SM Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale Report & FREEBIES!

SM 3 Day Sale Report and FreebiesWe went to the SM Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale today! Here’s a quick rundown.

As soon as we got there, lines were already forming for the cashier at the department store. Wais na mga tao! Haha. They knew what they wanted, got it, paid and were done by 10am!

But the majority of people were still busy browsing. As expected, almost everyone was inside the department store to take advantage of the additional 10% OFF before 12nn. I already had a shopping list so I quickly got my things but when I got in line at 11:30am, the lines were already too long! If I had to guess, I had maybe 300 people in front of me! And that’s only in my line, there were other lines for other cashiers!

While waiting in line, I observed what other people were buying.

People were mostly buying household items – a lot of kitchen appliances like toaster ovens, rice cookers and things like that. A lot of people also bought new dishes, plastic containers, baon containers, etc… A lot of people also bought children’s things and baby things. Baby things are expensive so it’s very understandable why people wait for sales before buying. Quite a few people bought luggage, too.

I didn’t see many people buying clothes or shoes though. Yes, of course a lot of people bought clothes and shoes, but not as much as the people who bought household stuff did. It was like everyone who was planning on moving to a new house or improving their kitchen waited for this sale to go buy stuff.

I also saw a few unexpected things — I saw a lot of people hoarding LED light bulbs! LED bulbs are expensive, and it makes sense to buy a lot of them when they have an extra 10% OFF. I mean, you’ll always need light bulbs and it’s good practice to always have them in stock at home.SM 3 Day Sale Report and Freebies GE LED Light Bulb

People also took this opportunity to buy mops. Yes, mops. Different types of mops. Didn’t you know mops nowadays are expensive? The price ranges from P500 – P1,500, and there are so many kinds – microfiber ones, sweeper-types, sponge-types, self-squeezing ones, wall & ceiling-cleaning ones…

I also saw people hoarding beauty items like shampoos, hand soaps – things that they normally use, anyway. Sayang naman kasi yung 10% OFF.

We were in line for almost 3 hours! If you’ve read my post on how to make the most of SM’s 3-Day Sale, you know you have to be in line before 12nn.

After some time waiting in line, one of the SM staff gave me this tag. Having this means that I’m still entitled to the extra 10% OFF even if it’s already 2pm. Yup, it was already 2pm by the time we got to the cashier.SM 3 Day Sale Report and Freebies Queue Tag

As usual, I was ever so happy to see discount upon discount on our receipt! Some items already had a Class Discount of 10-50%, and on top of that, we got another 10% OFF. Too bad we didn’t have a BDO credit card, or we could have gotten an additional 3-10% OFF!

More Perks

There are usually several raffles going on during these 3-Day Sales. This time, there was a Globe Load Raffle and a Suzuki Motorcyle Raffle. Look for the booths were you can show your receipt and claim your coupons.

One thing I regretted was not dividing our credit card purchases! Since we were so tired from waiting in line, I totally forgot!

Depending on your credit card, you can divide your purchases into the amounts needed for the free McDonald’s or Jollibee or whatever promo of your credit card company. The credit card companies “forbid” you from dividing your purchase into multiple transactions so you can claim more freebies. But you can use different credit cards and get the freebies of the different credit card companies! That’s the beauty of having several credit cards 🙂 Or, you can ask your companion to pay using their credit card and you pay them back.

Aside from the credit card freebies, you can also get a FREE PARKING COUPON (for SM Sta Mesa only) that is valid until February 2016! Every minimum P2,000 single-receipt can claim 1 FREE PARKING COUPON.SM 3 Day Sale Report and Freebies Raffle Free Parking Coupon

So your receipts can get you into 2 Raffles, free parking coupons, and possibly other freebies from your credit card company.

GOOD NEWS! The SM Appliance store is included in the 2-hour special! You get an additional 5% OFF when you buy from the selected items before 12nn on the first day of the 3-Day Sale.

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