Get Organized for the New Year With Me! : Superstitions

Things to Do for the New Year + Superstitions

We all have our own superstitions and hocus pocus regarding the new year. But generally, here in Manila, these are the ones that we need to do before the New Year:

  • Trim your nails – it’s bad luck to cut anything once the new year rolls in, it’s like cutting off your New Year luck – apparently, luck restarts every year – so you can’t trim your nails until, oh, the third week of January? While you’re at it, why not get a mani / pedi in a lucky red hue?
  • Get a haircut – same thing as above. Greet the new year looking nice!
  • Deep-clean your house – no sweeping anything right after the New Year! It’s like sweeping away your good luck! See explanation above.
  • Buy new underwear to wear on New Year’s Eve – preferably buy underwear with red polka dots.
  • Buy something new to wear on New Year’s Eve (shirt, dress, etc…) – again, preferably of the red polka dot variety.
  • Buy round fruits like kiat kiat, ponkan, oranges, grapes, melons, watermelons, etc… – they are lucky!
  • Buy your preferred anting-anting (good luck charm) this can be a good luck figurine, a good luck necklace, lucky charm, etc…
  • Check for broken things and repair them if you can. Otherwise, toss them. Having broken things around is bad feng shui.
  • Check your closet:
    • throw out old ratty underwear; buy new ones if needed
    • repair clothes that need it – sew back missing buttons, adjust hems, etc…
    • worn-out clothes, old towels, sheets, blankets:
      • do you want to use them as pambahay (house clothes)? some old shirts are incredibly comfortable;
      • you can cut them up and use them as rags
      • give away or donate if they are still usable
      • buy new stuff to replace those that you tossed, if needed
    • stuff you don’t want anymore – give away, donate to charity
  • Have clean sheets and blankets ready (this is not superstition, but it’s just me) – New Year’s Eve in Manila is not New Year’s Eve without everyone and his grandmother lighting up firecrackers. After the smog has settled, I change the sheets. It doesn’t matter how much you try to keep the firecracker dust away, they always find a way in.

Have you finished your New Year prep?

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