Sun’s Updated TU300 – now with 5 hrs of calls and 1,500 texts to all networks

Sun Cellular TU300 New

Sun Cellular has updated their TU300 or Text Unlimited 300 offer!

For only P300, it now includes:

  • unlimited Sun texts
  • 1,500 texts to other networks
  • 5 hours of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk N Text


It doesn’t include internet, and apparently it doesn’t include calls to PLDT landlines anymore (please let me know in the comments if I’m wrong).

If you need internet, you can always get FREE INTERNET by texting FREE to 9999. Note that this free internet doesn’t include chat apps like WeChat, Viber, etc… video streaming, VOIP and Peer-to-Peer applications like BitTorrent.

Based on my previous experience with Sun Cellular, unused texts and minutes can be accummulated. For example, if you haven’t used up your 1,500 texts or your 5 hours of calls, the remaining unused texts and minutes will be added to your next Text Unlimited, as long as you subscribe to a new text unlimited offer before the old one expires. Once you let it expire, any remaining unused texts or minutes will be forfeited.

If you text a lot on the Sun network and need that unlimited text, this is a great deal!

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