Detail Makeover Buy 1 Take 1 Haul + Review

Detail Makeover Matte Eyeliner Haul

I first heard about the local brand Detail Makeover a few weeks ago while searching for a nice contour palette. From what I gathered, it was started by a local beauty blogger with Cosmetix Unlimited, the company that also imports the brands Sleek Makeup and Makeup Revolution.

Detail Makeover is also sold in, so I feel more confident that the product is safe, despite the super affordable prices.


While looking at reviews for contour palettes, I came across some beauty bloggers & YouTubers who talked about the good quality of Detail Makeover’s products, and they also raved about the very affordable prices.

At first, I already had my heart set on getting an e.l.f. contour palette, but they are so difficult to find here, and I didn’t want to risk getting a fake from online sellers. After a few attempts at trying to purchase the e.l.f. contour palette from e.l.f. online, seeing that they don’t ship to the Philippines, looking for workarounds and seeing how expensive it was to ship to the Philippines, I gave up. I’m just going to wait for a few months until relatives fly back from the US, and a few months before that, buy during e.l.f. sales, have it shipped to my relative’s address, and ask them to bring it to the Philippines.

In the meantime, the Detail Makeover brand piqued my curiosity. At the time, the contour palette was on promo for only P299! It already included 6 pots: 2 contour shades, a bronzer, a highlighter, a pink blush and a coral blush. All the reviewers were raving about the good pigmentation of the powders.

I read a few more reviews about the brand and found out that they also had liquid lipsticks! I am not a makeup junkie, but I do sometimes like to make an effort to look nice. Anyway, there’s this brand called Colourpop that the beauty gurus I follow are all raving about. Colourpop is known for liquid lipsticks that they say last forever on the lips, and they come in many, different, fun colors, and their Ultra Matte Lips are the thing!

They are $6 in the US but are being sold here by online sellers for P450 – P500 each. This is my same problem with e.l.f. where their $1 products are being sold for P130.00 here. Yes, I understand all about shipping costs, customs, etc… but I know that I am overpaying almost double the original price, and that really makes me not want to buy them at all, unless I don’t have any other choice and I really, really need the product.

If the price here in the Philippines was kind of close to the original price, like, maybe just 5% or 10% higher, I would probably still buy it. But beyond that, I feel like I am being cheated already. For the e.l.f. products, they are made in China, and I just think, China is way closer to the Philippines! Dapat nga mas mura siya eh!  They should just ship it here directly instead of the products going to the US and coming back to Asia.

Anyway, back on topic. Detail Makeover has liquid lipsticks! Since I don’t have any Colourpop, I can’t compare, but the other bloggers have said that it’s a very similar product. Every time I go to the mall, I try to look for Detail Makeover, but they’re not available at SM department stores and Watson’s. I’ve been checking their FB page on and off, and last week, I saw that they had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on everything! The contour palette was P499, Buy 1 Take 1! I figure I could share it with someone, or give the 2nd one as a gift.

Now I really had to make an effort to find a Detail Makeover branch. Since I was going to watch Le Grand Cirque in Cubao, I made it a point to look for the Detail Makeover branch in Farmers Plaza. It’s on the 3rd floor, in the middle. They also have branches in most Robinsons Malls.

Unfortunately, the Contour Palette was already out of stock! 

But most of the Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks were on Buy 1 Take 1. Two for P225! I took my time testing each color to see how it looks on me. The bloggers were right! This lipstick won’t budge. I had to remove the lipstick with baby oil and a lot of effort.

I ended up buying 6 Matte in Detail lipsticks (6 pcs for only P675)! I also bought 2 eyebrow eyeliner duo pens (2 for P199) and 2 Mineral Pressed Powder compacts (2 for P199).

These are the shades I got:

Detail Makeover Matte Lipsticks Haul - Loth, Jhen, Rhea, Fhaye, Femmy, Mitchiko

Here are the swatches with flash (unedited photo, except for cropping):

Matte in Detail Makeover Liquid Lipsticks Swatches

Without flash:

Matte in Detail Makeover Liquid Lipsticks Swatches No Flash

Here are the swatches of the powder and pens:

Detail Makeover Eyebrow Pen Duo Eyeliner Mineral Pressed Powder Light Swatches


The Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks are transfer-proof! After applying a solid, thin layer (you have to be quick and finish applying before it dries) and letting it set, I can drink water, coffee, etc… without seeing any lipstick on my coffee cup!

It used to be a bit of a problem for me, that every time I started to drink something with lipstick on, the lipstick will inevitably transfer to the glass! And after drinking my coffee, even without looking in the mirror, I am pretty sure that my lipstick was gone. But not with Matte in Detail!

I was so happy to score these lipsticks for only P112.50 each! They are transfer-proof, kiss-proof, and they don’t budge unless I eat oily food.

They don’t sting at all. They smell fruity, like a melon? A bit bubblegummy.

It does not feel heavy on the lips. I would forget that I had lipstick on my lips except that my lips would slightly stick together when I press them together. I did not feel that the lipstick was drying, but my friend S felt that they were drying for her lips.

As for the colors – the colors don’t change. What you see in the bottle is the exact shade you will get. The shades go slightly darker when they dry matte. Even after several hours on my lips, the color is still the same. It does not go lighter or darker or fade. And yes, I got it for 2 for P225!

It takes a bit of practice to apply it correctly – you must apply a thin, even layer – no thick spots! Think of it like lip paint.

My only problem was, after eating, I am left with an outline of color on the outer part of my lip where the lipstick has not moved at all, while the inner parts of my lip are bare because I probably ate the lipstick with my food. It does not look nice especially when wearing a dark lip! I just have to remember to wipe off the remaining lipstick with oily tissue while eating so I don’t have scary clown mouth. Some women just have that skill to eat without ruining their lipstick. I just can’t do it and enjoy my meal at the same time.

This doesn’t happen to me when using regular lipstick because I think it gets eaten with the food, or I inadvertently wipe it off while wiping my mouth during the meal. Or I just use lip tints instead.

Overall, I am very happy with my Detail makeup haul. The Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks are worth getting, especially if you can still score them on Buy 1 Take 1! The Loth is a wearable brown, the Jhen is pretty for everyday use, Rhea reminds me of Kylie Jenner, Fhaye is nice for Christmas parties, Femmy is also very festive (my favorite shade), while Mitchiko makes me look like a doll (the salesladies call it Barbie lips).

I just tested the eyebrow pen, eyeliner and powder while writing this blog. So far, the powder was able to absorb the whole afternoon’s worth of oil from my bare face and keep it looking presentable. That was a lot of oil, so I’m impressed! It’s been almost 2 hours, still looking good.

I expected better from the eyeliner pen. The swatches look good on my hand, but when I applied it on to my oily eyelid, barely any color was showing up – it’s very faded.

The eyebrow pen is okay, but  you need to use another brush or something to help blend it out to look more natural. Also, apply with a light hand, the color is pigmented.

I like this brand because they seem to be in step with international makeup trends while being super affordable. They already offer contour palettes and transfer-proof liquid lipsticks while other local brands still don’t have any contouring product at all. I like their price point –  the friendly prices make it so easy to pick up something, experiment with it, and not feel too bad if I am not able to use it up. I also like that I now have 6 more lip color choices than before without breaking the bank!

I hope this post introduced you a new, affordable makeup brand!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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