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Golden Chicken House Review

Golden Chicken House is that unassuming red & yellow restaurant along N. Domingo St. in San Juan. A day before my birthday, I got a sweet surprise from them – a full lunch delivered to the house!

I was so excited to try out their food. I’ve seen Golden Chicken House whenever I pass N. Domingo, can’t miss the big sign! But I’ve never really tried it before.

So we got some Pork Barbecue, their famous Butter Chicken, Lomi and Tokwa Sili Beef. The food was still quite hot when it arrived!

What really shocked me when I checked it out were the prices!

The Pork BBQ (5 sticks) is only P100 per order. The pork barbecue were meaty (almost no fat pieces), and the pork was tender and the flavor is pasok na pasok and very malasa. I had to use Tagalog words to describe it because the English words “strong” and “intense” seem negative, when the pork barbecue were actually very, very good for the price.

Golden Chicken House Review BBQ Pork Barbecue

The Lomi is only P86. Unbelievable. Where can you find a good order of Lomi for only P86? And the size of the order is good for maybe 4-5 individual soup bowls. This lomi is fresh, and it also has some meat balls and some vegetables. It seemed a little too bland to me (lack of salt), but I assume that this is on purpose because some people might prefer a non-salty lomi. Anyway, you can always add soy sauce to suit your taste 

Golden Chicken House Review Lomi

The 1/2 Butter Chicken is P150 (5 pcs chicken). The breading was crunchy and the chicken was juicy, but the bulk of the flavor comes from the sauce. The sauce is a sweet, tangy (with some hoisin?), slightly sour, soy sauce concoction. I’m actually more interested in trying the Pineapple-Honey Fried Chicken next time.

Golden Chicken House Review Butter Chicken

The Tokwa Sili Beef is only P83. This is actually my favorite dish of this meal. How did they come up with this dish? I love fried tofu. Check. I love beef cooked Chinese-style (like for Beef Hofan, or Beef in Oyster Sauce, etc…). It has green peppers. I LOVE THIS DISH. It’s definitely a new favorite! The beef is tender/tenderized, the fried tofu soaks up all the beefy soy sauce, the green peppers & black pepper provide heat but it’s not very hot. Not for me, anyway. For me, the heat was just mild but just right. At P83 per order, it is definitely on my must-order-always list.

Golden Chicken House Review Tokwa Sili Beef

Golden Chicken House Review Tokwa Sili Beef 2

They deliver even if you are located a bit far away. But the main reason I am gushing about them is because in all honesty, their prices are insanely affordable for really good food. The food is simple, unpretentious fare, and just plain comfort food to me. If you live within reasonable proximity, please give them a try. I have already posted their menu on the fridge for easy reference when we’re too lazy to cook dinner! I really think it’s possible to feed 4-5 people a complete & filling meal for less than P500 with Golden Chicken House – cook your own rice, of course!  I’m thinking an order of Half Chicken (pineapple-honey, P150), Tokwa Sili Beef (P83), Beef Eggplant (P86), Maki Pork Gawgaw Soup (P78), Pork BBQ (P100) for a GRAND TOTAL OF P497! Anyway, if you’re really not even feeling up to cooking rice, you can order rice, too.

UPDATE 7/25/2015: We ordered from Golden Chicken House again last night and the Pineapple-Honey Fried Chicken is now our favorite chicken for delivery! Sorry, no pics because we were so hungry nobody waited for me to take pictures, but it’s this. It reminds me of Terry’s and Savory Chicken. Don’t forget to put some sauce on the chicken! The chicken is very juicy. I didn’t really notice the pineapple and honey flavors because I was too busy eating, but trust me, this chicken is good! But with the sauce, it becomes perfect.


And if all that above wasn’t enough reason for you to support Golden Chicken House, did you know that the profits from Golden Chicken House go toward funding the Golden Fire & Rescue Volunteer Unit?

Golden Chicken House started in 1983 doing food deliveries and take-outs. When the owner’s house and store almost caught fire, he realized he also wanted to help others by saving lives and property and joined the fire volunteers. When he was able to save enough to purchase his own fire truck, he established the Golden Fire & Rescue Volunteer Unit. They now have 2 fire trucks and a fire station! The funding for these come from Golden Chicken House.

So every time someone dines at Golden Chicken House, not only do they get delicious food at affordable prices, they also support the Golden Fire & Rescue volunteer firefighters.

If you have kids (or even grown ups who are interested), you can take them to visit the restaurant AND TAKE A TOUR OF THE FIRE STATION! 


Golden Chicken House serves good, affordable Chinese food. For the prices they charge, I find their dishes really sulit. The food is simple fare but delicious and flavorful. I predict it’s going to be one of our go-to places to order from when we’re too lazy to cook, or want a good meal quick, but on a budget.

On top of all that, every order you make also goes towards supporting volunteer firefighters, too!

They also accept packed-lunch orders for parties, etc… Please give them a try!

Golden Chicken House MenuGolden Chicken House Menu 2

Golden Chicken House and Chinese Food Center
#163 N. Domingo St., San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel. # 726-0760 724-7752 724-6874 668-4088 463-1456 463-1457
Mobile: (0922) 8781818
OPEN: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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