S&R Food, Beauty & Home Sale Finds – June 3, 2015

Here are the other items on sale I saw at S&R last week:

Health & Beauty

These Cetaphil Cleansers and Lotions are discounted! The Cetaphil Cleanser is now only P479.95, while the Lotion is now only P449.95!

SnR June 3 Cetaphil CleanserSnR June 3 Cetaphil Lotion

These Aveeno conditioners are less P50 (now only P349.95)!

SnR June 3 Aveeno Conditioner Moisture Renewal

Did you miss going swimming this summer? It’s not too late! And now is a good time to buy some sunscreen! This Nivea Protect & Bronze Spray is Buy 1 Take 1 (P599.95 for 2):

SnR June 3 Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Spray Buy 1 Take 1

Food & Sweets

GREAT NEWS! These brown eggs are back on Buy 2 Take 1! We always get these every time they are on sale. The egg yolks are so yellow, they’re almost orange – they make good omelets, and are great for cakes, etc… these eggs just taste better than regular eggs, but actually only cost P5.82 each.

SnR June 3 Brown Eggs Buy 2 Take 1

Found these Nestle Fruit Selection yogurts at Buy 6 + 2 for P194.95! They will be great for baon, breakfast, snacks, dessert 

SnR June 3 Nestle Yogurt Buy 6 Plus 2

These Kitkats are made in Germany and are discounted by P70 (was P299.95, now only P229.95):

SnR June 3 Kitkat

Do you love Andres Mints? I do! These Andes mint chocolates are half-price, now only P150 (was P299.95)! They are baking chocolates, but if you don’t bake, you can just eat them! They are just the same chocolates but shaped differently!

SnR June 3 Andes Mints

These are not on sale, but just wanted to mention them: Mrs. Thinsters cookies – they are non-GMO cookies with no growth hormones, no corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and are nut allergy friendly. FYI for those who are looking for healthy cookies 🙂

SnR June 3 Mrs Thinsters CookiesI also found some Organic Rice Milk. It’s not on sale, but I wanted to share. Some people might be looking for healthier drink alternatives.

SnR June 3 Kirkland Organic Rice Milk

I also found this Kraft Tartar Sauce on discount! I really like this Tartar Sauce, it tastes just like the one from McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish! Now only P89.95!

SnR June 3 Kraft Tartar Sauce


Looking for a new set of flatware? These Isaac Mizrahi flatware sets are on sale!

SnR June 3 Isaac Mizrahi Flatware

Planning to organize your children’s things, your make-up, or other knick-knacks? I found these rolling organizers at S&R! I always saw them on the videos of some of my favorite Youtubers, and I never thought I’d see them here in the Philippines! Prices are from P1,699.95-P1,899.95.

SnR June 3 Rolling Organizers

There were many more items on sale, but it would make this post too long. If you are looking for Quinoa or Chia Seeds, I also saw some at S&R. Corelle sets were also on sale, too! Please visit S&R to check them out!

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2 thoughts on “S&R Food, Beauty & Home Sale Finds – June 3, 2015

  1. Keira

    Why do I love and hate you when you post these S&R deals?!? Aaargh, Congressional branch used to have the good stuff too but now they dont compared to Shaw. I cant find the Twinkies too. I think I’ll get the Andes this weekend as my family are all fans of chocomints. Have you seen if the Dove conditioners with pump are still on sale?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, Keira! The Twinkies were sold out so fast, di ko na nga naabutan! But they still have other Hostess goodies available, but the last time I saw it, it was a small pile nalang.

      Yes, the Dove conditioners are still on sale.


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