S&R Sale Finds – Aug. 11, 2015! Buy 1 Take 1 on Bed Linen!

Here are some cool things I found during my last visit to S&R a few days ago. I do love visiting S&R because sometimes I find some really unexpected items.

This was at the S&R branch in Aseana/Baclaran (right beside the DFA), last Aug. 11.

This Hello Kitty Berry Mix caught my eye. It’s just too cute!

SnR Aug 11 Hello Kitty Berry Juice

It’s a 750ml bottle of berry juice (no alcohol), for P279.95. If you love all things Hello Kitty, I’m sure you have to have this! It’s for little girls and little girls at heart. I couldn’t resist taking more pictures!
SnR Aug 11 Hello Kitty Berry Juice Bottle

SnR Aug 11 Hello Kitty Berry Juice Bottle Back Ingredients

Click to enlarge.

If you are addicted to Almond Peppero, they are on promo! Save P40 when you buy 2 (P539.95 for 2 boxes, each box has 8 x 32g packs):

SnR Aug 11 Almond Peppero

If you already have a coffee machine that takes K-cups, there are more choices now! I didn’t know Starbucks made K-cups, too! There’s also some Donut Shop Coffee, Folgers and Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee cups.

SnR Aug 11 Coffee K Cups

Still on the subject of coffee, I also saw this pump bottle Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer at 50% OFF. It is now only P400 for this bottle, that is equivalent to 300 tubs of K-cup creamer.

SnR Aug 11 French Vanilla Coffee Mate Pump Bottle

This Kirkland Organic Rice Milk is 50% OFF! It’s now only P44.95. I am actually very curious to try this and find out how it tastes.

SnR Aug 11 Organic Rice MilkSnR Aug 11 Organic Rice Milk Description

This EOS Lip Balm and Lotion set is available again at P699.95! These run out quickly so stock up on them if they are your favorite lip balm.

SnR Aug 11 EOS Lip Balm Lotion SetSnR Aug 11 EOS Lip Balm Lotion Set Contents

I also saw these bed linen sets at Buy 1 Take 1! If it’s time to replace your bed linens, check out these sets. The ones I saw had at least a 400 thread count. If you are not familiar with what thread count is, thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Generally, this means that a higher thread count means a more luxurious, softer fabric.

SnR Aug 11 Bedding Set SaleSnR Aug 11 Bed Linen Set Sale Buy 1 Take 1SnR Aug 11 Bed Linen Sets Sale Buy 1 Take 1

Hope you enjoyed reading about my sale finds last week!

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