Try S&R’s Vegetarian Pizza – It’s Pretty Good!

SnR Vegetarian Pizza

The term vegetarian has evolved for me through the years. Whereas the word used to bring to mind images of carrot sticks and celery sticks, the word vegetarian now makes me think of delicious food.

The other day, I tried out S&R’s new Vegetarian Pizza. It’s their current new pizza flavor (their new pizza flavor a few months ago was the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza). As someone who loves pepperoni and bacon, I had my doubts about a Vegetarian Pizza. But upon my first bite, I was sold! The vegetarian pizza was actually pretty good – I did not even feel like I was eating a “vegetarian” anything. I didn’t miss the meat at all.

S&R’s Vegetarian Pizza still had loads of toppings. The sliced button mushrooms replace the role of the “meat”. I don’t know how else to describe it, but the mushrooms gave the pizza the “savoury-ness” and “bite” I was used to in regular meat pizzas, if that makes sense?

The mozzarella, onions, green bell peppers and black olives all helped it to taste like pizza to me, too. My mind knew I was eating a vegetarian pizza, but it didn’t matter, my pizza cravings were satisfied  Even after eating the whole slice, I didn’t feel that heaviness that one gets when they eat meat.

SnR Vegetarian Pizza Sliced

I was surprised at how much I actually liked this vegetarian pizza, taste-wise. The pizza sauce was strongly tomato-ey, the mozzarella was melted and chewy, the mushrooms provided an earthy taste, the green bell peppers were crisp and provided texture and a little top-note zing, the black olives provided the saltiness and their flavor also added a little “savoury-ness” to the pizza, the onions added sweetness, and the basil added its own sweet, clean aroma.

People may have different reasons for wanting to order a vegetarian pizza – it could be because they are actually vegetarian and don’t want to eat meat, it could be because they are trying to lose weight and eat the lesser calorie pizza (I’m not sure, but I think the vegetarian pizza probably has less calories than other variants). But for me, I actually like how it tastes, wonder of wonders! The fact that is has less calories is just a bonus.

I never imagined that I would actually like a vegetarian pizza, so much so that I am contemplating ordering one right now! Looking at these pictures is making me crave for that vegetarian pizza.

S&R’s Vegetarian Pizza is available from April 1 – June 30.

S&R Warehouse – P99/slice ; P549 whole 18″
S&R New York Style Pizza (standalone pizza parlors) – P109/slice ; P599 whole 18″

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