenses these past few months and barat ako, we couldn’t watch TV channels rather download the series/movies and watch it (a lot of data consumed). My kid was tired of watching my little pony over and over, my husband and I want to watch news on TV but we can’t. I would love to have WinTV to give my family something that could entertain them and bond while watching cartoons or series or their favorite knowledge channels.

  12. Grace

    We have an old and we are planning to buy a small one to be able to watch probinsyano. My three year old apparently doesn’t want to share the tv with us so we always argue when its time to watch my teleseryes at night. I can’t even watch news now because my son hogs the tv. He even drew on the screen using his crayons as if marking his territory. I hope i win! Kudos!

  13. Carl

    Hi..which is better? the fukuda digibox or this wintv? Gusto ko lang mas malinaw at malakas pick up ng signal.
    Importanteng channel sakin is abs-cbn..Sometimes gma din.
    Sana may hbo or kahit pbo man lang at ETC.
    Im planning to buy digital antena soon kasi ayoko ng may monthly bill sa mga cable.
    Sana matulungan nyo ako kung san mas maganda 🙂
    Salamat po.

    1. Kido

      Opinion ko same lang yan fukuda at wintv in features and quality. Yun box ko fukuda i bought for 1499 sa lazada. Ito pinili ko kasi maliit yun box size at dahil sa fukuda technical support. Yun “hanging” issue sinabi ni barat queen sa review nya which i also experienced ay i think dahil lang ito sa mahinang baterries. Kasi when i changed the baterries naging ok na at wala na yun “hanging”issue.

      Regarding sa antenna, there is no such thing as digital antenna or analog antenna. Huwag magpapaloko. Yun old antenna ng analog tv will work just fine with digital box. Kahit nga yun clothes hanger shaped into antenna or a 7 inch long solid copper wire #12 lagay mo sa roof gumagana sa digibox. Yun external antenna gamit ko sa fukuda box ko ay dyi ko lang. I just wrapped aluminum tape around barbeque sticks at pinagkabit kabit ko mga ito based on hoverman gray antenna design. Lakas ng reception sa fukuda box at maging sa analog tv ko rin. Mura pa dahil barbeque sticks lang binili ko. 🙂

  14. Villy

    Hi Everyone. Anyone tried connecting it to a LCD PC monitor? I’m planning to buy one sana and wala kasi ko tv all i have is a pc monitor. Buy na din ako ng vga to hdmi converter para magkaron nmn ako ng mapapanoodan. Thanks sa mga magcocomment.

    1. Kido

      Wala issue yan pede ikabit yan digibox sa lcd monitor mo basta yun output connector ng box ay same ng input connector ng lcd monitor (ie. RCA to RCA, HDMI to HDMI). It seems VGA lang yun sa monitor mo, kaya VGA-HDMI converter need mo para magamit as tv ang monitor. If your lcd is an old one & doesn’t support full HD, you will not enjoy watching full HD broadcast or videos.

  15. ronnie mendoza

    Missing out 24/7 teleradyo (noli de castro+ted failon+karen davila+el chico+doris bigornia+anthony taverna) + cinemo (24/7 pinoy movies) + yey (24/7 kiddie channel in tagalog) because you both a
    non abs cbn tv box for the same price is an awful deal. Nothing beats ABS-CBN tv box for this exclusive channels which makes the shift from cable to non-cable a little better.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m planning to buy a tv box. I might go with this one. It seems that the image is hanging when you change the channel in the video in this blog. This could be the make or break if I will buy it or not. I might go with abs cbn box.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, I’m not sure if we are thinking of the same thing, but one of my issues with digital tv or digital cable is the slower channel change compared to analog cable / tv where changing channels was almost instant. I noticed that problem with all digital tv things like digital cable, too.

      I think that’s really an issue with the digital tv technology as it is right now, although I am hoping that it improves soon.

  17. Keith

    Have you tried using a digibox on an analog cable? I currently pay analog cable from my local provider. I envy the ones that has Cignal because of the quality of having digiboxes, but I can’t consider switching as it will cost me a lot of money to get all the channels I usually watch. So I want to know if instead of connecting the antenna to the digibox, why not connect the coax cable from my provider. Will it work and give me all my current channels in HD or at least give me a better quality than having everything in SD?

  18. Rill

    baka may fix kayo dito sir/maam every 5 minutes nagkacrash sya bagong bili ko pa nman 1 week pa lang nagagamit. di nman siguro sa cignal pati kc pag nagplay ako ng movies throgh USB nagccrash pa rin…salamat sana may makatulong…


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