Pizza Hut’s Revamped Website Makes Ordering Easy!

Last week, Pizza Hut introduced their new, revamped website, and I was fortunate to be invited to the event at The Oasis in Gateway Mall.

Why order online? Pizza Hut has some online exclusive freebies, like free pizzas, etc… if you order online! Check out the Coupons available when you visit the site.


They had us try ordering online at You can access it on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and the website’s pretty quick!


Sign up and log in!


You are asked if you want to have your order delivered or if it’s for pick-up.


I chose to have it delivered, and the next screen asked for my address. I suggest going to your account settings and saving your address. I’ve tried this website several times and I experienced some glitches where the whole process would just reset. It’s annoying to have to keep typing your address if this happens. You need to select the City first, then based on the city you choose, it will load the street names. This is actually the part where it can get glitchy if you do it wrong. So just save your address and then just choose it from a dropdown when it asks if you want to use a Saved Location.


Next, you get to start ordering! There are several categories like Promos, Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Sides, etc…


Let’s say I choose a Promo deal, like the Hot Deals for P499:


After picking Order Now, it asks to confirm payment method and delivery address:


Next, start picking your order! For the first pizza, I chose the Greek Beef Gyro, which was actually quite delicious. I plan to order it again soon 


You also have upgrade choices for your crust:


Continue ordering your second pizza, add-ons (there’s a Skip button below if you don’t want any add-ons), and your soft drinks. I chose a Hawaiian Pizza.


Once you’ve finished ordering, proceed to checkout where it will just confirm your order details. That’s it!


Fresh and hot delivery!

Pizza Hut Delivery

And here’s the Greek Beef Gyro, which was really, really delicious! It’s Mediterranean without being too strongly flavored. Lots of beef. Loved the tomatoes and creamy sauce.

Pizza Hut Greek Beef Gyro

Check out Pizza Hut’s new Flavors of the World pizzas – so far, I really like the Greek Beef Gyro, so I am looking forward to trying the other flavors. Finally, pizza flavors that are beyond the usual!

  • Greek Beef Gyro
  • Singaporean Laksa
  • Mexican Dynamite
  • Italian Bacon Margherita

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