Updated: San Remo Pasta + Gift Set Giveaway to 5 Lucky Winners!

San Remo Fettuccine

I love pasta, but honestly, we’re getting tired of same old same old spaghetti. So I’m happy to share some San Remo love your way! 5 Lucky Winners get to win a pasta gift set with different pasta shapes to try!


When I want pasta shapes other than the usual spaghetti and macaroni, I usually gravitate towards San Remo. They have many different shapes and sizes available, which I like. I find that their pasta retains their “al dente” firmness and don’t become mushy even if overcooked. That’s because San Remo is made from a wide variety of premium grade, 100% Australian Durum Wheat, and the family behind the San Remo brand has been making pasta since 1936!


Many people, like me, express our love by cooking for our loved ones. Cooking is our language of love.

You can show your love by trying new pasta dishes and using quality pasta like San Remo. Some of the different San Remo pasta available include Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Penne, Rigatoni, Vegeroni, Spaghetti, Trivelle (small spirals), and Instant Lasagna!

San Remo Vegeroni

Instant Lasagna has actually been difficult to find in regular supermarkets – it’s not that common, so thank you San Remo for making it available. I’m tired of doing the extra step of having to boil the pasta separately, and with instant lasagna, I can just make the sauce and assemble the lasagna using dry instant lasagna straight from the box! The instant lasagna will cook during the lasagna baking process. What a time saver!

San Remo Large Instant Lasagna

I’m also trying to do more “one-pot-pasta” dishes because… there are less things to clean and less steps to do! 😀

And you know what else? Pasta salads are my new loves. Yesterday, I ordered an Arugula Pasta Salad with Creamy Parmesan from a coffee shop and the serving was small, hahaha. It was delicious but was only good enough for snacking since the portion size was small. So I’m now inspired to make my own pasta salad using San Remo Trivelle or Vegeroni Spirals dahil nabitin ako sa pasta salad kahapon 😀

Actually, I plan to make 6-8 portions of pasta salad in individual containers, with the veggies and the sauce and the cheese in separate containers / compartments just like how it’s done at the coffee shop. I’ll keep them in the refrigerator, ready to snack anytime!

I find that preparing some food like that ahead, ready for snacking, prevents that situation where you’re standing in front of the refrigerator and you feel like there’s nothing to eat, and you end up eating chocolate bars, cookies and ice cream instead even if you don’t feel like eating chocolate bars, cookies and ice cream… Hahaha, does that happen to you, too?

At least the pasta salad is healthier than cookies & ice cream 😀


So, who wants to win San Remo pasta packs? To join the giveaway:

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The giveaway is open nationwide to anyone with a valid mailing address. We will be choosing winners with the most loving comments. There will be 5 winners who will get San Remo pasta packs (1 long pasta, 1 short pasta, 1 pasta sauce).

Please remember to Like & Follow. After we pick the winners, we verify if they followed the mechanics. If they don’t complete the mechanics, they are disqualified and we pick another winner.

You may enter the giveaway until Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018. Winners will be announced and contacted on or before Feb. 27, and winners need to message me before Feb. 28 12nn with their delivery & contact info or they won’t be included in the list of winners I will be submitting for prize delivery.





Anthony Chinchilla
Chadwick de Leon
Donna Pulian
Kharen Mallari

Please private message me on Facebook (BaratAko FB Page) with your cellphone numbers and valid delivery address before 12nn Feb. 28 (tomorrow).

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7 thoughts on “Updated: San Remo Pasta + Gift Set Giveaway to 5 Lucky Winners!

  1. Chadwick de Leon

    There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to make my favorite pasta dishes for my loved ones and family. From the classic spaghetti with meatballs to something with a twist like deconstructed carbonara. I want to try my hand at making Lasagna too, there’s a first time for everything 🙂

    FB: Chadwick de Leon
    IG: chadwickdeleon

  2. Donna Pulian

    My family loves to eat pasta. As a mother of two and working at night, pasta has been my go-to recipe for times when I don’t have much time to spare for cooking. I am glad that I will be given this opportunity to try San Remo coz we love trying out different type of pasta. I will cook lasagna or Creamy Pesto Pasta for my kids.

  3. Tifany

    Will make meatballs and spaghetti! It’s very easy and it’s not as expensive compared when you ordered in restaurants and it even tastes better 🙂 pasta is always my go to food because it’s versatile and can be done in just a few minutes

    Fb: tifapeach
    IG: tifaniichan

  4. Kharen Mallari

    Way back highschool when I started to cook my very first Meatball Spaghetti , At first it’s failed but after so many tries , Finally I made it perfectly..,and now I mastered it and added some twist. 😉
    I just covered the cube size ham or hotdog with mozzarella cheese inside my meatballs to make it more yummier.
    And now that I have my own family , I always cook this for them, kaya super favorite nila ito na palagi nilang hina hanap hanap..

    Fb: Kha Ren Mallari
    Instagram : @mizxchinma

    Please pardon my english ..lol 😂

  5. Anthony Chinchilla

    Would love to cook Grilled Chicken Pasta using San Remo Pasta and Tomato Sauce for my family.
    For sure they will love it because it is made with high quality ingredients.

    Fb: Anthony Chinchilla
    Ig: @eyescream05


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