BonChon Serves Up New K-tastic Dishes!

BonChon New KStyle Dishes

We all know BonChon as the place to get our Korean-style fried chicken fix ever since they arrived in the Philippines in 2010.

Even after seven years, BonChon still continues to deliver K-tastic  Korean-style food adventures! Earlier today, BonChon launched their latest K-tastic dishes at their Ayala Malls The 30th branch!

It was Korea fever!

Here’s our host, Jay Kim, showing us some Koreanovelas:
BonChon Host Jay Kim


We got to try some of BonChon’s new K-Style dishes.

Of course, we started off with BonChon’s classic Soy Garlic Chicken Wings. The coating is crunchy, and the chicken meat tender and white. I do wish there’s an option for extra soy garlic sauce 😀

BonChon Soy Garlic Chicken Wings

Next, we had the GangnamBao (P89), which was served with some fries. You can choose to have the bao (siopao bread) steamed or fried. I had the fried bao. Sandwiched between the slices of bao was a crunchy chicken fillet, some julienned cabbage, and BonChon’s best-selling soy-garlic glaze.

BonChon GangnamBao

Then we had the Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup (P65, add on P49), a hot and spicy snack perfect for the cold, rainy days we’ve been having lately. In terms of spiciness, I would call it a medium, which I think most people can tolerate. I liked the special spicy seafood broth! What a great way to chase away colds! This soup has some noodles, egg and fish fillet.

BonChon Jjampong

BonChon Jjampong 2

The Bibimbowl (P155 for a Bibimbowl meal with drinks and soup), a bibimbap, is a dish considered to be a royal court dish. There’s a base of rice, and it is topped by well-seasoned and colorful components like carrot threads, egg strips, nori, and meat. You can choose from Chicken, Beef, Seafood or Taco Bibimbowl, and for the sauce, you can choose from Original, Fiery Spice, Creamy Curry, and Taco. Mix everything together and eat! Here, I had the Seafood Bibimbowl with Original Sauce:

BonChon Seafood Bibimbowl

There’s also the Korean Beef Stew (P165 for the meal, with rice and drink), which I plan to go back for next time. It is made with premium tender beef chunks, seasoned with spices, and slow-cooked for hours.

For dessert, we had Bingsu (P89, add on P79). I chose the Mango Cheesecake flavor, but it’s also available in Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecke and Chocolate Brownie! The ice is ultra-fine, powder-like snow ice. Even though the Milky Kreme on top has already melted, the ice still remained powdery. In fact, when I ate it, at first it felt like eating graham cracker crumbs, but then it slowly melts in my mouth. It’s different than Halo-halo ice that usually melts and makes Halo-Halo watery. Not with this Bingsu. The Bingsu also has a lot of cheesecake cubes.

BonChon Bingsu Mango Cheesecake

BonChon Bingsu Mango Cheesecake Ice


Not only are there new K-tastic dishes available, every trip to a BonChon branch is now also a K-tastic experience! BonChon has been revamping its stores. The overhauled look instantly transports anyone to Korea with its Western meets Asian vibe.

BonChon Ayala Malls 30th

BonChon wants you to experience Korea and its unique K-style dishes when you enter a BonChon branch. All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go! 😀

BonChon Ktastic Suitcase

Here’s how to have a K-tastic day! Listen to some K-Pop beats, wear your K-pop look, bring your #GangnamStyle and try some new K-style dishes at BonChon!

BonChon Ktastic Day


I’m glad that BonChon has started offering more variety in terms of Korean food, and at affordable prices, too!

I liked the Jjampong because it’s an affordable way to get good, hot and spicy soup without having to order a big bowl of it like in other restaurants. Aside from Vitamin C, I find that eating spicy foods, especially soup, help me fight off colds, more so during typhoon season.

The Bibimbowl was very colorfully presented and it’s nice to have an option to eat Bibimbap at this price range. I will definitely go back to try the other flavors. Also can’t wait to go back to try the Korean Beef Stew.

I also enjoyed the Gangnam Bao (fried). I think it would be just the right thing for a snack. A surprise was the Bingsu, which I did not expect to like, but I did. The shaved ice did not melt in the cup, but only melted in my mouth.

The revamped look for the BonChon branch feels more upbeat and enticing to passersby.

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