Hyatt City of Dreams Full Buffet Review

Hyatt City of Dreams Full Buffet ReviewThe buffet at the Cafe at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila is so sulit! At only P1,188 net, it’s really value for money compared to other hotel buffets.

City of Dreams just officially opened early this month. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila is part of City of Dreams Manila – the newest place to hang out! They are open 24/7, and yes, parking is FREE.

We checked out this new buffet yesterday for lunch. This is the full buffet service. The spread was really good and you’ll find yourself thinking that what you get is really worth more than the buffet price!

This buffet is also open 24/7 – so whenever a craving strikes, you have a place to go! The list of times and prices is shown at the end of the post.

The restaurant is located inside the ground floor casino area of City of Dreams.

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Quality over Quantity

What’s different about this buffet? I feel like the chefs actually care about the food they serve. If you’ve gone to as many buffets as I have, you’ll learn to sense these things. Here at the Hyatt Cafe, I felt that the chefs and staff were really involved with their food, and were really happy to serve their food – this is why they were willing to try different and exciting new dishes. Pride. That’s the word – they had pride in the food they served.

There are several food stations available – Italian, Grill & Griddle, Japanese / Salads / Fruits / Cured Meats and Cheeses,  Asian / Noodles & Dimsum, Fried Foods and Dessert. That may not sound like a lot compared to other hotel buffets, but I like that I was not overwhelmed by the food choices. It makes trying everything that looks good very doable. Also, the fewer food choices means that the chefs can concentrate on making each dish very well. What I really like about this buffet is that they serve food that is different from the generic dishes that the other buffets usually serve. My gourmet sensibilities were very happy with the food that was being served – I mean, look at these choices of sauces, spreads and condiments!

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Sauces

Wasabi Mayo, Tonkatsu, Sesame Mayo

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Flavored Butter

Flavored Butters: Pesto, Raisin, Black Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes

There was another group of sauces I missed taking a picture of — this had tartar sauce, remoulade, and garlic aioli. Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Pasta Station The Italian section has a pasta station where you can order your pasta a la minute. This means they cook the pasta or risotto only when you order one – you can choose your sauce and ask them to cook it the way you like it — tomato sauce? cream sauce? add more cheese? add more olives? no olives? Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Pizza Lasagna That day, they also had salmon lasagna, meatlover’s pie and pizza. I really liked the truffle parmesan pizza! I went back for that because it was really good especially just out of the oven. The salmon lasagna was creamy and delicious! Meat lovers will definitely like the meatlover’s pizza – imagine meatlover’s pizza toppings concentrated into one dish!

At their Grill & Griddle section, we find grilled meats, okonomiyaki and teppanyaki noodles! Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Grilled Meats Roast Beef Lamb Shoulder Yorkshire Pudding Their Roast Beef Rib was really super tender! The beef really shines! How tender? My senior citizen companion, who is really picky about tough meat, went back for the roast beef maybe 5 times! And they served Yorkshire Pudding with the roast beef (yorkshire puddings are the brown breads on the left). Now, that’s something. I haven’t seen another buffet around here that served Yorkshire pudding. I’ve heard of Yorkshire pudding, but have never actually had one. I was so excited to finally try one! Here’s what the yorkshire pudding looks like inside: Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Grilled Meats Roast Beef Lamb Shoulder Yorkshire Pudding Close up It’s like a cross between a bread roll and puto – it’s moist and chewy inside, the “skin” is kind of makunat though.

Other grilled meats are also available – there’s grilled fish, grilled pork neck, lamb, etc… They were all amazingly tender and tasty – just perfectly grilled.

This okonomiyaki was also quite delicious – I went back for it!

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Japanese Okonomiyaki Review

Deli – Feast on prosciutto, iberico ham, and various cheeses! They have manchego cheese, too! Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Cheeses Manchego ProsciuttoHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Prosciutto Iberico Salami Ham Here are salads and fruits. I liked the tofu prawn salad. Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review SaladsHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Fruits Here is some fresh seafood: Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Fresh Seafood And here is the Japanese section – they have natto, edamame, umeboshi and other things you won’t typically find in other buffets! I was very curious to try the unfamiliar dishes. The flavors here are very bright and clean! They were just such good combinations of sweet, a hint of sour, and slightly salty.Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Japanese Natto Sashimi SushiHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Japanese Umeboshi OdenHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Japanese Tamago Hirashi More Asian Food

