PLDT Rolls Out New SOS Dispatch Emergency System

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Ever wonder how those 911-type SOS systems are implemented?

I got a quick overview of the process during the launch of the PLDT Smart SOS Dispatch System.


PLDT Inc., the country’s leader in telecoms and digital services, through PLDT Enterprise, unveils Smart SOS Dispatch, a revolutionary digital emergency response mechanism that ensures effective, end-to-end incident management. The solution was designed to enable small and large communities such as large-scale corporations, local government units (LGUs) and even university campuses and bolster their public safety answer points (PSAPs) and emergency response systems (PSERs).

At the moment, the system is available for government units like cities, but will be offered to large corporations and similar institutions in the future.

In a nutshell, whenever there is an emergency in your city, like a car accident, flooding, or any other public emergency, for example, people can call your hotline. A command center manned by real people will receive the call, log all the information into the system, and contact the nearest first responders like emergency personnel, police, paramedics, etc.. to attend to the emergency. This is just like the 911 system in the US.

The first responders are issued a rugged phone, the RugGear RG500, which is also capable of push to talk (like a walkie-talkie), as well as regular mobile calls and texts.


The Smart SOS Dispatch is a comprehensive mobile solutions package that combines SMART’s robust network coverage with the Genaker IP-based PTT (Push To Talk) and NowForce emergency response application, for rapid, long distance and high-speed communication between the command center and first responders. SOS Dispatch uses ruggedized, shock and water-resistant (IP68) Android devices that are designed specifically for emergency situations.

With this solution, the entire emergency reporting, response and recording process becomes more instantaneous and reliable. Its NowForce cloud system instantly gathers all necessary information reported by a caller to a command center. This information is recorded and processed through the NowForce CRM and sent to all concerned responding units in near-real time. Through this automation in information assessment and transmittal, time and resources are saved as calls are instantly directed to only the most relevant and nearest response units for dispatch. The PTT App helps field teams to coordinate via 1-to-1 or 1-to-many, for rapid, wide-spread and secure communications.

SOS Dispatch is especially designed around the Philippine 911 system. From the built-in CRM, to the mobile applications, as well as the data, voice and SMS allocations, SOS Dispatch aims to answer the need of large corporate communities such as industrial zones and commercial banks, as well as LGUs and other organizations for a more systematic emergency response experience. In line with the government’s mandate to modernize current systems in the administration, some LGUs that have already partnered with PLDT and Smart for the purchase and full implementation of Smart SOS Dispatch solution are the City of Bacoor in Cavite, and the province of Ilocos Norte.

Smart SOS Dispatch PLDT Bacoor Lani Mercado

The Smart SOS Dispatch comes at an exclusive package for LGUs at only P3,500 per month for each device. This comes with a ruggedized Android Device, Genaker PTT and NowForce applications, Unlimited Calling Circle and allocated SMS for all networks for 30 months.

To know more about the Smart SOS Dispatch and other products and services by PLDT Enterprise, please contact your PLDT Relationship Manager, or visit or

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