Check Out These Innovative New Products at the Taiwan Excellence Booth


There is an ongoing Systems Integrations Philippines Exhibit at the SMX Mall of Asia (Aug. 16-18, 2018), and we got to talk to the people behind some innovative new products showcased at the Taiwan Excellence booth.


The product that actually captured my attention was this Boxlight Mimio Projector. It’s not just an ordinary projector – it is interactive! You can write on the screen with your fingers, and the projector will capture your “handwriting” motions and show them on the screen.


You can then choose to save the file and then share it by online means. While this product was envisioned for schools, I was totally seeing office applications for this. No longer would anyone have to write down Minutes of the Meeting anymore. One can just save the screens with all the meeting notes and send it to anyone online.


The Boxlight Mimio can also show things like Powerpoint presentations, YouTube videos, do screen mirroring, etc… Heck, you can use it as an entertainment center if you wanted to! There’s also a feature where you can buy partner books and get some 3D animation of the things in the books! In the example we saw, a page with a picture of a dinosaur was put in front of one of the Boxlight Mimio accessories, and the dinosaur came to life on the screen, in 3D, and was walking around the screen. Kids are sure to enjoy this feature! There are many more features geared towards educational uses.

Taiwan Excellence Boxlight Mimio Dinosaur

Speaking of the screen, interested buyers will be happy to know that they don’t need to buy a special screen for this. Any plain, flat surface will do. In the booth, they only used a big sheet of magnetic paper as the screen, and the magnetic aspect was so that it would stick to the metal wall, and not because it was required by the Boxlight Mimio.

Another product that seemed interesting was the intelligent camera currently code named “Banana” from Acer. It’s this sleek little thing that you can easily place anywhere inconspicuous. It has an AI that can do things like warn you if it sees something. For example, currently, most baby monitoring cameras are set up to give you a live feed, which you have to pay attention to to see if your baby is up to anything dangerous. With the “Banana”, you don’t have to waste time watching the live feed. Instead, the intelligent camera will do the watching for you and will send you an alert if the baby is trying to climb out of the crib. The camera can also be used for commercial applications – for example, a shop can set it up so that when the “Banana” recognizes a customer, it can take note of what the customer bought, make purchase recommendations based on the customer’s previous visit, or notify the customer of sales, etc…


I was interested in this light called the LED Mini Star from Lei Yueh Enterprise. It’s an ultra-slim compact light best for illuminating shelf spaces. You can plug it into the wall outlet, but it will also work when plugged into a power bank. I asked Mr. Lin, and he said the price was around P1,500 for a set of 3 lights and controller.


Aside from the compact light, Lei Yueh also showed this light block which gives an optical illusion showing more depth than it actually has. The blocks also change color (this can be controlled via an app). These blocks can be used for mood lighting, architectural design/inserts in a wall or house, as a divider wall, etc…


If you want to sleep better, there’s also another product on display called the SleepBank. The SleepBank emits an extremely low frequency, creating a three-dimensional magnetic field which is supposed to help you sleep better. It doesn’t produce any sound, smell or anything else. They claim that people who have been dependent on sleeping pills to sleep for decades, have been able to wean themselves off the sleeping pills from 3 months to 1 year after using the SleepBank.


These companies are all looking for local partners to distribute their products, so if you are interested, visit them at the Taiwan Excellence booth at the Systems Integrations Philippines Exhibit at the SMX Mall of Asia. They’ll be there until Aug. 18.

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