Despicable Me Minions at Mister Donut!

Mister Donut Minions Despicable Me

Love the minions? Get them now at Mister Donut!

These cute, silly, wide-eyed, odd and endearing characters have banana’d their way to worldwide popularity since we first saw them in the first Despicable Me movie.

Mister Donut has partnered with the makers of Despicable Me to bring the minions to us via donuts! 


The minion-inspired kiddie donuts come in three different flavors:

  • Banana Bavarian
  • Classic Bavarian
  • Chocolate Bavarian

They feature the faces of 3 Despicable Me Minions with varying expressions that are sure to delight minion fans! They come served in a specially designed Despicable Me box. The yellow-colored tasty delights come in 10’s at only P100 per box.

MD Despicable Me_Donuts


Mister Donut has also created the Despicable Me Smidgets – yellow-colored donut balls with, you guessed it, BANANA filling! If you’ve ever seen any Despicable Me movie, you’d know that the minions are obsessed with bananas.  The Despicable Me Smidgets are served in a Despicable Me Smidgets box of 30’s for only P150.

MD Despicable Me_Smidgets

They are available now at all Mister Donut branches nationwide. These are only available for a limited time so get yours soon! I’ll be visiting Mister Donut next week to try these minions at Mister Donut! 

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