Nomama – One Peso Ramen Until March 31

Nomama Capitol Commons Piso 1 Peso Ramen

I was very sad to hear that Nomama is closing. We had only dined there once, when Capitol Commons was just barely finished last year. I remember that the ramen was actually pretty good. Service was also very good. We were the only customers seated on the second floor and it was a very good date and we enjoyed our ramen very much.

They will be closing on March 31, and they are offering their junior bowl ramen for only P1.00 when you order a regular-priced ramen.

If you’ve never tried Nomama before, this is your last chance! What I like about Nomama are the non-traditional combinations of toppings for the ramen, but it works!

We’ll make sure to drop by again to have their ramen one last time and savor the memories of our last meal there.

They announced this on their Facebook page:

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and we’d like to give you one token before our doors close this March 31 at Capitol Commons.

Our 1 Peso Ramen.
Order a regular priced bowl and get the junior bowl for just 1 Peso!

Monday to Friday 6318159 for reservations.

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