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Skewr Exterior Maginhawa

Last week, we attended the launch of Skewr, the latest food destination along Maginhawa St. in Quezon City.

Skewr offers affordable, healthy, Mediterranean fusion cuisine – including popular favorites like shawarma, kebabs, rice and even pasta and yogurt shakes!

Skewr Interiors 2


We started with the Pita Strips with Fire Feta (P80), crispy sticks of thin pita bread, brushed with butter, with a hot feta dip on the side.

Skewr Pita Strips with Fire Feta

Their iced tea is quite good, with a strong lemongrass flavor.

We also got to try their signature Beef Shawarma (P130):

Skewr Shawarma

The Beef Shawarma was nice, first thing I noticed right away was that the beef did not have any stringy bits, and it was not fatty. 

I also liked the light but creamy Chicken Pesto Melt (P120):

Skewr Chicken Pesto Melt

Rustic Greek Chicken Pizza (P220):

Skewr Rustic Chicken Pizza

I liked the Skewr Pasta (P150), an oil-based pasta much like a longganisa pasta, but using Skewr’s signature beef shawarma meat instead.

Skewr Pasta

The Rubia Krab Yaqla (P180), reminded me of the “money bag” dimsum. It is a fried parcel of delicately flavored minced prawn and crab meat.

Skewr Rubia Krab Yaqla

My favorite dishes were the Luleh Kebab (P170), and the Chicken Shish Kebab (P170). The Luleh Kebab is similar to the chelo kebab of other places, the ground meat is juicy and flavorful. The Shish Kebab was also delicious.

Skewr Luleh Kebab

Skewr Shish Kebab

These come with a biryani rice that is delicately flavored with turmeric and cardamom.

There are 3 sauces available on the table that can be used with any dish at Skewr – these are a garlic sauce, a hot sauce, and a cheese sauce.

Skewr Sauces

For dessert, we had the Yogurt Shake (P80) – I had the Strawberry. It was creamy and foamy.

Skewr Strawberry Yogurt Shake

I was also able to try the Yema Cheesecake (P120), which I liked the most, while others on the table preferred the Chocolate Pecan Pie (P120).

Skewr Yema Cheesecake

Skewr Chocolate Pecan

FYI, they have an option for MEAT OVERLOAD, where you can add more meat (double the meat, I think), by adding just around P70 or P80.

I also liked these floor tiles:

Skewr Tiles


Skewr is owned by siblings Marlene and Bee Jay Burog, who have 10 years of food industry experience, having started a successful shawarma food stall business back when they were still studying at UP. The bubbly Marlene told me that serving healthy food is important to her, so she made sure that the dishes served at Skewr are balanced, not greasy, not fatty, and include healthy salads.

Skewr Marlene Bee Jay Burog

There’s also free WIFI.

Skewr Interiors 1

Here’s their Menu:


Click to enlarge


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Skewr offers healthy, non-greasy Mediterranean fusion dishes at very affordable prices. The ambience is nice and cozy, but still hip. The milkshake dispensers give it a diner feel. The dishes are mildly spiced, so diners who are not into strong, Mediterranean spice flavors will appreciate that. Personally, I prefer a bit heavier hand with the spices, although I found the Luleh Kebab to be just right.

Reasons to visit: legitimately quality servings of meat that don’t throw in gristle, skin or pieces of fat; affordable prices and a nice setting.

189 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Skewr Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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