Winners Announced! Starbucks Tumbler & Zomato Giveaways!

Starbucks Tumbler Zomato Giveaway

Hope you are all having an amazing day today!

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers!

You have all been such a blessing to me. Thank you for your comments, thank you for taking the time to read my posts, thank you for sharing my posts. I really do read all your comments!

You keep me on my toes and challenge me to write great content for you to read and to keep you informed about great finds!


As a thank you, I am giving away this Starbucks Tumbler set – it’s a Starbucks 17th Anniversary Limited Edition Tumbler featuring the Philippine Eagle, the tarsier and the Banawe Rice Terraces.

Starbucks Tumbler Zomato Giveaway Collage

The tumbler comes with a sling bag! I love that the bag is made of cloth and can be easily laundered. The bag has a strap so you can take your coffee with you, hands-free! Don’t worry, the tumbler closes fully so coffee won’t spill 

But that’s not all! I am also including a notebook and a T-shirt from Zomato PH!


I am also giving away 20 sets of Zomato PH notebooks and shirts!

Yes, there will be a total of 21 WINNERS all in all!

The Zomato T-shirts are cute! The notebooks are nice, too!

The raffle is open to all my readers, but they must have a valid shipping address in Metro Manila.

How to earn raffle entries (this will be done via the Rafflecopter below):

  1. Like Barat Ako on Facebook! (3 entries) – this is required
  2. Follow @zomatoph on Instagram! (3 entries) – this is required
  3. Follow @baratako1289 on Instagram! (3 entries)
  4. Follow @baratako on Twitter! (2 entries)
  5. Share your favorite Barat Ako post on FB or Twitter and comment below to let me know which post you shared. (3 entries)
  6. For the Starbucks Tumbler! Please leave a comment below about what you like about the blog, what kinds of posts you would like to see more of, etc… (3 entries)

You don’t have to do everything on the list, but: More entries = more chances of winning!

If you already follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, consider them as free entries! Just join the raffle and say that you have already visited/followed me on FB, IG and Twitter.

The raffle will be done via rafflecopter (see below), the 21 winners will be randomly picked by the app. Out of the 21 names picked, I will choose the one whose comment I like the best and he/she will win the Limited Edition Starbucks Tumbler set! So please keep on commenting below and letting me know what you like about Barat Ako, what you would like to see more of, etc… I would really be ever so grateful if you would help spread the word about Barat Ako and ZomatoPH to your friends and family 🙂

Please join the raffle! There are so many chances for you to win!

The raffle will run from May 18 (today)May 31, 2015 (11:59pm).

  • I will contact the winner to discuss shipping details, so please provide valid contact info where you can be reached
  • If winner does not respond within 3 days, a new winner will be drawn
  • You can also check back on this page to see if you’ve won!
  • Prize will be shipped to winner’s Metro Manila address; no purchase or shipping cost will be required from the winner

Thank you to Starbucks & ZomatoPH for the items!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Again, thank you and good luck in the raffle! Hope you have a wonderful week! 

———- WINNERS ———-

Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway! ZomatoPH and I are very grateful for your support.

The winner of the Starbucks Limited Edition Tumbler is Feng Manlapaz! Congratulations!

The winners of the Zomato T-shirt & notebook are:

1 Mhai Intiola
2 Inocencio Dalina
3 She Mascarinas
4 Keira
5 Cristina Dalina
6 Mikko Agbuya
7 Catherine Vinluan
8 Elle San Jose
9 Darly Valderrama
10 Princess Buenviaje
11 Judy Vera
12 Mai Raymundo
13 Reylen P. Castro
14 Nyx Nyx
15 Lady Timbang Garcia
16 Maria Elizabeth P. Andres
17 Vicenta Rada
18 Neri Ann Narvaez
19 Astra C. Alegre
20 Gabriela Anderson

Please email [email protected] with your COMPLETE NAME & Metro Manila SHIPPING ADDRESS, and CELLPHONE NUMBER before Sunday, June 7, 2015, so ZomatoPH can start working on shipping the prizes out next week. Thank you again and please continue to support Barat Ako & ZomatoPH 🙂

Thank you ZOMATO PH!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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28 thoughts on “Winners Announced! Starbucks Tumbler & Zomato Giveaways!

  1. Gina Villanueva

    since there’s always price increases in our country being @baratako now a days is a must! Your food post are great and gives inspirations To us mommies to invent & try new things! I so love to win your giveaways! More power

  2. Mhai Intiola

    I am really glad I found your blog, so, whenever I open my Facebook account, I always check on your @barat ako especially during payday. It helped me budget my hard earned money. Im a certified barat, hehehe. Thank you for sharing these ideas ,God bless you more…

  3. Darly

    I found out your site when I was looking for S&R sale in my browser and FORTUNATELY I ended up reading your blog or post. I really appreciate the pictures, information and prices you shared. And from the very first post I read from you, I insisted my hubby to visit S&R Shaw that coming weekend. And with my own eyes, I saw those sales you mentioned like fish fillet cobbler, various chocolates, buy 1 take 1 muffins and too many too mention. 🙂 From that day on, I visited every single day to check good finds or sale in the Metro. By the way, “S&R Food & Home Ware Sale Finds – May 12, 2015” is what I shared in my facebook account today since it is my favorite post.

  4. Alice Cotaoco

    I like you blog because it provides useful informations about sale, value for money items, and recipes. Please continue be a blessings to all your followers. More power to you!

  5. Mai

    This is so amaaaaaazing! I was just searching for 15php Globe trick code and this page appeared as suggested page as per Manong Google. So I give it a try followed all – checked! YES! May the odds be with us! cheers! 😀

    oh btw, more power to yer BLOG! 🙂

  6. Maria Elizabeth P. Andres

    What I love most about baratako are the freebies and giveaways aside from the tips where I can maximize the discounts & freebies every time I use my credit cards. I’m looking forward to read more updates about freebies every time I use my credit cards, cause I frequently use my cards.

