Reminiscing Age of Empires II + New Expansion Pack News

Age of Empires II Featured Image

Age of Empires II is getting an official expansion pack!

That was a surpise! After more than a decade, I thought that AoE was resigned to gaming history.

I am not a fanatic gamer, but Age of Empires will always hold a special place in my heart as my favorite LAN game that got me through the early 2000’s.

AoE wasn’t really very popular with people at the time except with a few of my officemates. Most people preferred playing Starcraft or DOTA or Counter Strike. And while I did try to play Starcraft and DOTA, I always went back to AoE because I liked AoE’s Real-Time-Strategy game style better. I also like reading about ancient civilizations, so there’s that 


I miss sending sheep out to scout the land and lift the fog of war, and hiding away some peasant so he can rebuild in case the main camp gets destroyed.

I miss hearing “wololo!”

I miss my camels, my Trebuchets, and my Chu Ko Nu.

I miss the all night LAN parties playing AoE until the sun comes up! Okay, they’re not really “parties”, more like a few people staring at their computer screens all night, hahaha! But it was soooooo much fun!

Thinking about it now, I just shake my head realizing that a game would last a minimum of 3 hours, and could go up to 6 or 8 hours! Oh, when we were young and free!

Age of Empires is THE game for me – no Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds or Flappy Bird can ever take its place in my heart.

Did you play Age of Empires?

Will you go back to playing it once the new expansion comes out? I haven’t played it in a long, looooooooong time, but I’m thinking of carving out some time for it (holidays & long weekends) and rustling up a few people to play with when the new expansion becomes available.

What about you? Do you miss Age of Empires? Are you excited for the new expansion?

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