Here is the Chinese food. Notice that the dishes are small – this is because they cook one batch at a time. This ensures that the food is always freshly cooked and hot off the wok! Don’t worry, they replenish quickly. Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Chinese FoodHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Chinese DishesHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Chinese Roast MeatsHere is some raw dimsum waiting to be steamed. Again, the dimsum is not pre-steamed. They will steam it for you when you order. How is that for really fresh dimsum? Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dimsum Raw Siomai There’s also a Noodles section:Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Noodles Soup Here is the Fried Food section – they also have tempura, which I missed taking a picture of: Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Fried Foods Calamari Schnitzel Truffle Potatoes Sour Cream Fried Chicken And to cap it all off, here is the Dessert section! Cookies, dried fruits, chocolate fountains, a halo-halo station, a crepe station, creme brulees, and various cakes! There were so many desserts that I really had to force myself to choose which ones I could feasibly consume.Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Chocolate FountainHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Halo Halo Have crepes the way you want them! Soft-serve ice cream is also available! Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Crepe Soft Serve Ice Cream Station This calamansi tart was quite good! I was torn between getting the calamansi or the chocolate tart, but ended up choosing calamansi just because it was more different than the usual.Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Chocolate Calamansi Tart Get a load of these cakes! There are so many too choose from! Yes, you can ask for any of these cakes! They are all included in the buffet.Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Cakes This strawberry creme brulee was extremely good and creamy! Don’t forget to ask the attending chef to make your creme brulee topping! They also have an ube creme brulee. Here’s a video to make you crave some sugar 🙂 Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dessert Strawberry Creme Brulee

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The truffle parmesan pizza was really quite good. It’s not often that truffle anything is served at buffets. I also found their pumpkin soup really delicious! It was very smoooth and soooo buttery!

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Truffle Parmesan Pizza Meatlovers Pie Salmon LasagnaHyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Pumpkin Soup

There were so many new things to try but I was just too full!

The flavors of the food are fresh, light and clean – even the creamy foods don’t feel heavy. Good, fresh ingredients make good food. The fact that the food is always “just cooked” ensures that you get the dish at its peak!

The highlights were of course, the wonderful roasted & grilled meats and fish! I’m not kidding. Next time, I’m going to concentrate on the roasts & grilled meats. Just looking at the pictures is mouthwatering.Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Roast Meats

I regretted not being able to try the pasta a la minute – I was just too full. I definitely will get some pasta next time, I’m thinking something creamy with truffles and parmesan.

The Japanese fare is also a must-try because the dishes are different and new.

Also try out the sauces, dips and spreads that are not easily available to you – try something different!

And for dessert, don’t miss the creme brulee!

Truly, my regrets for this buffet are that I was not able to try everything I wanted and go back for more.

The dining area also looks really nice, right? I like how spacious it is, and the decor is really nice too. I just totally love their salt & pepper mills – they are so cute and remind me of chess pawns.

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Dining Area Ambience Interior Design

AND, they have their own washrooms at the back! No need to walk out of the restaurant to the casino area if you need to go to the washroom.

The buffet is really good value. Check out their affordable prices!

Hyatt City of Dreams Buffet Review Price List
Breakfast (Mon-Fri) – 6am – 10:30am – P1,088
Breakfast (Sat-Sun) – 6am – 11am – P1,088
Lunch (Mon-Wed) – 11:30am – 2:30pm – P1,188
Lunch (Thu-Sat) – 11:30am – 2:30pm – P1,288
Dinner (Mon-Wed) – 5:30pm – 11pm – P1,688
Dinner (Thu-Sun) – 5:30pm – 11pm – P1,888
Overnight (Daily) – 11:30pm – 4:30am – P788
Hyatt’s Sunday Lunch – 11:30am – 3:00pm – P1,888

These are the updated prices as of Feb. 16, 2015.

Coffee and tea is already included with the regular buffet.

Prices are in NET – meaning it already includes taxes and other charges.

How to get to City of Dreams

There are shuttles to City of Dreams from these places: SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM Aura, SM Cubao, SM BF Paranaque, NAIA Terminal 1 & 2, and Strata Gold Building in Ongpin. There are shuttles every 30 minutes or every hour, depending on the location.

UPDATED (May 28, 2015):

The City of Dreams Manila shuttle service, Dreams In Motion is taking you to the city of gold for FREE!

The Dreams In Motion shuttle service is open to all City of Dreams Manila guests (no membership ID required) with pick-up points around the metro.

View drop-off & pickup points via Google Maps:

Click here for the full list of the shuttle schedules.

The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Tel. No. 800-8080
ASEAN Avenue Cor. Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, Paranaque

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  1. Foodie

    Hi! I would like to ask if the buffet menu they have for day time is the same for the one they have in their midnight buffet? 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Foodie! Thanks for visiting.

      No, the midnight buffet has less food – it’s mostly noodles, a few dimsum, rice, quick Asian stir-fry dishes. I have a post on the midnight buffet – the food is basically the same as what I posted but they added a few more dishes because they increased their price to P788.

  2. Roni

    Hi, do we need to reserve? Or are walk-ins accepted?
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      Thanks for visiting my blog! They accept walk-ins but it’s always better to reserve to make sure you have seats. If you walk in, you take the chance that the restaurant may be full and they might not have a table available for you. I was told weekends, especially Sundays, are very busy.

      Hope that helps!

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