S&R Sale Finds, Porterhouse Steak Buy 1, Get 1/2 Kg FREE – July 8, 2015

SnR July 8 Porterhouse Steak Buy 1 Kilo Get Half Kilo FREE Close Up

I did a grocery run yesterday at S&R and found Porterhouse Steaks on Buy 1 Pack, Get 1/2 kilo FREE!

I went through the Fresh Meat section and found several items on promo. For me, the best deal is the Beef Porterhouse Steak that is Buy 1 Pack, get 1/2 kilo FREE. They’re P476.95 per kilo.

If you like cooking steak at home, you might want to take advantage of this deal. I asked and learned that this promo will only be until Sunday (July 12)! I am looking for recipes and am thinking of having this steak for Sunday dinner 

SnR July 8 Porterhouse Steak Buy 1 Kilo Get Half Kilo FREE

I also found these New Zealand Lamb Shoulder Steak at a P90 discount! I always thought that lamb was super expensive and never bothered to look. Turns out it’s only P359.95 per kilo! I love lamb, too, and now I’m torn between the porterhouse and the lamb. This promo is also only until Sunday. Researching recipes and trying to figure out what I can do with these 

If you’ve heard of the Blood Type Diet, it says that I should be eating goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison. Lamb. Check! Didn’t think it would be this easy to find 

SnR July 8 NZ Lamb Shoulder Steak

This Wienerli is discounted by P150! From P519.95, it’s now only P369.95. I had to google Wienerli. It turns out it’s vienna sausage! So this would be great for baon and making kid’s snacks.

SnR July 8 Wienerli

SnR July 8 Wienerli Close Up

I also saw some boneless bangus on sale! These are Sarangani Bay Boneless Marinated XL bangus. From P169.95, save P51! It’s now only P118.95, so you can bet that we are hoarding the stuff! 

SnR July 8 Sarangani Bangus

Fried boneless bangus is just one of our staples. Whenever we need extra ulam, can’t think of anything else to cook, or are pressed for time, we just default to fried boneless bangus! It’s quick to defrost, it doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer, and it’s quick and easy to cook.

I also saw these BBQ ribs on sale again! It’s Lloyd’s St. Louis Style Barbecued Ribs. This time, it comes with a free pack of Breakfast Sausages:

SnR July 8 Lloyds Barbecue Ribs

I just cooked them for dinner tonight so I’ll be posting next about how I cooked these. These are like my “cheat” ribs. Instead of slaving away, buying these ribs just makes it so easy! This is one of the reasons I don’t like eating barbecued ribs at other restaurants. We can make them so easily at home and more affordably, too!

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