The Tannery Manila – Local Leather Bags at Affordable Prices

The Tannery Manila TalkI was invited to The Tannery Manila’s Bloggers’ Night last week to check out their bags. I had not heard about The Tannery Manila before so I wanted to learn a bit more about them.

The Hermosa family has been in the leather business since 1901, mostly supplying leather for export and for local designers and leather goods manufacturers. They have recently decided to branch out and create their own brand of bags – this is how The Tannery Manila started.

The Tannery Manila started small by selling through exhibits, online selling and private sales, until they opened their first store in Tiendesitas. It is located at the second floor of one of the corners of Tiendesitas Building A (the one that’s airconditioned).

All of their items are 100% Filipino made. They mostly use cow leather, but can also work with exotic skins. They also accept made-to-order items and can customize bags for you.

The Tannery Manila Bags on Display

Checking out their store items, I found their leather bags reasonably priced at around P3,000-9,000. Some of you may be shocked at the price, but that’s considered affordable by real leather bag standards. The most affordable foreign branded leather bags are maybe Coach and Rebecca Minkoff, and they’re at least US $360 + taxes (around P17,500) for a medium-sized bag.

The Tannery Manila Bags Store Display Tiendesitas

I like the reddish bags here, except for the one on the lower right – the one on the upper right is around P8,000, the bigger bag on the lower left is around 9,000. I also think the red clutch bags are stylish.

Leather bags get better the more you use them, and you can use these leather bags for years and years! The Tannery Manila will repair your bags for normal wear and tear issues.

For the bag designs, it was hit or miss for me. There were bags that I liked – take a look at this leather tote bag! It’s actually pretty light, weight-wise. Design-wise, it was kind of boring, but I liked the inside of the bag!

Here are pictures of the bags. If I were to get the Orange bag, I would probably tie a colorful scarf around one of the handles.

Orange Tane Tote Bag (P6,000)

The Tannery Manila Tote Bag Orange TaneThe Tannery Manila Orange Tane Tote Bag Inside

I also liked this bag that looks like a cross of the Mulberry Bayswater and the Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Satchel. It’s priced at P8,200, if I recall correctly. It’s called the Cammie, Red Crocodillo. And in case you’re wondering, yes, this bag has “feet”.

The Tannery Manila Red Satchel BagHere’s what it looks like inside:

The Tannery Manila Red Satchel Bag Inside

Here’s what’s inside the bigger version of this bag (around P9,000). It even has a laptop compartment!

The Tannery Manila Big Red Satchel Inside with Laptop Compartment

It is the little thoughtful details like this that sway me into buying a bag.

I browsed their website,, and found some more bags that I like:

They also have other services:

The Tannery Manila Services Repair Rates


If you are looking for your next bag, check out The Tannery Manila’s offerings. You’ll have good leather bags and you’ll have less chances of seeing the same bag on someone else, too! They have an upcoming sale on June 20-21 at Tiendesitas, get up to 60% OFF on some of their items. Join their contest to win a leather bag and other leather goodies!

The Tannery Manila
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7 thoughts on “The Tannery Manila – Local Leather Bags at Affordable Prices

  1. AV

    I was Googling “leather bags Manila” a long time ago during the satchel craze. I discovered several local brands and chanced upon Chelsi Leather shop and The Tannery Manila. Last March, I went to the Manila FAME expo at SMX and was happy to discover they have a booth. I spotted a nice shoulder bag/brown satchel in cracked leather with chrome hardware. Without thinking, I took out my credit card and instantly purchased it. Original price PHP6,200 less 10% = PHP5,580 (discounted price during the event). The sales assistants were very friendly (forgot their names – 2 ladies, 1 guy) and very knowledgeable with their products. One of the ladies said Chelsi Leather and Tannery are owned by the same family. Chelsi Leather supplies the leather; Tannery provides the finished product (their bags are also exported overseas under a different brand name). My bag comes with a dust bag and warranty card. I won’t mention my bag model coz I haven’t seen it in their website nor Instagram page and I hope it stays that way.. hoping I’m the only one in the metro who has that bag : )

    It’s nice that they also do bespoke bags. You have to go to their Tiendesitas shop and choose what type of leather you like, style, hardware, etc. I asked one of the lady SAs during the expo if she can give me a rough estimate on how much it will cost and she said it depends.

    More info about The Tannery Manila:

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi there, AV! So glad to know a blog reader who’s also a bag addict 🙂

      By the way, I have a 20% discount coupon for The Tannery Manila. Anyone interested? The 20% discount applies to regular-priced items. No expiration date.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Hi Anonymous,

          Sure, you can have the 20% discount 🙂 Can you pick up the voucher somewhere near Town & Country V. Mapa in Sta. Mesa?

          1. Barat Queen Post author


            Sure! I only have 1 voucher though. First come, first served nalang 🙂 Whoever wants it can leave a comment here and arrange to pick it up.

            First one to confirm pick up can have it 🙂

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