Spatzle Chixday Friday Review – Only P39/pc Chicken!

Spatzle Chixday Friday Exteriors

I was supposed to go home already Friday afternoon but I felt a bit dizzy from the driving of our shuttle driver.

I asked to be dropped off at Shangri-la Mall. Instead of going home, I decided to walk it off and do a bit of window shopping, too! Because, why not? Haha, who am I to say no to some shopping time? 😛


It was only 4:30 in the afternoon, I was looking for somewhere to have a nice, relaxing meal, so I was walking and walking and I chanced upon Spatzle’s Chixday Friday sign. Fried, boneless chicken thigh for only P39/pc!

Spatzle Chixday Friday

At first, I didn’t want to believe that it offered what it said. I was thinking maybe the chicken pieces were small. But we had walked past Spatzle many times before and had never dined there. We always ended up at Kimukatsu because J likes it there.


Well, here was my chance to try Spatzle!

Spatzle Interiors

Hahaha, I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but some Googling said that it’s pronounced Spetsley. 😀

The staff were very accommodating and ushered me inside. He assured me that the chicken pieces were full-sized boneless chicken thighs. I ordered 2 pcs of the Chixday chicken (P39.00/pc), 1 order of garlic rice (P50), and for drinks, 1 All Natural Citrus Cooler Soda (P145).

It took about 10 minutes until my order arrived, but it seemed cooked to order, so I didn’t mind. I had fun taking pictures and using the hand sanitizer (see below). 😀

Spatzle’s interiors were bright and spacious:

Spatzle Interiors

They even had some hand sanitizer for customers to use!

Spatzle Utensils Hand Sanitizer

Spatzle Hand Sanitizer


The citrus cooler was delicious, flavored with lemon, orange and lime. Sweet, a little tart, very refreshing.

Spatzle Citrus Cooler

The chicken pieces were indeed full-sized, fried, boneless chicken thighs. The meat was juicy, the breading was crispy and slightly sweet. All in all, the chicken delivered, and the best part? It’s only P39 each!!!

Spatzle Chixday Friday Chicken

The chicken came with paprika gravy on the side. Try a little of the paprika gravy first before dunking your chicken in it. It’s different than the usual brown gravy that we’re used to. It is good in small doses to enhance the flavor of the chicken. I usually treat KFC gravy like soup, but I only used up half of the bowl of gravy they provided. On its own, the paprika flavor was too much for me.

Spatzle Chixday Friday Chicken

I didn’t realize how much I missed the freedom of dining out alone until that dayno one to look after, no one to share food with, no one else to consider if I want to finish the entire dish or if I have to leave some for them so as not to be stingy, no one to have to make conversation with or to worry about if I’m eating too slowly. Apparently, I really needed my “me” time!

Service is attentive and fast, the food delish even if it’s a promo offer! I really enjoyed my time here, we should come back soon to try the other dishes!

5th Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing

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