Muffins on Buy 1 Take 1 at S&R!

SnR Muffins Buy 1 Take 1Do you love muffins? I think they are great for breakfast, merienda, or any snack, really.

Well, muffins are on Buy 1 Take 1 this week at S&R! 4 pcs in a pack for P229.95. At Buy 1 Take 1, that’s P28.75 per muffin!

We like these muffins because they are very moist. They’re really very good and at par with the muffins from the coffee chains. They are also very big! I can’t eat a whole muffin. I usually share half with someone, or slice a muffin in half and eat the rest later.

Here I’m having some Chocolate Pecan muffins with a glass of soymilk! I sliced the muffin in half and then into quarters. Here are 2 quarters of the muffin! Dreamy midnight snack! They were so chocolatey.

SnR Muffins Buy 1 Take 1 Choco Pecan with Milk

I find that reheating them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds makes them more moist vs. heating in an oven toaster. The chocolate ones are good with a glass of cold milk, and the “white” ones are good with butter or cream, ala scones. Haha. Overkill, but I loooove butter and cream.

The flavors in the pack are (one of each): US Blueberry, US Choco Chip, Double Choco Chip, Choco Pecan.

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