Most Convenient Way to Maintain Your Globe Prepaid

Most Convenient Way to Maintain Your Globe PrepaidDo you find yourself frustrated and angry because your prepaid load has been “expired” AGAIN?

I am a Prepaid Globe user. My Globe number is not my main mobile line though. My main line is my Smart Freedom Plan. Actually, I often think about abandoning my Globe number, but the reasons stopping me are 1) it’s a lucky number, and 2) people who use Globe won’t call me if I don’t provide them with a Globe number (for sales inquiries, business networking and the like).

I don’t blame them. I avoid calling people using Globe numbers, too, unless I really have to — I mean, worth-paying-P6.50-per-minute-have-to-talk-to-that-person-important. Almost everyone in my immediate circle is already using Smart (thanks to me!), and friends who are still with Globe also maintain a Sun number (that I can also call using my Smart plan). If I know I will be making long Globe calls that day, then I’ll just subscribe to something like GoUnli25. There’s just no compelling reason for me to go Globe postpaid. And over time, I have noticed less and less people contacting me via my Globe number.

So every 30 days, I have to reload my prepaid Globe account with at least P60.00 to keep it active and to keep it from “eating” any remaining load. Do I hate this? Hell, yes!

Every 30 days, I’d have to go to the neighborhood sari-sari store to buy load just for this. Sometimes, even with the Load Watch reminder, I’d completely forget about it and my load would expire. Sometimes, when I remember, the sari-sari store was already closed, or I didn’t have the time to go out and buy load. Sometimes, instead of just spending P60 to reload, I would be forced to spend at least P100-150 if I reloaded online via online banking. It was just too much of a hassle.

Why P60.00? Globe Load Validity is 30 days for values from P51-P100, and most sari-sari stores don’t accept “butal-butal” load. Also, loading P150 will only give 45 days of load validity, whereas each P60.00 will give 30 days load validity, 2 x P60.00 loads 30 days apart (P120 total amount) will yield 60 days and is much more cost-effective.

Also, I was not very happy about accumulating Globe load that I hardly ever used. When I’ve accumulated enough Globe load, sometimes I would just do a Share-a-Load to my spare prepaid Globe SIM (the one used for mobile internet), and just subscribe to a GoSurf299 that month just to use it up. Sometimes, I would subscribe to some Immortal promo. Other times, I would offer the Share-A-Load to a relative who still uses Globe as their main line.

But I’ve found a way to make it less painful – I USE GCASH.

Why I Use Globe GCash Screenshot

The most important advantage of GCash is that I can reload anytime. GCash Cash In to Self is now free. So I cash in P500 or P1,000, and it should last me a year or more. Although GCash money does not expire, you don’t want to leave too much money in your GCash account – just in case it goes dormant for some reason or other, you don’t want to lose all that money to dormancy fees (see below).

Since GCash money does not expire, that’s where I keep my “load” money. Every time I need to reload, I just do a quick GCash transaction on my mobile phone, and within 2 minutes, I’m done – no need to leave the house or hunt down Globe retailers.

On top of that, when I load via GCash, I also get a small rebate. I can also use GCash to load Smart & Sun accounts, but there’s no rebate. But Sun has their Advanced Charging System where the validity period just keeps adding up, so I’m not too worried about my prepaid Sun account – I can just keep loading P60 worth of load 5 times, and I’m good for the next 6 months.

You can even take it to the extreme – don’t maintain any regular load in your prepaid account at all. Just use your GCash to register to any promo you want to use, except those damned “maintain P1.00 load promos”. This way, no load expires and you don’t have to worry about it.

Registering to GCash is easy:

Dial *143# for FREE using your Globe/TM SIM.
Step 1. Select GCash.
Step 2. Select Register and key in your personal information.

Using GCash has been a big convenience and has made this absurd exercise bearable.

Why do we still have the stupid “expiring” load system? Of course I know why. I kind of wish Globe would come up with something similar to Smart’s Freedom Plan, where we only pay for what we use. Para walang sayang na load. That would make me consider switching. Also, I have to be able to take my lucky number with me should I ever switch from prepaid to postpaid – or else I’m not switching, whatever you do.

Here are the current GCash fees:

Transaction Service Fees
Cash in to self FREE
GCash to load
Pay bills
Check balance
Change MPIN
Send money at an outlet P20 for every P1,000 and any amount in excess
Cash out
Send money (P2P) P10 for every P1,000 and any amount in excess

GCash Dormancy penalties:

Starting June 30, 2013, dormant wallets (GCash wallets without any activity including Balance Inquiry for 2 years) shall be charged P50 GCash every 10th of the month for every month that the wallet remains dormant.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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26 thoughts on “Most Convenient Way to Maintain Your Globe Prepaid

  1. Babyg

    Hello, I have a question. If I have extra and I load again before it’s expiry will my load be accumulated?

