How to Use Klook to Save Money When Travelling, Pt. 2 – Dining + Airport Express!

How I Travel With Klook

If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so here. Part 1 talks about what Klook is, how I bought a local SIM card with internet, etc…

Aside from mobile internet and MTR passes, I also bought some dining vouchers.

Note: For the dining vouchers, Klook asks for the date when you will use it, and I used it on the dates I gave. However, I think the vouchers can be used any time within the period and not only during the specified date.


Pacific Coffee is like Starbucks – there’s one in every major area / mall in Hong Kong. I got some vouchers for us to make sure I got my daily caffeine, but the major reason for this was because I needed a place where my dad can sit and wait.

When you’re travelling with seniors, you know they can’t walk very far without needing to sit down and rest. I’ve been to Pacific Coffee before, and it is literally very similar to a Starbucks here in terms of ambience and clientele. I feel safe leaving my dad there to rest while I browse more shops.

Here are the coffees from the vouchers, I paid extra for the cakes.  The cakes were very good.

Pacific Coffee Cakes

In terms of savings, the Klook price was less expensive by maybe P20-40 than buying the coffee at the shop. It was easy to use, all I had to do was show my Klook voucher with the QR Code. Here’s one of the vouchers (screenshot from my phone):

Klook Pacific Coffee


I will be blogging about these restaurants separately.

Nam Kee Noodles is a classic Hong Kong noodle restaurant – it is almost 40 years old! They have expanded and modernized, and it was a nice catch to see them available on Klook!

Yung Kee is the most well-known roast goose restaurant in Hong Kong! It has 4 pages of its menu dedicated to just listing out all the awards it has won. 

  • For Nam Kee, I got 2 vouchers for noodle combo meals.
  • For Yung Kee, I got a HK$500 voucher for dine-in, and another HK$100 voucher for takeaway.

I’m not sure about how much I saved with Nam Kee, I was too tired and hungry at the time. I totally forgot to check the menu prices.

For Yung Kee, I think I saved close to P400 when comparing the Klook voucher price (around P2,900+ vs the HK $500 conversion rate at the time).

Again, the vouchers were easy to use. I just showed the staff my Klook app with the voucher QR codes before we ordered, and they were all aware of what to do. No one argued or fought with us about using the vouchers. Everything was normal.

AIRPORT EXPRESS TRAIN TICKETS – How to Get to Hong Kong International Airport

I bought one-way Airport Express tickets to get us to the airport for when we fly back to Manila. We didn’t need a round trip ticket because we were heading to Shenzhen immediately right after we laded in HK from Manila. If you need a round trip ticket, I’m sure the process will be similar.

The Klook tickets only cost P439 per person (price fluctuates based on exchange rate). Regular price at the ticket counter is HK$100 (about P700), and there’s a 50% discount for children and seniors, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the senior discount on Klook so I just bought an adult ticket for my dad.

Our Klook tickets for the airport express to the airport was so easy to use! There’s no need to print anything.

First of all, there’s a FREE SHUTTLE from the hotel to the Airport Express station. If you live near one of the hotels that are part of the Airport Express Shuttle route, you don’t have to spend for a taxi to take you to the Airport Express station.

There are 2 stations where you can take the Airport Express train to the airport:

  • Hong Kong side – beneath IFC Mall in Central
  • Kowloon side – beneath Elements Mall in West Tsim Sha Tsui

The Holiday Inn Golden Mile, where we stayed, was in Kowloon, and the Kowloon Airport Express Shuttle stops by there every 10-15 minutes.

Airport Express Free Shuttle Kowloon

The Airport Express Shuttle stops by all the major hotels in the area, but eventually, we were dropped off at the Kowloon station.

To get in to the Airport Express in-city check-in, I just had to scan the QR code on my phone. That’s it. So DIY!  There’s no need to go to customer service or to look for Airport Express staff to help you. Also, since both vouchers were on my phone, I had to go in first, and then I would have to physically hand my phone to my dad on the other side of the barrier so he can use it to scan and enter. That was kinda weird, but the old lady Hong Kong staff was helpful and didn’t think we were suspicious for doing this. Note: You need to set the phone brightness to max so the scanner can scan it.


After checking in at the Cathay counter and dropping off our check-in luggage, we had to scan my Klook voucher QR code again to enter the area where we waited for the Airport Express train. It didn’t take long, only a few minutes.

Klook Airport Express Shuttle

The trip from Kowloon station to the Hong Kong International Airport only took 20 minutes!


So, this was my experience using Klook during my trip to Hong Kong! If you’re the type who likes to have things planned out in advance and save some money in the process, you’ll probably enjoy using Klook.

Klook made the trip less stressful – our mobile internet, our unlimited MTR pass, our meals to eat at the restaurants I wanted, and our trip to the airport were all taken care of in advance. Things were seamless. I could go on the trip and enjoy myself knowing I had nothing to worry about.

There was nothing that I needed to print, nothing else I needed to do. All I needed was my phone and the Klook app! I still took screenshots of the vouchers and downloaded the pdfs (if any), just in case, but I never needed them.

The only thing I worried about was making sure my phone had enough battery! Haha. The e-vouchers are useless if my phone is dead. So I needed to take care of my phone and of course, I always brought along a reliable power bank. But that’s it 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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