Uniqlo Summer Items on Sale May 22-28, 2015

Uniqlo May 22 to 28 Cool and Comfy Summer Pieces SaleThese are the items that will be on sale at Uniqlo this coming week!

These items will be on sale from May 22-28, 2015!

I look forward to trying the striped summer dresses that’s now only P790!

I was so happy to see that they have vertical striped designs for the dress to help me look slimmer. Hahaha. I think this type of summer dress will help keep me cool in this unbearable Manila heat. It reached 40 degrees today!

I also plan to try on the skinny jeans and see if I have any luck finding a good fit 🙂 P690 for “branded” jeans is a good price, and is actually less expensive than some local brands! From what I have seen of Uniqlo, their materials are good quality and should last a while through many washings. But I plan to wear this when the weather turns cooler. It’s all shorts and skirts and summer dresses for me at the moment.


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