How to Make Tikoy from Scratch! So Easy!

Angel Wongs Kitchen How to Make Tikoy from Scratch So Easy

photo courtesy of Angel Wong’s Kitchen

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day weekend?

This week is Chinese New Year week, with Chinese New Year’s Eve being on Wednesday, Feb. 18. It’s the time of year for tikoy!

I’ve always wondered how to make tikoy. I knew it must be easy but I just never bothered to learn how it was made since it was so convenient to just buy a box of tikoy, and we always receive tikoy as presents, anyway.

But one of the Youtubers I regularly watch, Angel Wong’s Kitchen, recently posted a video on how to make tikoy at home! It was so easy!

And the best part is – if you make tikoy at home, you know exactly what ingredients you put in the tikoy, and you can adjust the sweetness if you want to. You can also add additional flavors based on what you like – pandan? vanilla? banana? You just need to add a few drops of flavoring. You can also make it into whatever shape or color you want!

Chinese New Year Cake (sweet sticky rice) | 年糕  Niángāo

Here’s the recipe if you want the complete measurements, etc…

If you prefer the white tikoy, I think you just need to use white sugar instead of brown sugar.

I’ve seen those glutinous rice flour bags at the supermarket, so I know they’re available in Manila 🙂

And don’t worry if you don’t have the cooking oil spray. Just put a few drops of oil on a paper towel and wipe the inside of your container to spread the oil around to lightly coat it.

I like watching Angel Wong’s cooking videos. I’ve already tried several of her recipes like her Pumpkin Fried Rice and Baby Bok Choy Garlic Stir Fry. I used a slice of the regular squash that’s available in Manila, and I didn’t make the pumpkin container anymore – I just made the fried rice – but it was very good, and a sneaky way to get people to eat more squash! I’ve made the Baby Bok Choy several times already – it’s really that easy and simple and delicious.

Now that we all know how to make tikoy from scratch, let’s try making some soon!

Advanced Happy Chinese New Year! Good luck, prosperity & blessings to all!

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