S&R Shaw Renew Membership Get P200 GC – last day today!

SnR Shaw Renew Membership 200 GC

The S&R Bakery Sale drove us to go check out S&R Shaw last night. And it was a good thing, too! Check out last night’s supermarket haul.

If you renew your S&R membership before Nov. 27, you get a P200.00 S&R gift certificate!

This only applies to S&R Shaw members, and only to primary cardholders.

Take advantage of this and get your S&R membership for only a net amount of P500! (membership costs P700 and is valid for 1 year)

Here’s a pic of the gift certificate:

SnR Gift Certificate P200 Shaw Renew Membership 2014 2015

As for the renewal – they did not change the membership card. They use the same membership card you had last year, and they just put a sticker with the new expiration date at the back of your S&R membership card.

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