Free 6-month VIP Membership to Munchpunch

Munchpunch Sbarro Stromboli Free VIP Membership

Get a FREE VIP Membership to Munchpunch!

Use the special pass “sbarrovip” to get your free VIP membership.

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With the VIP Membership, you can get the Sbarro Stromboli Set for only P163 instead of P202!

Here I upgraded my regular, free Munchpunch account with the special pass sbarrovip, and wow, was I surprised when I saw that my VIP membership was extended until May 21, 2015! That’s 6 months!!!

Munchpunch Sbarro Stromboli Free VIP Membership

Take a look! My VIP Membership was extended to May 21, 2015! I covered my name in pink for privacy reasons!

Why am I so excited about Munchpunch’s VIP Membership?

They have many dining deals! It’s how I discovered my favorite cupcake place, The Royal Touch, at SM Aura. Last year, they had a Munchpunch promo where you could get a cupcake and a cup of coffee for only P75! Other cupcake places leave me thinking like I could bake better, but I am so glad I came across The Royal Touch cupcakes. Their Red Velvet Cupcake is the absolutest best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life. I bake, so I’m picky with cakes and cupcakes, but it’s proof of how good their Red Velvet cupcake is when I say I don’t think I could bake better. I’ll be sure to post about The Royal Touch next time I’m in their neighborhood.

To take advantage of your free Munchpunch VIP Membership, go to their VIP website, sign up and browse through the different restaurant offerings. Some restaurant items are usually offered at discounted prices, or Buy 1 Take 1, or they give something for free if you order something. If something there interests you, click on it to read more details about the discount.

If you plan to go, click on GET THE CODE. You will get a text message with the promo code. So make sure you put the correct cellphone number when you sign up.

Munchpunch Chez Karine VIP Code

All you need to do is to go to the restaurant and show them the original text message with the promo code, and they will let you avail of the promo. Take note that the promos have validity periods, so just make sure that you use your promo within the promo period.

Here are some of the MunchPunch promos that look interesting:


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