I Am Done With Grey’s Anatomy #greysanatomy

Greys AnatomyIs anybody else here upset about Derek Shepherd’s recent death on Grey’s Anatomy? Sorry if I spoiled you, but the chances of that are quite low because the internet basically exploded about it yesterday.

Yeah, I know I’m late posting this, but I wasn’t able to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode until last night, and I was busy the whole day yesterday and didn’t check Twitter…

Of course there were hints since a few episodes ago… but I never seriously considered the possibility that Shonda Rhimes would actually kill off Derek Shepherd! Meredith & Derek ARE Grey’s Anatomy. You can’t just kill half of the main duo in an 11-year series. MerDer (Meredith & Derek) are like the fans’ fairy tale couple. Their love story IS the story of Grey’s Anatomy. Killing him is like killing Prince Charming.

Worse than G.R.R. Martin

And that death was just bad. At least Martin killed some of our beloved characters nobly, sort of. Stabbed in the heart, or beheaded by a hated boy king.

But having Derek Shepherd killed by incompetent doctors at a third-rate hospital? He could have survived if they had only done a CT scan, like they were supposed to! And while he’s being treated, he realizes that the doctors are stupid and it’s too late and that he is going to die. He was one of the top neurosurgeons in the US and she made him die from stupid doctors.

And for what? For shock value? Because she was not getting along with the actor?

She could have just written that Derek moved to DC to work with the President, and maintained an off-cam long distance relationship with Meredith, and have him do cameos once or twice a season. If she really wanted to kill him, she could have made him die heroically saving the people he loved – that would have been better than dying alone from incompetent doctors. He deserved a better death than this. This was just spite.

Poor Meredith has lost everybody – her mother, her sister, her best friend, and now her husband. And we all suspect that she will find out that she’s pregnant in the next few episodes, and that she will have a problem with the baby, of course.

And what’s with Meredith deciding to pull the plug without calling any of their friends to have one last goodbye? Not even Derek’s neurosurgeon sister Amelia?

I AM DONE WITH GREY’S ANATOMY. I am not a masochist and I don’t want to watch this show anymore. There’s a line that you do not cross with viewers, and Shonda crossed it.

Yes, it’s just a TV show. It’s supposed to be entertainment. But fans’ feelings are real and they have loved that couple for 11 years. McDreamy’s death was such a disservice to fans and just leaves a bad taste, like a knife in the back.

We watched the show to see their happy ending. And now she’s gone and ruined it. Goodbye.

While I’m at it, I’m going to quit How To Get Away With Murder, too, because after giving them a chance for one season, I still hate all of the characters. Hated all the whiny characters, but stayed to finish the mystery.

I’m still giving Scandal a chance but it’s not as good as it was in Season 1 & 2. If Shonda wanted to kill a main character, then she should have just killed Fitz, the lying, spineless adulterer.

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