    For example, I have 200 pesos unexpired load and I loaded 300. Will my new balance be 500?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello babyg 🙂 if you are talking about regular load, yes, if you have remaining P200 and load P300 before it expires, you will get P500 (the later validity period of the P300 will apply).

  2. Marius de Jess

    I have two questions about Globe prepaid:

    1 I cannot stop whatever I do, even going to the Globe business office and the people there already stopped all Globe initiated transactions of promos, etc., and therefore no more possibility of debiting my load from the part of Globe debiting or deducting department.

    Just yesterday I got the Globe business office to absolutely prevent any transactions of Globe on my cellphone — and they do this even if my cellphone is turned off for weeks on end, but as soon as I turn it on, and inquire for balance, again there are deductions!

    On the way home yesterday, I got the message from Globe about some promo and it has already debited 5 pesos for this terrific favor to me!!!!??? I did not return to Globe, but schedule it for next time; it is already a ritual every 21 days plus or minus, when I would go to Globe business office to complain about missing loads.

    What do you propose as some kind of solution to this problem; the way I see it, Globe is not ever going to stop at all their scam of doing us favors, which we don’t want at all, and already debiting us — even though our cellphone is turned off weeks on end.

    2. Here is the situation, I depleted my prepaid load, but I have not yet reached the expiration date for that load I already depleted:

    (a) I cannot call or text from my cellphone, but can others call or text me on my cellphone? — I am talking in regard to Globe.

    (b) When expiration date has been reached, how long will the sim be still receptive to again admitting load, i.e., when will the sim become totally dead for all purposes whatsoever?

    Thanks for your very informative article.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Marius,

      Thank you for visiting the blog 🙂 I’m so sad to hear about your experience with Globe. That’s just awful 🙁

      This is why I never leave load in my prepaid account. I only load just enough so I can register to the promo I want, and keep the rest of the money in GCash where it never expires and is never “eaten”.

      To answer your question, yes, other people can still call you phone even if your load is expired (or have zero load). You will not be able to make outgoing calls or texts but you will be able to receive calls or texts, just keep your phone on.

      When your prepaid account has zero load for some time, the SIM will become “inactive” and will be dead. I’m not really sure how long it is, it used to be 60 days. Anyway, I found this on the Globe community board:

      Your Globe Prepaid SIM card will expire within two (2) months from first use and any remaining/unconsumed balance will be forfeited. To continue availing of the Prepaid service, you need to reload your Prepaid account within four (4) months from date of expiry. If you do not reload during the four month period from date of expiry, your Globe Prepaid SIM card will be terminated. Terminated Globe Prepaid SIM cards will not be reactivated and mobile phone numbers assigned to such cards cannot be reacquired. You must purchase a new Globe Prepaid SIM Pack to avail of the Prepaid Service. Globe Prepaid SIM Cards and or Globe Prepaid Call & Text cards are not redeemable nor refundable for cash.

      I’ve never heard of the SIM card will expire after 2 months of first use thing. But I think the important info is that you need to reload within 4 months from when you last had zero balance. Globe does send warning texts to tell you that your sim card will be deactivated soon or something, I experienced receiving them. Your phone has to be turned on to receive the notifications, though.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Salvee

    Hi! I have a question… How do you check how much rebate/s yung naaccumulate mo sa pagloload using GCash? I’ve scoured through the menus in the SIM and the #143* but can’t find anything helpful. Wala rin sa Globe website. Thanks 🙂

  4. Mae

    Hi! This is a good read. I’m comtemplating on using GCash due to load expiring on prepaid. However, as I understand, this is useful for reloading purposes only. Since the load we send for personal use will still have applicable expiry. Ex. P60 for 30days.

    Please correct me if im wrong.

    It wouldve been perfect if the load itself does not expire. Since i am a very light user and so the load will just accumulate again if I have to keep reloading every 30days. And it is still subject to expiry. I cant keep a zero balance since I need to be able to use it anytime. If there is a workaround for this, I would surely love to know! 🙂

    Btw, as stated on website, the dormancy period has been shortened to 6mos. Too bad 🙁

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Mae, we have the same problem! 🙂 I am a very light user since I only use my Globe number to call people who use Globe and for them to be able to call me.

      Unfortunately, there is no better alternative. If you need to maintain load, then yes, you have to load at least P60 every month. Make sure to reload before the load expires so it can be CARRIED OVER. Just put a reminder on your phone to do this the day before your load expires. This way, your P60 won’t be wasted and will keep on being carried over to the next month.

