Order Food Directly From the Zomato App!

You can now order food directly from the Zomato app!

Zomato recently announced that they bought a small stake in Quick Delivery, a local food delivery service that has exclusive partnerships with more than 1,200 restaurants.

With Metro Manila traffic the way it is, it is often more practical to have food delivered than to go out to eat, so this is good news!

I played around with the Zomato app (make sure yours has the latest update), and the menu prices seem to be the same as the in-store prices. Delivery charge varies depending on the restaurant. Some restaurants don’t charge a fee if you meet the minimum amount, while some charge a flat fee, and some might charge a bit more if the delivery area is further away.

At the moment, payment is only through Cash on Delivery, however, I have been told that Zomato is working out other payment options to be launched in the future 🙂

Here are some screenshots I took:

Just click on the Order Online option near the bottom:

Zomato Online Ordering Screenshots 1

Set your location. When I manually select location, I had to type in my Barangay number to get it to work, typing something like ‘Manila’ or our street name doesn’t work, so make sure you know your barangay number! 😀

Zomato Online Ordering Screenshots 2

Here’s a list of restaurants that will deliver to your barangay:

Zomato Online Ordering Screenshots 3

Pick your orders from the restaurant’s menu:

Zomato Online Ordering Screenshots 4 Burger Company

Here is the Cart that shows your orders:

Zomato Online Ordering Screenshots 5 Burger Company Cart




Zomato launched their online ordering/food delivery services in India late May 2015, and has already seen exceptional results. Over the past few months, Zomato expanded their online ordering operations to 10 cities within India, and to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE overseas. Its next stop is the Philippines, where it has launched its online ordering services in partnership with Quick Delivery, a leading delivery and takeout service provider in the Philippines.

Quick Delivery is a pioneer in the Philippines food delivery and takeout market, and has exclusive partnerships with over 1,200 restaurants. Leveraging Quick Delivery’s leadership position in the corporate segment, its exclusive restaurant agreements, and a loyal customer base, Zomato is in a position to make a strong entry into the Philippines delivery market.

Zomato is the leading online and mobile restaurant search and discovery platform in the Philippines, offering users detailed information, updated menus, photos, ratings and reviews, and geocoded coordinates for over 16,000 restaurants across Metro Manila, Antipolo, Tagaytay, Laguna, and Cebu. Zomato’s online food ordering feature will make their offering to users even more powerful, allowing them to discover and then order food from their favorite restaurants around Metro Manila.

Since launching its operations in the Philippines in 2013, Zomato has become the go-to website and app for foodies in the nation, with an average of 13 million monthly page views. In addition to making restaurant search and discover easy and engaging, Zomato also allows users to create and share custom Collections of their favourite restaurants, and add reviews and photos of their dining experiences to their Dineline.

With the launch of its online ordering services, Zomato is now the platform that allows millions of foodies to discover restaurants, view updated menus, and quickly place an order online. This seamless integration helps bridge the gap between a restaurant’s physical location and the endless opportunities online operations open up.

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