S&R Sale Finds in November! Buy 1 Take 1 Madness! Pt. 1

SnR November 2016 Featured Image
We went to S&R the other day and wow, it was like Christmas in November!

There were many items on sale and Buy 1 Take 1, plus, there were many Christmas chocolates already available! Haha, I was drooling looking at all those chocolates! 

Because I found so many things to share, this is going to be a long post, possibly a two-parter!


Are you looking for a 32″ LED TV but don’t want to spend too much? Maybe you just want a simple second TV for your bedroom, spare room, or for the kids. I saw this American Home LED TV on sale, was P13,989.95, now only P8,999.95!

SnR American Home 32 LED TV

Its resolution is 1366 x 768 /60 Hz. It has 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, as well as the usual red, white & yellow RCA ones. The HDMI and USB ports are important to me because that means that I can just plug in my old laptop or a USB drive to watch anything I want. Are you tired of watching Netflix on a small 14″ screen? Well, now you can watch it on a 32″ screen!

I also watch YouTube videos like this, on a 32″ TV, and it’s so, so, so much better! The volume is also much louder than my tablet or laptop can provide. I can do other things like cook, organize stuff, make the bed, fold clothes, even do some light exercise while watching my favorite YouTubers, all because it’s on a big screen TV and I don’t have to hold my tablet in front of my face.

To get the best use of this set up, make use of YouTube’s Watch Later option, and get a wireless mouse & keyboard! If all you have is an old tablet or smartphone, that can work, too. You just need to make sure that your old tablet / smartphone supports MHL or micro-HDMI out, and buy the appropriate cables. See? You can make use of your old tech!

SnR American Home 32 LED TV Features

If you’re still looking for gifts to give yourself, relatives, suppliers, or for your Christmas party raffle prizes, check out these small appliances on Buy 1 Take 1! They also make great gifts for those who just moved in to their own place (dorms) or just got married. You can’t go wrong with these.

This Delichef Bread Toaster is Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Delichef Toaster B1T1

This Delichef Personal Coffee Maker is Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Delichef Coffee Maker B1T1

There’s also this Hamilton Beach Personal Blender that’s on Buy 1 Take 1, too!

SnR Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

SnR Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Also, take a look at this bundle that already includes an Induction Stove, a Stainless Steel Kettle, and an Electric Water Kettle, all for only P2,179.95!

SnR Induction Stove Bundle

If learning to bake or baking more often is one of your goals for the holidays / New Year, consider getting a stand mixer. This Breville Scraper Mixer Pro is discounted by P4,400, from P24,999.95, it’s now only P20,599.95!

SnR Breville Scraper Mixer Pro

On the ironing front, check out these irons on sale:

SnR Irons

Click to enlarge

I also saw some air purifiers on sale. My friends who have babies are very worried about air quality in the baby’s room, so I immediately thought of them when I saw these air purifiers. Real, honest to goodness air purifiers are kind of difficult to find in Metro Manila, so if you’re looking for one, they have some available at S&R:

SnR Air Purifier


Still can’t find a gift for people you’re not super close with and have no idea what they like, but with whom you’re familiar enough with to buy them gifts for Christmas? I dunno, like office mates, your boss, your teacher, your kid’s teacher?

Enter the bath gift basket – the perfectly acceptable gifts that are nice, inoffensive, yet pretty and useful. And you’re in luck, because they’re on Buy 1 Take 1 or 50% OFF!

SnR Bath Gift Basket 1

SnR Gift Bath Sets 2

SnR Gift Bath Sets 3


Love those magazine-worthy Pinterest holiday party ideas? Wish you could have them at home? Me, too! They’re so pretty!

Saw this 17-pc Gibson Hollydale Flatware Set with Utensil Holder for P599.95 (P100 OFF from orig price of P699.95).

SnR Gibson Hollydale

Love these plates, too!

SnR Red Plates

If you’re still not on the mason jar train, here’s your chance to get a set. I saw these bigger than usual Mason Jar mugs, a set of 8 for only P379.95. That means it’s less than P50 per mug! Totally worth buying here! The smaller, poorer quality mason jar mugs are being sold for P50 in other stores.

SnR Mason Jar Mug Big

This stoneware soup bowl set of 6 is P1,399.95, but totally cute!

SnR Soup Bowl Set

I can’t get enough of glass measuring cups, especially from brands like Anchor. Get this for the baker in you life. I also use my glass measuring cups to brew tea for iced tea… very useful!

SnR Anchor Glass Measuring Cup

Oh, hey look! It’s a ceramic non-stick muffin pan!!! It’s less P100 so grab it! Now only P379.95. I just think the color is so pretty!

SnR Ceramic Muffin Pan

SnR Ceramic Muffin Pan

After baking, you can store your cupcakes here, to take to your potluck!

SnR Snips Cupcake Holder

This Keter Cool Stool can be used as a table AND as a cooler! The inside cavity of the table is a cooler – you can put ice and drinks inside.

SnR Keter Cool Stool

Look at these super Pinterest-y steel tubs! Can you imagine backyard barbecues with bottles of beer chilling in these tubs?

SnR Steel Tubs

Okay, so this is part 1. Part 2 is going to be about FOOD and CHOCOLATE FINDS! Yum, yum, yum!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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      Until supplies last! Lahat ng S&R dapat meron, pero minsan nauubusan na ng stock. Mura nga yung mason jars eh. They are big, but less than P50 each, tapos set of 8 na. Di ka na mahihirapan pumili unlike sa dept store.


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