Buy 1 Take 1 Alert: The Face Shop Brow Products

The Face Shop Brows Buy 1 Take 1

I saw Rowena of Animetric post the Buy 1 Take 1 on FB, so yesterday, when I had the chance, I headed over to The Face Shop and hoarded!


Eyebrow products are on Buy 1 Take 1 at The Face Shop from Sept. 1-15, 2018!

The Face Shop Brows Buy 1 Take 1

I was swatching the testers, and the testers were really dry. But since Rowena said that they were good, I took the chance and bought 3 sets (total of 6). I asked, and they said that the products don’t expire until 2021 🙂 It’s nice to know that these sale items are relatively new and not close to expiration, right?

The shades I got were Dark Brown & Dark Gray for the retractable eyebrow pencil with spoolie on the other end (price is P225 for 2 pencils). The regular pencils that you need to sharpen are only P150 for 2, I got shade 02 Black Brown.

The Face Shop Brows Buy 1 Take 1

If you want to buy different types of brow products that are also included in the promo, you can (for example, one retractable + 1 regular pencil). What they will do is give you 50% OFF. I like this method better than making you pay for the higher-priced item 🙂

Other brow products that are included in the Buy 1 Take 1 promo are brow powders, brow mascara (unfortunately, they only had light colors left), and other brow pencils.

This cushion is also on Buy 1 Take 1 until Sept. 15, too.

The Face Shop Cushion Buy 1 Take 1


I tried the retractable today, and unlike the testers at the store, the pencil went on my brows very smoothly. It glides on my brows, very easy to apply, but does not feel like the stick will break off. Gets ko na why it’s a fave. Color is deposited evenly but not harshly, brows look soft and natural. The colors are not too strong, so you don’t need to make an effort to blend them out.


Staying power is good, but I always go over my brows with some brow powder, anyway.

I haven’t opened the regular pencil one yet, but generally, the regular brow pencils are more sulit because the amount of product you get is as long as the pencil, whereas for the retractable, the product is only around 1 1/2 inches long. However, an advantage of the retractable is that you never have to sharpen it, and, there’s a spoolie at the end, so it’s a very convenient item for on-the-go touch ups or for travel.

For me, sulit na siya because of the Buy 1 Take 1. So the retractable is P112 each nalang, almost same price na as the cheaper brands. But the cheaper eyebrow pencils are not as smooth. So, eto na, diba! 🙂

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