Earn 2x Stars on your Starbucks Card tomorrow!

Starbucks Card Earn Double Stars Dec 4 2014
Starbucks is celebrating its 17th anniversary!

Earn Double the Stars when you purchase a handcrafted beverage, 250g of whole beans, or a 12-pack VIA ready brew.

Only on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014!

So, are you planning to go? I’m so excited, I’ve actually scheduled a trip in my planner! Time to get closer to completing my Starbucks Planner stickers as well as earning those stars!

I don’t think they will be doing a double your sticker (the promo is only for doubling the stars you earn from your Starbucks card), but I’m hoping for a surprise!

Every 12 beverage stars gets you a free Starbucks coffee of your choice! Here is why you should use a Starbucks Card when at Starbucks!

They also have another ongoing promo for their Starbucks Reversible Tote Bag and 20% OFF their Christmas merchandise.

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