Smart’s SaktoData99: 500 MB + 70 Mins for 30 Days

Smart Saktodata99

The past couple of months, I’ve been playing around with Smart’s new SaktoData99 promo. Before using SaktoData99, I’ve been making do with the free 100 MB I get from my Mega 250. So far, I almost never use up my 100 MB because I limit my usage to using it only for Waze and for emergency surfing (mostly when about to buy something and I want to check online reviews first). No facebooking, instagramming or twittering for me, which was okay because I rarely have down time to browse when I am out anyway.

However, I am trying to be more active on social media, and being online even when I am out of the house seems to be expected now. I’m seeing a trend where more and more people want to communicate via FB Messenger or Viber instead of text. Even things like “Nasaan ka na? Nandito na ako,” or “Nandyan ka na? Di pa ako makaaalis, wala pa Uber,” are now sent via FB Messenger instead of text, and sometimes I’m nahuhuli sa balita because I’m not online.

Fine, I will try to be more online, ‘kay?


So I was looking at mobile internet promos from the local telcos when a new promo from Smart caught my eye. It was the Sakto Data 99.

There are actually 2 Sakto Data promos:

  • Sakto Data 30 – P30 – 200 MB data + 20 mins to Smart/Sun/TNT – 7 days – Text SAKTODATA30 to 9999
  • Sakto Data 99 – P99 – 500 MB data + 70 mins to Smart/Sun/TNT – 30 days – Text SAKTODATA99 to 9999

The Sakto Data promos are stackable, meaning you can carry over any unused data and minutes to the next Sakto Data if you register before the current one expires. I’ve done Sakto Data 30 carrying over unused data and minutes to my Sakto Data 99.

Sakto Data 99 is a nice promo that is for people who don’t use a lot of internet and don’t want the hassle for registering to a promo every few days or every week. It’s a good option for those who have internet at home or at the office, and just need mobile internet to browse and chat and go on social media while they are out.

The 500 MB data from Sakto Data 99 seems enough for my needs. I also get an extra 70 minutes of Smart/Sun/TNT calls should I ever need it.

Speed-wise, it was okay. Not super fast, but not super slow, either. When browsing websites, the pages load quickly, usually within a second. I’m very satisfied so far. All of this depends on the signal strength, as usual. If you are in a location with a strong signal, usually outside buildings, performance is better.

My only problem with this is that it is only available for Smart Prepaid. I am on Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan, and I cannot register to this promo on my primary SIM. This means I had to use a Smart prepaid SIM card for this promo and stick it in my pocket wifi.

I am looking for a good dual-SIM phone to replace my 3-year old Note 2, and I was planning to put my Smart and Globe SIMs in there. But now I think I might have to use one of the SIM slots for the Saktodata instead so that I can also use the free 70 minutes.  LOL, seriously, it’s more lugi to be on postpaid than on prepaid in this country.

Smart Logo 2016

Is it just me, or is anyone else weirded out by Smart’s new green logo? I actually like their old blue dots logo better. I just feel something off about this new logo. They look like an oil company trying hard to seem eco-friendly. Also adding to the weird vibe is the Illluminati-ness of the new logo. Now, I can’t say with absolute certainty that the Illuminati exists, and I can’t say with absolutely certainty that they don’t exist. But after countless books, movies, and exposes about the group, I have just become more aware of these so-called Illuminati symbols. The triangle with the “eye” in the center seems very All-Seeing-Eye. Just saying.

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18 thoughts on “Smart’s SaktoData99: 500 MB + 70 Mins for 30 Days

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes! The only reason I even got a postpaid account with Smart was because of the Freedom Plan, which has now been discontinued. The only advantage for me was not having to dial a prefix (2477) when calling Smart numbers, and not having to go find prepaid load every month for it.

      But right now, they’ve already fixed the prepaid 2477 prefix requirement, and prepaid users don’t need to use the prefix anymore. So the only remaining advantage for me for staying with Smart postpaid is just the convenience of not having to “reload” every month… oh, and I also got to choose my smart postpaid number when I got it, thanks to nice Smart staff. Other than that, prepaid seems to have better deals.

      Oh, another thing — no proof but just anecdotal — I feel like postpaid subscribers are more “prioritized”. My postpaid sim seems to get faster mobile internet vs prepaid, and in cases of network congestion, I just think like postpaid goes through faster vs prepaid. I rarely get “network busy” errors on my postpaid, but regularly encountered them when I was still on smart prepaid.

      1. Alvin Jan C. Untalan

        Im not getting “Network Busy” error message when I make a call using my Smart Prepaid, also speedtests using my prepaid SIM and with my friend’s postpaid SIM shows my prepaid account has slightly higher speed. Mine is much faster if there’s an LTE signal.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, I haven’t seen Sakto Data on the Smart Bro webpages. As far as I know, it’s only for Smart Prepaid. If you do try to register using Smart Bro, please let us know if it goes through! 🙂

    1. Amy

      Hi have you tried using it? Im currently using big299 then stack it with big50… Hope it will be stackable for me not using big299 more…

  1. miguel

    stackable ba ang saktodata99 with big70? big99 kasi for 30days ay phase out na. pag nagregister ka sa big99 ay automatic register ka sa gigasurf99 at good for 7 days na lang. gigasurf299 na lng ang 30 days hindi ko rin alam kung stackable din sya ng big70

  2. Kaye

    SaktoData99 is fake! I registered last month but I cannot access to other apps, my facebook was still on free data even I’m registered to saktodata99. I thought it was my lumia’s fault but when I changed my phone last month and tried to register again this month the issue is still the same. Smart wasting my money. I can’t access to any other apps!!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Unfortunately, no 🙁 I tried it and it just used up my saktodata99 first that was sana good for 30 days pa and then when all the saktodata is gone, that’s the only time it used the gigasurf na 2 days lang 🙁

      I was hoping that it would use up the gigasurf data kasi 2 days lang, and leave the 30 day data alone. But it did not happen that way, sadly.

  3. Mae

    Hi.. anyone still using this?
    Is this still working?
    I’m looking for a low budget 1 month validity call and data alternative for my Mom and this seems like a good option.

  4. JOY

    hi im using sakto data 99 and send it to 9999 gumagana p rin xa since lte ang sim card kohope n gawin nilang 1gb thats good for one month coz 500 mb is not enough for 1 month because it is good for two weeks lng

    1. John

      the target of this promo are the light users only. I myself find it hard to consume a 150mb of data in a week. I think those kind of consumers are the target of this promo.


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