      Personally, I maintain a zero balance and then just reload P20 from GCash and subscribe to a GoUnli promo whenever I need to call somebody. It is a hassle, but then I don’t need to do it that often. I just need to be mindful that I need to reload something (any amount, even P2) within 2 months because Globe will tag my number as inactive if I keep it at zero balance for 2 months.

      Depending on my needs, sometimes I register to GoSakto promos on months where I know I will be calling people on Globe a lot. Google “Gosakto bugs”

      It is really a very big hassle but I still haven’t been able to find a better way to maintain a seldom-used Globe prepaid number on the cheap.

  5. Kazzie

    Hi! If i buy load from sari-sari store or get a share-a-load from anyone. Can i send or store that load to GCash just using my phone? So that it won’t be expired. Or i really need to load via Gcash? Thankyou

  6. Dan

    Hello everyone… I have just experienced one of the most dumbed thing anyone can ever go through, allow Globe to ripped oneself of a prepaid load. My mistake though cause I loaded up my Globe using BPI online and supposedly converting it to GCash to pay a DTI online registration. When I found out it will cost me extra 10% to do it I decided to look for other online means of paying DTI. That load was meant to be a trial process thus I only loaded P50 which of course has a validity of only 15 days and was eventually forgotten cause I have a Globe unlimited post paid plan I use for my calls. But I am also faced with the reality of having to maintain my prepaid number although I almost do not use it at all because it is the one registered with my GCash where extra income also comes in. So to make sure my number stays active I load up myself using my GCash with P60, get a rebate of P2.40 then convert back the P50 to GCash plus service fee of P5… in totality I only lost P2.60 in the process with a P5 load remaining in my prepaid number. If ever I again forget to load up in time which I will make sure I won’t, at least I only lose P5… 😉

  7. M30W

    Globe sim expire 120 days from the day your load expire. Just load at least P1 every 4months (or 3months to be safe) to maintain your number

  8. Neil

    Hi! I have a question about maintaining load without the use of GCash, but I’m not sure this will work.
    What if I already have some load on my 1st prepaid number, also it’s about to expire (like 1 day remaining left, and as an example it’s 60 pesos load)

    If I use “Share-A-Load” to pass that 60 peso load to my 2nd prepaid number, will the validity of the load passed on to the 2nd prepaid number still remain “1 day remaining” or the validity will be renewed and become 30 days (because it’s within the range of 50-100pesos for 30 day validity)

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Neil, it’s 30 days validity again 🙂

      That’s what my parents used to do when they were still using Globe prepaid, they would share load to each other before it expired. 🙂

      However, you have to always be aware of your load’s expiration. Medyo hassle. They usually load a P300 card every 2 months or so, and their usage is very low, so they would accumulate almost P1,000 prepaid load in no time. During the times when they forgot to share the load, or forgot to reload before expiration, all that prepaid load of almot P1,000 is gone instantly! 🙁

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      It’s actually an electronic wallet. My primary use for it is to keep money there so I can load my sim anytime. Gcash money doesn’t expire. You can also do other things with gcash like pay bills and buy stuff online 🙂 people can also pay you via gcash.

          1. Mae

            Thanks. This seems like a better alternative than the Autoload Max which I think has lower rebate. The only downside I think is the dormancy fee. Is there a minimum amount we need to maintain for GCash account? I don’t recall reading that info. I plan to just deposit P100 since I don’t think I will consume a lot. This way I can easily load maybe P10 just to keep the account active.

          2. Barat Queen Post author

            Hi, I don’t think there’s a minimum maintaining balance. They will just charge a dormancy fee if the account is inactive for 6 months. I use mine almost every month to load so it’s not a problem for me, but I agree it’s an annoying policy if you’re not a regular user 🙁

  9. Victor


    If it says “No Service” on the signal bar, does that mean my Sim has expired? If so, is there anyway to get your old number back? Thanks 😀

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Try to restart your phone and go to an area with signal. If it’s really “no service” then most likely the SIM is already expired. As far as I know, there’s no way for you to get your old number back.

  10. Prapan

    I like to ask this. I plan to use globe prepaid just for prepaid. For txt, call, internet I mainly use smart prepaid. I used to use globe for those thing before and intensively use for work. But make decisions no more globe for that since globe sim is bloken no more can register for promotion. For 3-sim , and globe shop can not solve my problem. Imagine u change 3time number in a year and how to tell the group of customers…

    Question is:
    What is globe sim expire but still have money left in gcash. How can I do? Lose money in gcash?
    What is best way to keep sim active in order to use only gcash? Continue load to sim 60peso every month like u do?


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