  7. Ma. Cristina Dalina

    What I like about your blog is that it is very very informative about sale items. Perfect for someone like me, who is barat too. haha. 🙂

  8. Judy Vera

    What I love about your blog post, is that, even if I am so busy for a day, I can still read it at night and I will know all the latest sale items in a particular store. You SnR sale post are so informative. Great deals too. And you have a cool giveaways. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts to the world. 🙂

  9. Inocencio Dalina

    I love reading your blog because the contents are so full of information that I can use in my family’s daily life. 🙂

  10. Elle

    Gaaaa! I really like your blog! So many cheap finds. I like the ones about S&R, so I shared the article about S&R’s veggie pizza.

  11. Feng Manlapaz

    I like the post the most. i thought I was the only one doing it and that sometimes I’m nahihiya to get the unused tissues whenever we go out to eat specially on fastfood. Di naman pala nkakahiya because you yourself do it. Sayang din kasi if you always buy kung pang wipe wipe lang naman pwede na… I love the innovative suggestions, yung mga practical thoughts na minsan akala mo nakakahiya di naman pala.

    I also love food/resto posts. I am from the province and I don’t get to the city often so I rely on your blog on where and what to eat. Ayaw ko kasi na didissapoint sa food lalo na kung ang mahal tapos di masarap. Whenever I plan to go to Manila i rely on your blog on where to eat and what to try next. It is very informative specially kapag may sale natataon ko yung pagluwas ko kaya nakakatipid in a way. S&R beauty finds love ko din! Maraming mga items na di available sa amin and malayo ang S&R kaya pag pupunta ako dun nag checheck muna ako sa mga posts mo kung anong meron…

    I would love to see like simple DIY for the home.

    [email protected]

  12. Edison Framilla

    My wife and I really liked & loved readin your blog…
    From Tips & How To’s (specially the post with the Starbucks Tissue since we go there oftenly…) to TV & Movies we often get hints and tips on what movies to checkout during weekends and new TV shows to watch… It was also your Starbucks Buy 1 Get 1 on Panna Cotta Fraps post here in that we 1st heard about the promo and rushed to the nearest Starbucks Coffee Shop to grab our craving for the new fraps. Since my lovely wife enjoys shopping, I owe it to your “How to get the most of SM’s 3-Day Sales” post. She’s now more organized in her shopping and got more discounts during SM’s 3-Day-Sales. Next would be my favorite “Tech & Mobile Life”… Yep! It was really a big help for me on what would be the best mobile internet to choose from as soon as I read your post “How to Choose the Best Mobile Internet – Smart, Sun or Globe?”. Last but not least… I’ve also managed to get a Shakey’s Supercard and enjoyed its discount because of your very detailed and informative post about it!

    We do hope to see and read more of your great posts! Thank you

  13. Sheila Mae Mascariñas

    This site is very much Pinoy! The word “barat” have become a positive word because of Barat Ako! It means that we Filipinos must learn how to be practical, how to save up, budget, and learn the 3R’s for our Mother Earth. Like this post about the unused tissue. Sometimes, I managed not to use the tissues that were given to me and they end up being trashed by the stores. After reading that (, I became aware of it. If I know that I wouldn’t be using the tissues and just use my hanky instead, I immediately say it to the crew or whoever for me to lessen the leftover tissues. And when I forgot to do so, I now follow the tip of yours on how to save it up for future use. So clever! And I also liked this one ( As a young adult, it is important for me to see and learn new tips from the veterans about saving up and budget-royals. It really helped me alot especially last Christmas when I am really pressured about that season.

    Much thanks to for all these knowledges that I have been gaining from your go-to blog regarding saving up and budgeting. And of course, being “barat” in a sensible and practical way! Way to go, Barat Queen! More power!

  14. Princess Buenviaje

    Now i found what i’ve been looking for, naks! Anyways i would like to say thank you for all the information u’ve shared to us viewers and readers.. i love it so much more especially the saving tips! Like this one yeah i am so addicted to any kind of beauty products as long as it will not hurt my skin, hehehe! More to come and God bless you, keep what you are doing because as we moms we love saving tips…

    Princess Buenviaje
    [email protected]

  15. Keira

    I love your posts about anything S&R! I love that store and thanks to you I am always updated with their current deals. This might be too much to ask but I hope you put a weekly post of their B1T1 bakery items! 🙂

    Shared your recent Health & Beauty Sale Finds from S&R.

  16. Barat Queen Post author


    I am in the process of verifying the entries! Remember, you have to LIKE the Barat Ako Facebook Page AND also FOLLOW @ZomatoPH on Instagram to qualify!


    Will be posting the list of winners in a few days, hopefully, as soon as I’m done checking!

    Have a great week!

  17. Mai Raymundo

    Ohmygulay!!! I didn’t expect this but…YES! Thank you #BaratAko #ZomatoPH :”>
    Naligaw lang talaga that day. kakatuwa talaga. Amazing! 😀 I’ll email my add so I can get my prizes. #ZomatoGiveaways #ZomatoTshirt #ZomatoNotebook 🙂

  18. Barat Queen Post author

    UPDATE 6/11/2015: The list of everyone’s shipping information was just completed today since I had to wait for some of the winners to send their complete info.

    I am sending out the list to Zomato so they can send you your prizes 🙂 They will probably start working on shipping them out next week because tomorrow is a holiday. Sorry for the delay.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks starting next week to receive your prizes 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!

    Please continue to support and ZomatoPH! 🙂


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