Mister Donut Turns Into Misis Donut for Mother’s Day 2018!

Misis Donut

“Mister Donut, nasaan si Misis Donut?” That’s a common joke people who work at Mister Donut usually hear from customers. 

Mister Donut Turns into Misis Donut to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Well, for Mother’s Day, that question will be answered at last! Misis Donut is here!

Mister Donut is one of those places where busy moms on their way home can quickly pick up an affordable treat for their kids.

Nahanap na si Misis!

“Quite a number of our customers have jokingly asked our crew, ‘Asan ba si Misis Donut?’, and this question has been poking at us for some time now,” quips Ms. Margaret Jose, Marketing Director for Mister Donut. At first, it seemed very trivial. But as the brand looks back at its success, and how it has been part of the Filipino Family through the years, one member really comes to the forefront as the reason for the evident loyalty – Mom. This is how we realized the answer to that very meaningful question. And true enough, she is indeed the MISIS, the nurturing partner of Mister Donut.

Grateful to the No. 1 Woman in our Lives

“For this Mother’s Day, we saw a big opportunity to give thanks to all the mothers. We wanted it to be really unique to our brand, and in a way that is closest to our hearts,” adds Margaret. The donut brand recognizes how the mothers have ultimately been the source of the simplest joys in the family. The small rewarding moments are the ones that matter the most, and they become more special when shared with the number 1 woman in each person’s life.

The Mister Donut team believes that greeting “Happy Mother’s Day” and sharing a box of donuts is a great way to celebrate one of the important days in the year. But as an even more heartfelt gesture of gratitude, the brand changed their signages at selected shops, and decorated their stores to show the name MISIS DONUT.


I recently visited the SM Megamall branch of Mister Donut and took home some of their goodies. Took home some Mother’s Day Belgian Bites as a quick pasalubong for my mom, and got some Throwback Donuts and Caramel Bites and Cheese Bites for the rest of the family.

Mother’s Day Belgian Bites

The Mother’s Day Belgian Bites are P90 for 6 pcs. The Belgian Bites are chocolate donut holes with a chocolate filling, and the whole thing is covered in chocolate, too. They are decorated with a Mother’s Day theme – hearts, the word MOM, etc… They are only available for a limited time, only until Mother’s Day!

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Throwback Donuts and Baked Bites

Mister Donuts made donuts inspired by the chocolates most of us grew up eating – ChocNut, Flat Tops, and Haw Haw. They are P25 each and also have a matching filling.

Here are the ChocNut and Flat Tops donuts:

Mister Donut Throwback Chocnut

Mister Donut Throwback Flat Tops

The Cheese Bites and the Caramel Bites are sweet, dense cake bars that are sort of addictive, and they are only P15 each.

Mister Donut Baked Bites

Mister Donut invites everyone to share the fun, family bonding moments this Mother’s Day over a box of assorted donuts, or indulging in some Belgian Bites. You may also want to cozy up at one of the Mister Donut dine-in branches and let her in on the small achievements you made at work, while savoring her favorite snackwich or pasta. So bring mom along and visit any Mister Donut shop, and make this her best day yet, one that she will surely savor and describe as a moment “na masarap sulit-ultin”.

Mister Donut
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