Yassi & Bela’s Birthday + Greenwich’s New Text “G” for Delivery

Greenwich Yassi Bela Birthday

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? I happen to love them! I love the burst of sweetness that pineapples bring to a bite of pizza, amidst all the salty ingredients like cheeses, hams, and sausages.

Isn’t it just the perfect summer pizza? The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza is sure to keep the sun-kissed feeling alive. It is loaded with sweet pineapples, premium cheeses, and topped generously with ham and bacon.


Yesterday, Greenwich threw a tropical-inspired birthday bash for May birthday girls Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla. Some of their die-hard fans were also invited. Fellow Greenwich barkada endorsers Robi Domingo and JC Santos hosted the party.

Greenwich Yassi Pressman Bela Padilla Birthday

They also played some fun games to find out how much Yassi and Bela know each other. There were also games for the fans – there was a trivia game to see how well fans know the birthday girls and their careers, and there was even a dance contest. It was a pretty fun birthday party, and the fans seemed really excited and happy.

I loved how they decorated the room to evoke an island luau! It’s inspiring me to do something similar one day soon.

Bela sang some Coldplay, and Yassi taught us how to dance some hula.


Of course, we know the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza is going to make an appearance! If you love pineapple on pizza, this one has the most pineapples I have seen on a pizza 🙂

Greenwich Yassi Bela Birthday Hawaiian Overload

Greenwich Yassi Bela Birthday Hawaiian Overload Pizza


Do you sometimes want to order from Greenwich but you don’t have access to a landline and you don’t want to spend your free minutes / prepaid load to call? Or maybe you happen to only be registered to a text plan. Fret not, because Greenwich has this new “Text G” option for delivery.

All you need to do is to text “G” to the numbers below, and someone from Greenwich will call you back to take your delivery orders!

  • Smart – 0919-88-55555
  • Globe – 0905-88-55555

Save these numbers on your phone!

If you don’t have access to a landline, you can still order from Greenwich because they’ll call you! This is so useful and I wish I had this option before. One time I wanted to order some pizza when we were at the hospital, and there was a charge for outside calls, and I wasn’t sure if calling #55555 would use up regular load or be included in my free minutes. I ended up trying to order online instead, but this would have been so much easier than having to go through online account registration, etc…

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